Daybreak is coming, the sun will be up soon. Thats good because its been a long night and we have lost two good men to the night walkers during the night, thats what we called the flesh eaters. The night walkers can only come out at night for some reason we still do not understand but sunlight can hurt and killed them, which makes daylight our best friend in this war. During the daytime they hide underground in the sewers and basements, anywhere that direct sun light cannot reach them. Another thing we do know is that they seem to never sleep, so even when they are hiding underground from the sunlight, they are watching, always watching. In the daytime we gather supplies, and try to buildup our defenses. Our doctors worked around the clock on two important things for our continue survival. The are researching a way to cure people and free them from this flesh eating virus, the second thing is they are working on a way to killed them besides sunlight, because of their sheer numbers are night we need an edge that we do not have. Every night they attacked our compound relentlessly without stopping until daylight comes and chases them back inside. Last night they broke through the southeast corner, we had a blind spot back there that caught everyone by surprise. Conner and Stewart paid for our mistakes with their lives. Our base of operations is an old Kelsey Hayes plant, that allows plenty of room for all of us. You see without a cure, there really is no place for us to escape to. We still have no idea how wide spread this is, early on we found other survivors from Ohio and Indiana, but lately it seems that we are all alone. Communications is limited but we do know there are other survivor groups like us because of the EBS(emergency broadcast system), which every few days someone transmit a message from other areas who are in the same situation that we are in. As near as we can tell, there must be people hidden in their homes, churches or places like that, because no matter how many flesh eaters we killed, it seems like there is always more of them, which tells us they are constantly growing their numbers. If you escape from a night walker's attack, but one of them bites you, or scratch you then you will become affected too. Thats how they continue to grow their numbers by finding new victims. I go back inside to our own indoor community, first person I see is Sykes, who is just coming off his midnight guard shift. Midnight is the most dangerous time, thats why we have Sykes on a night he used to be a marine, fought in the middle east on a couple tour of duties. We rely on him constantly for helping setting up our defenses, seeing him I can tell that he is still upset about losing Conner and Stewart.
"Aaron after I get a couple hours of sleep I am going to start work on fortifying that southeast corner."
I nod showing that I am in agreement with him, everytime we lose someone it really eats him up inside. I walked down to the second level, and the children classes are beginning. We felt it was important for the children to have a sense of normalcy in their lives, and education is the foundation of that. The teachers teach math, reading, spelling, and we have a survival class that teachings the kids all about the real dangers of the night walkers. On the west end of the second level is living quarters, which are old office cubicles. As I make my way to the first level I see the first morning patrol getting set to go out, I rush over to join them. Terry was leading the morning patrol, and as normal he is all business shouting orders. Terry was a black man had some kind of office manager job before the craziness started. On the first night of the virus outbreak before anyone knew what was really going on the flesh eaters got his wife and daughter. Couple weeks later he saw them both again, only this time were night walkers. I am told that they were the first night walkers that he actually killed. Since that time he has been hard as a rock and takes everything very seriouly, no time of joking in his world. But I always feel safer with him leading the patrol more than anyone else. Every morning we run patrols making sure the night walkers are not hiding anywhere close to our base. Nearby homes, factories, and other buildings are search too be sure none of them are hiding inside. In the beginning it look like the flesh eaters only came out in packs, but we have seen smaller groups of three to five acting almost like a cliq. You see our base is fifteen miles away from the nearest large city, that means at night they must walk here before they can even attempt to attack us. Each morning we check each square inch of our outer wall, Terry said that we cannot afford to let even one of those flesh eaters in our compound. Once we are done then we search the homes just blocks away from the compound, and this was an important task. History is the best teacher, and early on once we had establish our base here, during the daylight we let our children out to play, believing that their was no harm in the sunlight. Two brothers were play hide and seek, and they went in to one of the nearby homes and was playing in the basement. Too late did they realize that night walkers were also in that basement hiding from the sunlight. Since that time we never let the kids out of the compound on their own, and we check to make sure none of them are hiding in the homes. There were some on the council that wanted us to just level all the homes closed by the compound, but the decision was made not too, instead security uses some of these houses as traps to catch the flesh eaters for our doctors to help them find a cure. I was paired today with Jeff as we do house to house checks. Jeff was younger than I was, but mean and eager to learn. We were two of the youngest allow on the security detail. We first home we check was a victorian style home, searching the closets and then the basement. We called out that this home was clear, then it was on to the next one. When we were on the third block, another house we checked was all clear, but then we heard a loud cry from across the street at the house where Rigs and Strokes where checking. Then we heard Terry's voice shouting that all teams assembled at that house. Once all the teams arrived on the front lawns, Terry motion for me to go in and check it out. There had been no more contact with Rigs and Strokes. I proceeded thru the front door very slowly with my weapon perch in front of me. As I round into the living room I see Rigs on the floor reaching up to me asking for help. He has bite marks on the rear of his left shoulder, and scratch marks across his necks. I did what I was trained to do in this situation, and raised my weapon and fire. Striking Rigs in the head and his body goes limp. I fire a second time to be sure that he is dead, then I continue my search for Strokes.