There was a certain person that I met,

Maybe an accident or whatever fate does,

The name was Hazel, whom she bears,

I only know that hazel is a color, not a name.

She's a jolly person and full of guts,

Proud for being talented and gifted with such intelligence,

I just can't take sometimes how she acts,

Yet, the truth was, she makes me smile without knowing why.

She only laughs and smile but behind those smiles,

She hid her sadness, circumstances always test her,

Fate does never grew tired of giving her trials and problems,

I don't know how she takes the situation alone.

After a day, all I can see in her was light,

I was her opposite which hid in the dark,

Yet, she reaches her hands and grabs on my hand and says,

Whatever may happens, I will share the light with you.

Ame Minazuki