Chapter 2: The Flower Club

Peter had gone through the weekend contemplating all that happened on Friday, his first date with Leo, being carried back to his house bridal style by Leo… and his first kiss by Leo. Everything on that day ran through Pete's mind to the point that the whole scenario appeared in his dreams. He woke up Monday morning and got dressed for another day of school, looking at a mirror he saw himself in his red and white blazer, his blonde hair with a few bangs pushed to the side, he squeezed his squishy stomach feeling his 230 pound body in his hands. "Hm… why can't it be easier to lose weight?"

"Get over yourself, you look fine." Devil Pete snorted. "It's not like Leo had a problem with it, I bet he likes chubby guys anyway."

"You can't be sure without actually talking to him which you can't." Angel Pete replied. "Neither of us can, after all we are just figments of Peter's personality even he can't see."

"I know that, you don't have to remind me." He grimaced.

After he finished getting dressed, Pete went downstairs until he smelled the scent of freshly made pancakes coming from the kitchen. His mother, Sasha Hamilton was cooking breakfast covering her work attire in an apron. "Morning sweetie, are you ready for school?"

"Yeah, thanks for breakfast mom." Pete answered; grabbing a plate of pancakes he sat at the table and started to eat. "How's work at the bank going?"

"It's going well, the manager called saying I won employee of the month." Sasha smiled. "But enough about me, you never told me how your date went Friday."

"Whaff!?" He mumbled with food still in his mouth.

"I have to admit that I was worried about you Peter, but to see you with such a handsome and responsible man." She giggled. "I must say that you've picked a great choice in a boyfriend."

"H-He's not my boyfriend!" Pete exclaimed.

"Wish he was though… all the fun we could have." DP fantasized.

"It would really be nice if you could invite him over to dinner, or maybe even see his parents." Sasha suggested.

"Mom, it was just one date it doesn't mean we're together though." He squeaked. 'Though… it would be nice.'

Mom just loved making fun of me, and when I got to school Sam did the same thing. "I can't believe you kissed him… and you didn't tell me till now!"

"I-It really wasn't special." Even though it was special for the both of us.

"But that's totally hot; I wish I could've seen it." She fantasized drooling over her ideas. "A passionate kiss in the darkness of night, no one could see your love except you and your lover… and with how dark it was last night you could do a bunch of naughty things."

"Same old Sam." I muttered.

"What are you talking about!?" We looked back to the popular table and saw Eve looking angry at Leonhardt… I-I mean Leo. "How could you have liked that date? A joke is funny but this is going too far."

"I wasn't joking in the first place, the date was nice." Leo replied smoothly. "There's nothing wrong with going on a date with another guy, it's perfectly natural."

"Nothing is natural about dating that gay little piggy!" She exclaimed. "And besides, you're supposed to be my boyfriend!"

"I was never your boyfriend." His tone of voice sounded cold and menacing like last time. "I'd like it if you didn't talk to me anymore."

Everyone in class was shocked as they heard the two of them argue; Leo sat back at his seat just as the teacher came back in for class. I still have to admit though, I'm really glad to know that he's not with Eve.

"Bitch doesn't deserve him anyway." DP snorted.

"Though I wouldn't say it like that, I do agree." AP replied. "Still, now I think there's hope for our little main character."

Even Sam gave me a thumbs up saying that should go for it, but class really wasn't a good time; I wanted to ask if he would be ok, but what would be the right time to ask about it… this isn't as easy as I thought. When we got to lunch I didn't see him anywhere not even the popular table, though Eve still looked fumed from the fiasco in class. "I wonder where Leonhardt is."

"Aw, already worried about your boyfriend that's so cute." Sam chuckled.

"H-He's not my boyfriend so stop saying that!" I'm not gonna hear the end of it from her.

"Hey Piggy!" And just when I thought it couldn't get worse, here comes Alvin to ruin my day. "Where the hell's my lunch money?"

"I didn't bring any cause I brought lunch from home." It was just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an omelet mom made me.

"I don't care if you brought lunch or not, I needed that money." He pulled the back of my shirt.

"Alvin, back off will ya?" Sam retorted.

"Stay out of this." Alvin let go and backed away. "You better bring me my money tomorrow or I'll do more than this."

"God, what an ass." DP growled while tightening his grip on his pitchfork. "What I'd give to show him a thing or two, shove a pitchfork right up his ass."

"Forget about him Pete, besides your new big strong man can beat him anytime."

"He's not my boyfriend I told you!" I was so upset that I yelled at Sam and just ran out of the lunch room. I know she wanted to make me feel better… but I just didn't want to go through all of this right now. 'This sucks, why did all of this have to start.'

"Poor Pete… Huh?"

I was so depressed by the situation that I failed to realize where I was, I found myself right around the west highway. There was a rumor that Sam told me around sophomore year about the ghost of the garden club; it was about the club having one single member, you would see that person once and the next time you look they disappear. Sam messed with me saying it was a ghost, which made me worry so much that I made sure never to come around here. Here I am now and right next to the garden club's room. 'Just relax, it was just a rumor after all… just walk past the room and you'll be fine.'

Slowly yet nervously I walked past the room, though I was able to get a quick peak; when I looked I could see that the room was filled with beautiful flowers. I never seen a room so pretty before, and I could see someone tending to them too. It was boy, much taller than me and with black hair; he watered the flowers evenly without wasting a drop of water. He really knows what he's doing, wait a second… I know that black hair. "Leonhardt?"

"Huh?" When he turned around, I realized it really was Leonhardt. Wearing an apron, watering flowers, and wearing…!?

'Oh my god he wears glasses!' The three Pete's thought in unison.

I can't believe he actually wears glasses, and he looks so good in them too. I was so into them that I wasn't even paying attention to him talking. "Pete, it's a little rude to stare you know."

"Wha!?" I totally wasn't paying attention at all. "I-I'm sorry Leonhardt I didn't mean to stare like that."

"Hm, oh right you've never seen me wearing these before." He took off his glasses and wiped them off with his apron. "I'm near sighted so I have to wear prescription glasses sometimes."

"So you… wear contacts most of the time?" I asked.

"Yeah I only wear my glasses at home and when I'm here." He explained it while putting his glasses back on.

"Damn he looks hot in those glasses." DP smirked wiping a bit of drool from his mouth.

"So um… since you're here, does that mean you're a member of the flower club?" I asked nervously.

"I'm the only member of the flower club, but I don't mind." He turned back to continue watering the flowers. "There aren't any people to mess with the flowers, with the peace, quiet and lots of sunlight they can grow easier."

"They're really beautiful." I looked at the flowers a little more closely, I wanted to smell them but I felt nervous. What would Leo say if I did?

"You can smell them if you like, that's what flowers were made for." It's like he's reading my mind for real. "Tell me what you think of them."

"O-Okay…" I edged closer to the flowers, taking a good whiff of them I… I found myself at awe. I could tell that Leo had worked hard on his flowers, they smelled absolutely beautiful. It was like I was outside in nature, resting in the grass surrounded by the flowers and their beauty. "Leonhardt… they smell amazing."

"I thought you'd call me Leo by now."

"Oh um…" It's easy to say his name in my head, but I still have a hard time saying it out loud. "Sorry Leo… I need to get used to it."

"It's ok, I understand." I couldn't tell if he was sad or not, his expression was still the same as always.

'I feel like I made him feel bad… I gotta think of something to cheer him up.' I took a chance. "So um, what made you join the flower club?"

"My mom loved flowers; she had owned a flower shop when she was around." Oh crap, I probably made it worse! "It's ok Pete, I'm not mad for you asking me. My mom loved flowers deeply; she said they communicate to people allowing them to share how they feel with others. I believed that she was right, and it made me want to learn more about flowers… to understand them."

"Leonhardt… don't you feel alone here?" I asked.

"Not really…" His eyes were covered by his bangs; I couldn't see the look in his eyes at all. "I'm used to it."


"God all this mushy stuff is putting me to sleep." DP yawned before a halo whacked him on the back of his head. "Ow, that hurt dammit!"

"Good…" AP placed his halo back upon his head and looked back to Leo. "Poor Leo's heart must still be in pain from losing his parents; I feel just awful seeing him like this."

Hearing him say that made me feel so bad, it was my fault for bringing it up yet he says okay and even used to it. I can't figure out how to fix this… why did this have to happen to me? "Leo…"

"Yes?" I covered my mouth too slow, I ended up calling his name out loud and now he was looking at me wondering what I wanted to say.

"I-I um… would it be uhh…" Think of something to say idiot. "Would it be ok if… if I join the flower club?" He turned around and I saw how surprised his eyes looked when I asked that. "I-I don't really know much about flowers like you do, and I feel terrible that you're all alone in here. So would it be-!?"

Leo caught me off guard, he was actually hugging me. I could feel his arms rubbing my back, our cheeks touching each other, they made my face warm. I felt hot all over, if he didn't let go I was going to explode again. "Thank you, that means a lot to me Pete."

"Y-You're welcome…" I really need to leave or else I'll lose it! "I'll see in you in class, s-see ya!"

After that I've just kept to myself the entire day, I didn't even talk to my mom about it when I got home; I fell on my bed replaying that scene over and over in my head, I felt like I was going mad. I could still feel his face pressing against mines, the way his arms wrapped around and caressed my back… even the sweet smell coming from his hair. "Waaah!? I can't get over it at all!"

"Drama Queen!" The twin figments chorused.

"I wonder if he was smiling then…" Leonhardt was really hugging me, not like a quick one but a loving and comforting hug. I can't tell how he feels from his facial expressions, but when he does something like that I can just tell that he was feeling happy. Is he happy when I'm around him… am I happy around him? "Leo…"

The next day I felt a little better, but I couldn't help thinking about it again; luckily Sam didn't freak out when I told her and we had a quiet moment in the cafeteria until trouble came. "Petey!"

Alvin came from behind and grabbed the front of my blazer lifting me in the air. "Where's my money piggy?"

"I-I uhh…" I ended up bringing lunch from home again so I didn't bring money.

"I said, where's my damn money?" He repeated ruffling me up more.

"Dammit I've had it; it's time I showed that asshole whose boss." DP pulled out his pitchfork and was ready to attack Alvin but his angelic counterpart held him back by his tail. "Let go of me!"

"Wait a moment… I think something is about to happen." AP replied.

Alvin has always been like this; he's tormented me and bullied me since freshman year. But now it ends right here. "I don't have your damn money."


"I don't have your damn money, and I never will!" I shot back as loud as I could. "I'm not giving you anymore of my money, so why don't you piss off and get your own!"

Everyone in the cafeteria heard me; they were all shocked that me of all people would stand up to the local bully, but Alvin was absolutely furious. "Why you little fat faggot!"

I closed my eyes for the worse to come, but as he raised and was about to throw his fist at me I didn't feel it hit at all; when I opened my eyes I saw that Leo actually saved me, there he was with his contacts back on beside Alvin and holding back his fist with his hand. "Leave him alone."

"Back off Cross, go back to your popular table." But even though he said that, Leo wouldn't move.

"I said…" His voice was cold and dark; his eyes grew menacing as his grip tightened on Alvin's wrist to the point that it hurt. "Let him go."

"Why should I, what the hell is he to you?" Alvin groaned in pain as the grip on his wrist was too much for him, even making him let go of me in the process.

"He's my boyfriend." When I heard that my heart just stopped, everyone gasped and even started talking but Leo's expression told me that he was actually serious. "I won't forgive you if you ever hurt him. From now on you leave him alone… understand?"

Alvin was at a total loss for words, which made since because Leonhardt had him with the death glare… and he was doing it all for me. Trying to not get embarrassed anymore, Alvin left the cafeteria without another word. Taking a long sigh I noticed that a hand was held in front of me, it was Leo's with his eyes showing absolute worry for me. "Are you alright, Pete?"

"Y-Yeah I am." I took his hand and he lifted me up easily. "Leonhardt, did you really mean what you said? About me being your boyfriend?"

"I would like that, but… only if you want it to be."

"Oh my… that hint of red on his face." AP said in shock. "Is that what I think it is?"

"Oh crap it is!" DP nodded in amazement.

Leo was blushing… he was actually blushing at me. He looked so cute, and just seeing it made me blush harder than ever! But he was waiting for an answer, and the only word I could say was, "Y-Yes… Leo."

"Thank you." He said with the faintest smile.

"Oh my god this is great, the two finally make it official!" Sam exclaimed.

"Huh?" Leo reverted back to his stoic expression hearing that.

"Hi I'm Sam, Pete's best friend." She smiled winking at him. "Hey just so we're clear, if any naughty stuff go on I want all the details later."

"S-Sam don't joke about that!" I exclaimed.

"I'm not; seriously I want the whole play by play when you get in the sack."

God that girl is such a pervert! "Well if that's what you want."

"W-What!?" Leo actually agreed to that!?

"Sweet, this is gonna be a great friendship Leo my friend." Sam smiled and shook Leo's hand.

Ugh… I have no idea what I've gotten into. But when I see Leo's face, that faintest of smiles that seem to disappear almost an instant… I can't help but be happy that I've gotten into this mess. And because of it, I've got my very first boyfriend.

"Today was a wonderful day don't you think?" AP said happily.

"Yeah…" DP said softly. "I'd give it one booty call."