The alarms were blaring through the complex, the first wave of nightwalkers must have stumble into them by mistake. This new wave that was just outside of their perimeter look like a full wave of the nasty creatures. Councilmember Laura told the operator to put up the shield and alert all stations to fire as soon as creatures were in range. Inside of the control room a very tired Captain Lewis on the verge of exhaustion. But seeing the screen light up with more nightwalkers he had a surge of adrenaline and he knew that he had to get into this fight. The captain motion for Larry and Todd and the three men leave the control room.

Big Lou had never left his post and was the only person happy about what he was seeing, he had started firing at the creatures as soon as they were barely in range. His companions told him to reserve ammo, but he couldn't hear them he was in a frenzy of his own. He would get his revenge for his family tonight. As he fires round after round at the creatures.

On the east side, the nightwalkers had accelerated, trying to reach the base by the sheer volume of their numbers, but Eli and his troops were firing with deadly precision. They were proud that none of the creatures had made it to their outer bunkers where the traps were set. The traps were a means of the last defense. But Eli made a vow that they would not be used this night.

As the captain made it to the front gate he asks for an assessment, and he was told that it was just one wave but they had broken off into two groups. The captain told them to keep active scanning because it could be a trick. His gut told him that there were probably more of them out there somewhere. He wonders where?

Councilmember Laura felt relieved watching the monitor as scores of the nightwalkers are falling down at the barrage of ammunition. There weren't any new waves on the radar, she felt with any luck that they might have this contain. As they watch on, another one of the operators said that they had a strange reading but didn't know what to make of it. He said that down in the tunnels that they used to escape from their own base that the motion detectors were picking something up. Councilmember Laura told them to contact the Captain.

Big Lou was hungry for more targets and when all motion fell from his screen. He grabs his rifle and ran toward the east side where he could still hear the sounds of battle. He bypasses other soldiers and he ignores their stares and pleas. He felt that it was his sole responsibility to end as many nightwalkers as possible.

The captain had received the message and they made their way down to the tunnel entrance. As they were walking they knew that if any nightwalkers were in that cave it would be a disaster because those caves would bring them up inside of their base. The captain was prepared to blow that entire section up if that was the case sealing the entrance once and for all. Todd and Larry look just as tired as the captain but they push on past the point of being tired.

At the east gate, Big Lou had arrived and had forced his way to the front to join in taking out more nightwalkers. The troops at the gate watch him, happy for the assistance, but knew that he was in a mental state that none of them could understand.

At the tunnel entrance, the captain asks Todd to check his handheld motion detector and there was movement behind the door. As they stood on the other side of the door pounding had begun. Each of them knew in their gut what that meant. They had a speaker in the tunnel and the audio just confirms their fears. The nightwalkers had evaded the caves. There were more than the one wave and captain knew the pit of his stomach that these things just keep getting smarter. He tells his troops to plant the explosives. There had to be enough to level this whole section of the base.

At the east gate the nightwalkers starting moving away toward the main gate, Big Lou took his gun and ran toward them but this time the troops told him to stand down. That the main gate didn't need any help. Big Lou ran up the watchtower on the east wall and leaps down in front of the base. As he lands he spots the nightwalkers running toward the main gate. He checks how many rounds he has left and then he runs into the night after his prey.