Buta no Romansu (The Pig's Romance)

By: Junior Gordon

Chapter 1: The Little Pig and the Stoic Lion

'Is he coming, what if he's not?' My name is Peter Hamilton, I'm seventeen years old. But if you saw me you'd think I was ten, I'm three feet tall unfortunately. I get bullied a lot in high school because of it; I also get bullied for being fat too, but most of all it's because of my… sexuality. I'm gay yeah, when I came out to my mom and my friend they were accepting of it unlike the students at school.

"Hey look, its Petey the gay piggy!"

People call me that all the time, but even more it comes from the school bully Alvin; he's the tall, muscular brute that always treats others like garbage especially me, and now he's caught me in the hallway."What's with avoiding me, and here I thought the piggy had a crush on me."

"Alvin, knock it off will ya?" I couldn't do anything else, even pleading wouldn't help me. So I go with the fall out method of doing whatever he wanted. "What do you want from me this time?"

"Oh don't act like it's such a big deal, now give me the usual." He said in a more threatening voice. It was almost lunch time and Alvin always comes to take my lunch money, when I gave it to him he kicked me to the ground and laughed. "Thanks again Petey, see you tomorrow."

I'm always face down on the floor, day after day in the same position I get up and pick up the scattered books that fell out of my backpack, but one of my books were picked up by… him. "Are you ok?" When I looked up and saw his face I felt myself blush red, he looked at me with these deep gold eyes that pierced through mines, his midnight black hair's length went to his neck. His outfit was our regular red and white blazer school uniform, but it made him look super cool. "You dropped your books, did something happen?"

"N-No I…" I couldn't tell anyone about Alvin, if I did he'd just mess with me more. "I just tripped that's all."

"I see here's your book back." When he gave me my book back I actually touched his hand, it was so soft and gentle. "Be careful next time."

"Um… yeah." I wanted to say more, I never even asked his name and he left just like that. "Wow…"

I never learned his name since that day, but I kept seeing him more and more during class; that was the case on the fact that we were in the same class, he was smart in all subjects, and athletic in P.E too, he's just amazing and it's just insane. There has to be at least some flaws to him, so during lunch I asked the only person who would know about this stuff. "So what do you think, Sam?"

"You've been in the same class with him the start of junior year and you still don't know?" This is Samantha Hopkins; she's been my friend since we were in grade school. We've been in the same classes too and like I said before she was the one I told I was gay with along with my mom. "His name is Leonhardt Cross, age 17 and a junior just like us. He has midnight black hair, dark golden eyes, and from what some girls say he has skin softer than silk. He has a great body, pretty much good at everything, but nobody really knows anything about him. He has that silent, cool personality that makes people call him the stoic lion."

"Stoic lion…" I looked over to see him sitting with the other popular kids; one of the girls was clinging to his arm like a baby to a mother. His gaze made him look so distant even from the popular kids, it's like he's better than them but he's not snobbish. "Leonhardt…"

"OMG, you totally like him!" Sam exclaimed.

"W-What no I don't!"

"You totally like him don't lie, I can tell from the way you've been staring at him this past week." She said. "You should ask him out, after all you've got those tickets right?"

I almost didn't know what she was talking about until I checked my pockets again; I bought a pair of tickets to Springfield Park a few days ago for Sam and I to go to this Friday. "But…"

"Don't worry about it Pete, you can go with him and tell me the details." She gave a disturbingly cheeky grin. "Not to mention all the hot and steamy sex you two are gonna do afterwards, if it's in the park that'll give you bonus points!"

You probably know the reason why she was accepting of me coming out to her by now, Sam is a yaoi nut. When I came out to her she told me that when I found a guy to tell her all the hardcore sex I have, if all girls are like that I don't think I'd want any more as friends. "Look Sam I don't know, if I do I'll just get laughed and picked on even more."

"But isn't the idea of finding someone worth it, come I know you want to try so do it!" Sam may be a bit of a pervert but she still encourages me like a best friend would.

"O-Okay I'll do it." When I sat up from my seat the first thing I thought of was falling back, but Sam pushed me over and gave me a thumbs up for luck. All the popular kids stared at me when I got close, especially Leonhardt.

"Hey look it's the gay piggy." One of the guys at the table said.

"Can't you see we're eating here, go hog someone else's lunch." Said the girl next to Leonhardt, I remembered who she was too. The popular girl for junior year Eve Torres, she was among the many girls who insult me too. "So what do you want?

"U-Um…" I looked back to see Sam cheering me off silently, but when I looked at him again I couldn't help being nervous. "Leonhardt Cross, I-I want to tell you something important. I wanted to say that I… I…" With all my courage I bowed my head and held out the tickets. "I really like you… please go on a date with me!"

It didn't take long for what I expected to happen, Eve laughed at my confession and the rest of the popular kids joined in. "I should've known the gay little pig would do that, like he'd ever go out with you!"

Everyone started laughing at me now, I couldn't move from that spot and I just listened to them laugh harder and harder. I wanted to cry right now, I wanted to run away but when I noticed a pair of feet in front of me I noticed it was Leonhardt staring at me; what would he say to me, was he going to insult me or laugh too? "I'll go."


"What!?" Eve exclaimed. "Leonhardt what are you talking about, I mean I get the joke but you sound a bit serious."

"I was serious; it's not a big deal to me." He replied.

"But he's a guy, not to mention he's the gay little pig!"

"I don't care about that." His voice sounded strict when he said that even though the expression on his face was still calm and relaxed, like he wasn't trying to get mad. When Leonhardt turned back to me, he took one of my tickets. "Springfield Park, I've heard of this place but never went there. Is this where you want to go?"

"I uhh…" He's actually going to go with me? "Y-Yes, I have tickets for this Friday."

"Alright, when should I meet you after school?" He asked

"No, you can meet me… at the park."

"I'll see you then... Peter."

And that's how this all started, I waited at the front of the park for him but I didn't see him yet; it was a bit chilly today so I was wearing my grey sweater, but what if I should've wore something more appropriate for a date. I still don't even know what to do on a date besides stuff like going to places, was this really a great idea? 'I should leave, if I screw something up and he tells the school I'll never hear the end of it.'

"Peter." My skin crawled from his voice, I saw him for the first time wearing something out of the school uniform. He was wearing a buttoned down dress shirt that had the chest open enough to show his collar bone, he had a necklace with picture on it but it was hard to see since the rest of it was hidden in his shirt. "I'm sorry for making you wait so long, am I late?"

"N-No not at all, it's not like I gave an exact time." I replied

"Wow how sweet." A little angel version of me popped on my left shoulder. "He's considerate and you can tell that he cares."

"Yeah but who cares just look at that body." A little devil version popped up and whistled on my right shoulder. "Oh man he's like a super model, please god let him take his shirt off!"

"Shall we get going then?" He asked.

"Yeah…" Since it was my idea, I lead the way through the park. But I guess before I explain more I should talk about those other versions of me, you see they're-!?

"Oh shut up and get back to your date, we'll introduce ourselves!" Shouted the Devil Peter

"To all the readers, you can think of us as two sides of Peter's personality." The Angel Peter explained. "As his angel, I stand for his good side and what he thinks of people in a respectful way."

"And I'm his bad side which he hardly ever shows." DP continued. "Whenever he gets the feeling of being a horndog, or just gets pissed off by people, I'm the guy who comes out to show just how he feels."

"In actuality, Peter can't really see us but he had to introduce us somehow so it was justified to break the forth wall."

"Yeah but from here on out, that's our job!" DP smirked. "Alright get out of here, go back to those two."

I've been to the park a few times when I was younger so I still remember the best rides, though some of the best rides I can't get on because of my height; I had to ask Sam to always come with me so she can get me on rollercoasters, but now I've got Leonhardt. I mean I can ask him but what if he doesn't like rollercoasters, more importantly what if he doesn't like amusement parks and I just did all of this for nothing? "Where do you want to go first?"

"Huh?" He pulled me out of my nervous thoughts, but I had no clue what to say. "O-Oh um… well let's see…" Dammit I should've thought of something, I was so nervous I never thought of anything.

"If you would mind, can we go there Peter?" I looked to see Leonhardt pointing at the bumper cars to our left. "It's been forever since I've been on this ride, I really liked it."

"That sounds fun, sure lets go."

When we got to the bumper cars he just went on and insisted that we ride a two seater, though I really didn't mind since I'm always the one getting hit when alone; it was nice to sit next to him when we rode, he was so focused on driving that I was able to check him out more. Even though he seemed to be having fun, he never looked like he was smiling… that same silent, stoic expression was still there. I don't think I've ever seen someone so emotionless, even when we went off to other rides like the Ferris Wheel he still stared of to the distance like a zombie.

"Five bucks says he's one of those abstinent asexual guys." Said DP

"That doesn't include being emotionless, it does add a bit of mystery to him though." AP replied.

After a few more rides we sat down at the food court, I bought us some pizza and we started to eat it at a table we found. This would be around the part of the date when the couples talk about stuff, but what do I say? Maybe I should ask him about what he likes. "So um, what're your hobbies Leonhardt? I've never really thought about it, but I bet it's all of those sports you do."

"I don't really like sports." He said bluntly.

"Huh, but I heard you've done almost every sport the past three years of high school." It was weird. "So you don't like football, baseball, soccer, or anything?"

"The reason I did it was because everyone asked me to do them."

"Oh, no wonder then." He is the athletic type but he still doesn't like sports? "So if you don't mind me asking, what are your hobbies?"

"Well, I do like video games." Leonhardt answered.

"R-Really, no way me too!" I got a bit excited but it was still cool. 'So he's into video games too, I wonder what games he likes?'

"I mostly play fighting games, though I also like adventure and RPG games." Wow, so he's into fantasy style games.

"NERD!" DP yelled before he was struck by angel counterpart. "Ow, damn that hurts!"

"Be quiet and watch." The angel sighed.

Getting a conversation out of him was nice, but I had to think of something else to talk about; when I looked back at that picture around his neck I was able to get a better view enough to see that it was a picture of a young boy and his family. "Hey, is that your family?"

Leonhardt didn't answer at first; he held the picture out to see it closely, that emotionless look in his eyes seemed to show a bit of emotion now but I couldn't tell what it was. "Yeah, it's a picture we took at a photo booth when I was seven."

"You look really happy in it too; guess you really love your parents."

"Yeah… but they died."

I couldn't help but gasp; oh man I can't believe I'd ask something so sensitive like that what was I thinking? Dammit I'm such an idiot. "I'm sorry, Leonhardt…" I looked away only for a moment until I felt the warmth of his hand holding mines.

"It's ok Peter; you don't have to worry about me." He tried to reassure me. "I'm not mad at you for asking, you were just curious after all."

"W-Well, if you're sure then." Oh wait. "Could you maybe call me Pete? Peter is my father's name… hehe."

"Heh." Leonhardt actually chuckled at my joke, and here I thought it was lame.

"It was." The angel and demon muttered.

"So if you don't mind me asking, do you live with somebody since your parents are gone?" I asked.

"Uncle Johnson, he's my mom's brother and I was really close to him too." He answered. "I live with him and his lover."

"Oh he's married?"

"No, but they've been together for ten years and he's been thinking of asking. Though he's trying to find the right moment… he's not used to asking things like that." That's so sweet, I always wanted to go to a wedding too.

"Haha that's funny." When I laughed I could hear him chuckling again, it was low but I could hear it under my own laughter. There's just something about Leonhardt, his face is so expressionless but I can still see how he feels. When I feel the warmth of his hand holding mine, it's like I can feel something well up inside me… so much that what I thought next came out of nowhere. "Want to come to my house?"

"Do you want me to?"


"Do you want me to come over your house?" Oh crap I thought I said that in my head not out loud! "If it's not an inconvenience I guess I could."

"Y-You would?" Oh man I invite a guy to my house and he actually accepts, what do I do?

"Say ok dumbass!" DP shouted.

"He can't hear you, but I do agree with you." AP sighed.

"Well if you're sure, then I guess I can call my mom and ask my mom if you can stay for dinner."

When I was about to reach my cell phone, I began to feel Leonhardt's breath on my ear whispering. "I'd like that… Pete."

"Oh what a sensual reply." AP swooned.

"Oh crap, we're getting an overload here." DP saw how Pete's face turned redder by the minute. "It's not stopping!"

The warm touch of his hand was one thing, but the feeling of his breath so close to my ear; my heart was rushing all the blood to my face, I don't think I can handle this all at once!

"For all the readers watching here's a little tip, sometimes in certain conditions Pete's blood pressure will raise to a point that he'll explode." The angel chuckled. "Most of those conditions come from physical contact from a hot guy."

"He's gonna blow!"

Before he knew it, blood shot out of his nose like water from a hose. He soon fell unconscious, falling in Leonhardt's arms.

"He's out for the count." The little devil sighed. "Well, on to the next scene."

I don't know what happened, but when I woke up I found myself in my bedroom back at home. Just a typical gamer geek's bedroom, but it was mines; I didn't see Leonhardt around, I had to guess all of that was just a dream. "I guess all of that was just too good to be true."

"Peter, dinner is ready!"

That voice came from my mom, and when my stomach started growling for food I figured it'd be best to just eat the pain away. But when I came downstairs to the dining room I stopped dead on my tracks when I saw Leonhardt there waiting for me, sitting down at the table next to my mom.

"My Peter, I knew this would happen but never thought you'd bring home such a handsome young man." Mom is where I got my rosy cheeks and dirty blonde hair from… though I wish I had her height of being five feet tall. "And such a gentleman too, he carried you home when you were passed out."

"Y-You carried me home?" I asked.

"And bridal style no doubt."

"B-Bridal…" I swear I couldn't help thinking about it, the thought of a big wedding and me being carried like that just popped in my head.

"I'm sorry if I ruined the day at the amusement park." Leonhardt said.

"N-No not at all, it was still fun." I took the seat next to him and smiled nervously. 'If he really carried me home, that means he carried me to my bed… that means he carried me to my room!?'

"Are you ok?" He asked while I had my little episode. "You're fidgeting, are you cold?"

"N-Nope, I'm just fine." I couldn't tell him the truth, especially with my hands between my legs like they were.

"That just means he's got a hard on." DP snickered.

I managed to calm down a little and eat with him and my mom; it was actually kind of nice until mom started talking about me as a baby, it was still nice to sit next to Leonhardt though. After dinner was over he said he had to leave, so I escorted him outside. "Um, thanks for taking me home when I was knocked out Leonhardt."

"It was nothing, I'm just glad you're alright." He was worried about me? That actually makes me happy, but also makes me a little fidgety.

"Hard on!" DP exclaimed

"Quiet!" AP hit his counterpart's head with his halo.

"Well… see ya at school!" Before he notices I quickly turned back to get inside, but before I could get inside he grabbed my hand and turned me around to look at him. "W-What're you doing?"

"Pete… do you mind if I do something with you?" He asked.

"Do something with me?"

"It wouldn't be right… to leave like this."

He crouched down slowly until our lips finally touched. I was actually having my first kiss, Leonhardt's lips were so soft to the touch and he wasn't even forceful with it either. When we finally broke away I could see the look in his eyes, not really looking at his eyes but what were behind them; behind those emotionless eyes I could see loving warmth, it was as if he was wrapping me in it. "Leonhardt…"



"You said to call you Pete right?" He replied. "Would you call me Leo, it's the nickname my uncle gave me as a kid."

"S-Sure, I don't mind calling you that… L-Leo."

"Leo, what a strong and fitting name for him." The angel sighed fawning over him.

"I hope I didn't force you into that kiss." He still acts worried even now.

"Not at all, though it was my first I was still surprised." I couldn't help laughing, and knowing how popular he is he's probably had a bunch of girls to kiss.

"That was my first kiss too."

"What!?" Was he reading my mind when he said that, and is he for real?

"Yeah, never thought it would be with a guy but… it was still nice." Leo gave a small bow and turned away to head home, but I could've sworn I saw a glimpse of a smile on his face.

Leo and I shared our first kiss with each other, and it was great for the both of us. My heart is still beating rapidly, like something put it on overdrive. I liked Leo; it's obvious I have a crush on him but after all this… I think I might have more than a crush.

"That's for sure!" DP agreed.

"A little pig and a stoic lion together, I think those two will make a great couple." AP smiled.