Families were celebrated that they made it through the night. As cleanup efforts were underway outside, they estimated that there was only one lost person last night and that was Big Lou. His sacrifice helps them survive the night and the council wanted to do something so that he would be memoried for his service. Council Person Laura walks the halls shaking hands and assuring everyone that tonight they would be better prepared. She was playing the role of a good politician but many thoughts were running through her mind. She new the council would be meeting soon and she was not looking forward to it. The people all believe they were safe, and that's the way they wanted it to be to avoid a panic.

The captain had his troops begin working on setting up a new perimeter and he sent out a few scouts to setup new radars further away from the compound. They needed to be able to see more around them at night. He made his way inside down to the lab, he passed by the collapse entrance of the tunnel. That section was sealed off and he had two guards standing there are all times just in case. History had taught him to never let his guard down against the nightwalkers.

Inside the lab, Professor Cornelius had several remains in different stages that he was working on. A while ago he had several ideas of a chemical compound that would act as an agent to destroy the nightwalkers in their dens, but when the base was abandoned he lost most of the data. The information they were able to gather from their old base he hopes contains some of the information that could aid the professor.

"Captain good day. It is nice of you to keep guards standing my lab, but sometimes I'm more afraid of them then the specimens I'm working on."

"I assure you professor they are only here for your benefit. Have you made any progress?"

"As a scientist, I lost a great deal of my research when we left our old base, I still haven't had time to go through the data you were able to retrieve. But I'm hopeful that I will be able to salvage something."

"Have you been able to find anything about these new guys?"

"Captain if you remember all the nightwalkers at one time were human. The plague that the upstart government release by accident is what causes the fall of our society as we knew it. Now a man-made plague should be easy enough to reverse, but these guys outdid themselves. I'm sure with the remains you gave me this morning I should be able to find some blood work that should give me some answers."

"Doc I know you already know this, but time is not our friend. Every day it seems like there are more of them and less of us."

"Dear captain it might be worst than that. From my preliminary findings, I think the nightwalkers are evolving again until their next stage of evolution. Not only that they are capable of infecting other living organisms as well."

"You should read my report on the land eel for proof of that. But what do you think that they are evolving into?"

"In nature when a species evolves it is normally to better adapt to its surroundings or to defend itself against is predators."

"Predators, you mean us?"

The professor only nods his head and both men understand what that means. The had to find a way to reverse this process of the nightwalkers or they would be at the top of the endangered species list.

In the council chambers, the remaining council members were waiting for the arrival of Laura once she was in her seat they begin.

"Now that we are all assembled we need to address our new situation. We can not afford another attack last night without warning."

"My fellow council members our troops acted swiftly last night and ended the attack before it began."

"Councilmember Laura we expected that answer from you. Ever since we decided that you should be in charge of our defense of the nightwalkers you have made decisions without the council's approval. No one had said a word because we believe you were acting in the best interest of our people."

"Why thank you, my fellow council members."

"Before you thank us let me go on and say that is what we believe but now some of us believe that you are acted out on your agenda. We don't know if you are seeking more power or if you have something else you are working towards. But the council demands a vote of no confidence in your defense leadership."