Diary of Days

Chapter 3: Helping Hand: Suffering's End

"I was waiting here all these time and yet, they're late." Shishio muttered.

He was looking at his wrist watch and its quarter to nine in the evening. They had agreed to meet in front of school on the exact time given and yet, they're not there. Shisho took out a cigarette and smoke while looking at the sky; it was full moon and there are presences of stars. He was thinking about the voice; he remembered the time he heard that voice, he was checking some examination papers at school late at night. He had thought at that time that someone was making fun of him so he ignored it at first; the more he pay attention to his work, the voice became so loud and he can't take it anymore. He even gets to to point that he fired his gun because of annoyance. From that moment on, every night, he can hear the voice and even dream of things that seem so weird. All that he can see in his dreams was a young girl who's reaching her hand to him. He can't even see her face but deep inside of him, it seems that he and that girl has some connection to each other; seems that he knew her long ago but he just ignore his intuition.

He heard some foosteps and when he looked, he saw Maki and Sho. He was irritated because they make him wait for long. What a ridiculous idea for that two to make Shishio wait since his one heck of a strict person in everything.

"What took you so long, bastards?" Shishio barked.

"We're sorry Shishio. I went to Maki's place to pick him up." Sho explained.

"WHY DID YOU BRING THAT STUPID DOG ALONG WITH YOU?" Shishio asked angrily while pointing his finger at Maki.

Upon hearing those words, Maki grew angry at him. "Hey corrupt professor, what did you call me? A stupid dog? What do you think of me? AN ANIMAL?"

Shishio crossed his arms and arched his eyebrows. "Who do you think among us is the animal here?"

"You wanna fight?"

Shishio wears a blank expression; he took his gun out and point it at Maki. "WANNA DIE, STUPID DOG?"

Sho sweatdropped. He needs to stop them before someone else may noticed their bickering in the middle of the night. He covered Shishio and Maki's mouth with his hands.

"You may continue that later. We need to go now so we can go home early." Sho smirked.

Shishio took Sho's hand in his mouth away. "You dont have to tell me that because I'll send that bastard to hell later once and for

Maki went to Sho's back. "Sho, how come that you can talk and mingle to that ill behaved professor? He's a violent one."

"Hahaha...he's not a violent one. That's part of his nature as a human you know." Sho said to Maki.

Shishio kept his gun. "You dont have to tell that bastard what I am because he has no brain after all."

"Asshole!" Maki shouted.

Sho smiled at the both of them, "Children, just keep yourselves quiet now."

"YEAH! WHATEVER!" Shishio and Maki said in chorus.

They went to the bus station and took a ride. After an hour, they went off in front of the shrine. Shishio starts to walk; Sho and Maki just folowed him.
"Does he knows where we are going?" Maki asked Sho in curiousity.

"Just leave that thing to him. He knows where and what to do." Sho smirked.

Shishio keeps on walking and he looked around. "It must be here somewhere. Where was that?" he whispered to himself. The three men had already passed the shrine. After a fewb minutes of walking, Shishio stopped and Maki bumped to his back.

"Hey? Why did you stop huh? Maki asked Shishio.

"I guess we're here." Shishio replied calmly.

They stop at an old abandoned house. It was really dark and scary in its looks. Shishio pushed the gate and they proceed inside. His eyes grew wide as he can hear that voice again, this time, it was faint and the sound seems like the one who called him was dying. His curiousity grew into worrry. He looked around and he went at the back of the house, and, what catches his attention

was a small old stock room. He went near the door and placed his ears on the door; he listened carefully and he was surprised to hear that same exact voice that's coming from inside the stock room. Sho and Maki saw him.

"Seems that we found what we're looking for, isnt it?" Maki asked Sho.

"Yes." He went near Shishio and lighted the door with his flashlight. "But, the door seems to be locked."

Without any doubt, Shishio shoot the lock. Maki and Sho pulled the old door away. When the clouds move away from covering the moon, its light shines on their spot and Shishio found a figure; a human. He went near andbend his knees; he was shocked to see that the grl in his dream was the girl he just saw right in front of him. He pick the girl up and he placed his two fingers on her neck. He felt so relief to feel that she's still breathing. Sho and Maki went near him and they checked the girl for themselves.

"She seems to be fine but we need to rush her to the nearest hospital as soon as possible." Sho said while looking at the girl with worry.

"Sho's right. I'll call a taxi right away." Maki added.

Maki went outside to find a taxi. Sho took out a small handkerchief and wiped the young girl's face. Shishio wear a blank expression on his face as he held the young girl in his arms. He tucked the girl's hair to its ears and placed his palm on her cheek.

"So you're the one who keeps on calling and disturbing me for long. I'm here now and I'll get you out of here." Shishio said.

Sho smiled at how Shishio saw such concern for the child. Shishio was typically a person who hates children but, what he saw in him was different.

"Maybe there's a reason why fate let your path and hers cross." Sho said.

"I dont know, but now, I want to asked myself; what did I do to deserve this?" Shishio replied.

"You will find the answer but it seems that would be too soon." Sho chuckles.

They heard Maki calling them so they went outside. They rode the taxi and Sho pleaded to the driver to take them to the nearest hospital. Shishio hugged the child tight and Maki just cant help himself to smile at him. When they reached the nearest hospital, they went off quickly and Shishio ran as fast as he could to reach for the hospital's glass door. Sho opened it for him and good thing that as they've entered, some nurse entertained them and the girl was rushed to the emergency room. The three men just sit on the bench and wait patiently. After five hours, the doctor went outside from the emergency room and the three men stand up and approach the doctor.
"How is she, doctor?" Shishio asked calmly.

"She's fine now." the doctor smirked.

"Can we see her now?" Sho asked politely.

"Of course. She might be awake by now. She was placed on room 101." the doctor replied.

They went to room 101 as soon as they have ended their conversation with the doctor who treat the girl. As Sho opened the door gently, he saw the girl sitting and her back lying on the bedhead. They entered inside. Maki sat on a stool just beside the small cabinet; Sho sat beside her and Shishio remained standng and he crossed his arms. The child look so confused at them and she seems to be a little bit afraid of them. Sho smiled at her to make the child feel comfortable to him.

"Hello there. How are you now?" Sho asked with a sweet smile on the child.

"I...m...fi...ne." she replied still uneasy with the strangers around her..

"Here. Have some kid." Maki said as he handed an apple to her.

The child accept the apple and somehow, she felt fine upon seeing that these strangers are very nice to her. She smiled at them.

"How cute she is!" Maki smirked as he ruffled her hair gently.

The child noticed Shishio. Shishio put down his arms and he went near her. The child gave him a frail but sweet smile.

"Hey, you're the one who's been calling me? Shishio asked.

"I dont know what are you talking about, mister." the child replied.

"You're lying."

"I'm not calling anyone."

"Then tell me kid, how did I found you?"

"I dont know."

"What's your name kid?"


The kid remain in silence. As far as she can remember,she was beaten up by her mother and, she was placed in that old stock room. She felt loneliness, pain, cold and sad. Way back there, it was dark during the night and there are days that rain fell over her. She shivers in coldness, no one is there for her to comfort her. She felt that she was not even loved by her mother. These things runs in her mind and suddenly, her tears roll down to her cheeks.

"I dont have any idea but it seems that I really do called out for someone. Way back there, it was dark, scary and cold. I tried to call out to someone but I realized, I have no name to call out for. Seems that I called out through my heart." she said.

"You really do that and you do make me search for you." Shishio replied.

The child wiped her tears."Hehehe...I'm sorry for the troubles that I've caused. By the way, what's your name mister? I want to know and all that I can promise is to call your name out loud and clear."

"Shishio Hikari."

"Uhm..." As the child was thinking. "Can I call you Shishio?"

"Do what you want."

"Yes, Shishio."

Maki and Sho smiled at them. Sho was somehow happy because Shishio show his concern to the child although he's trying to hide it.
Shishio took a deep sigh. "Hmm...never mind about apologizing earlier. As soon as you recovered, I'll take you to an orphanage; they will take care of you there.

Maki stood and went beside Shishio. "Why dont you take care of her instead of surrendering her to an orphanage? For sure, she'll never be happy there."

"I agree with Maki. Just take her home with you and be a parent figure to her from now on. That would be a good start for you, Shishio." Sho added.

"If someone saw me with her, they'll asked me if she's my daughter. I dont want splitting head aches anymore." Shishio barked.

"Hahaha...if ever that happens, just tell them that you have a one night stand with a woman and she's the result." Maki smirked.

Shishio point his gun at Maki's nose. "YOU WANT TO SEE HELL NOW?"

The child chuckles. Sho and Maki smiled.

"Seems we're like a family here, isnt it?" Sho asked.

"Whatever." Shishio replied.

"You dont have to worry little princess, you have your father figure now." Maki smirked.