First Mission: Team S.S.S

Xero looks on at the White House gate with team Super Science Squad not to far behind. This mission was given to the SSS by headmaster Trayce D. King, one of the strongest of the Black Roses. Xero thinks back to the briefing as they wait for there meeting with a man from the secret service.

"We have been hired by someone in D.C for a critical mission," Trayce D. King announces to team SSS.

"Well, I never thought that we would go there," Skylar says in excitement.

"That means we'll meet the president," Ashley says in excitement.

"Doubt it, I am sure that we'll only talk to a mediator," Lily states as the girls frown.

"All we know is that people have gone missing and random pools of blood are found in streets, on roofs and anywhere they can be seen," Trayce continues showing photo's on a projector.

"Gross, we don't need to see those," the twins complain looking away.

Lily looks at the photographs closely, but only sees the deep red blood.

"Do they know what caused these?" Lily asks always thinking of possibilities.

"Only things we know are a roaring sound and screams, but that is it," Trayce answers with a shrug clicking off the projector.

"So when do we leave?" Ashley asks as Skylar nods.

"Soon, but you are going to test out our newest member," Trayce stops as a knock comes for the door, "come in."

Xero walks in with his silver and black roses uniform on, zebra striped black and white hair combed. His blue and silver eyes meet the girls as the twins shutter; Lily looks at Trayce in confusion.

"Him, we thought he was dead," Ashley states in shock.

Trayce shrugs and says, "He is more resilient than we gave him credit for."

"I am here to prove myself that I have changed thanks to Trayce and all of your help in stopping me before I did something horrible," Xero says walking up to Lily and putting his hand out.

Lily looks at Trayce who nods, Lily gets to her feet and they shake hands and Xero smiles.

The gate opens as 4 men in black suits with black sunglasses beckon the group to follow; Xero runs his hands threw his hair, silver nails glisten in the sun. As they enter the doorway of the White House the twins begin there questioning.

"Are you sure it is a good idea to team him with us considering he was made to kill us?" Skylar Voltus asks as her twin Ashley Voltus nodded in agreement.

The head of the team, Lily M. Loving sighs as she pushes her silver framed round glasses to the bridge of her nose and turns around, her amble chest bouncing and glares at the twin platinum haired, blue eyed, amble bosomed electric manipulators.

Xero stops at himself being mentioned and rolls his eyes as he places his hand on his black rose mark on his forehead as memories of his creation flash through his mind and he shutters.

"Enough, we give all a chance, it wasn't his fault what happened to him, plus Trayce insisted," Lily answers crossing her arms.

"This way," a black suit says as a white door is pushed open.

Xero heads in first with a smile at Lily's defense towards him, Lily next as she sighs and the twins whispering to each other. The room is pretty big with a red carpet, white walls and ceiling, a long oval conference table made of wood with many black leather wheeled chair that spin. Pitchers of water and many glasses are on the center table; Xero grabs a glass, fills it with water and gulps it down. As the girls do the same a hidden door to there left opens.

Out comes a female with a brown suit and brown skirt a bit over her knees, short bob cut brown hair and hazel eyes with a name tag reading Maxine Bright.

"I'm sorry but the president couldn't meet you himself because all the people killed worked for him…" Maxine starts but Lily stops her.

"Its fine the info on the missing and presumed dead people means that the president might be the target," Lily finishes for Maxine who nods.

"Aw, I was hoping to meet him," Skylar pouts as Ashley copies and Xero shakes his head at the twins awkwardness.

"So any info on what is doing this?" Xero asks getting the woman's attention.

"Not sure, we thought it was an escaped animal, but when the president saw the connecting he was sure it was something else," Maxine answers.

"Well, what now, we need more information," Lily says looking at her wristband supercomputer.

"Well, someone recorded strange sounds," Maxine states pulling out a tape recorder and hits play.

What was heard wad a loud scream, then a loud roar, a loud crunch and a static hissing sound before it goes dead, they all look at each other in shock.

"Something that roars not much but we'll see what we can do," Lily says as they get up and leave.

Xero asks for the recorder, Maxine hands it to him and they leave the room than the White House and head back to there hotel rooms.

A couple hours later as Lily analyzes the blood samples collected by the coroner and the twins fool around Xero turns up the recorder louder but only hears what was heard in the tape, the same scream, roar, crunch and the static before it is stopped.

Xero closes his eyes as things flash through his mind, all his studies on the creatures of the world, real and what shouldn't be real, angels, demons and the like. A hissing sound is heard as he plays the tape closer to his ear. His eyes open in excitement.

"I got it," he yells startling the girls.

"Got what?" Skylar asks in confusion.

"Yeah, what?" her twin asks.

"The static heard after the crunch wasn't static, it was hissing," Xero says.

"Hissing, like a snake?" Lily asks with interest.

"Yeah, isn't there a creature that has a roar and a hiss as part of itself?" Xero asks knowing the answer.

The twins begin to ponder as Lily's eyes widen and she types into her computer, the electric manipulators are still not sure.

"Chimera," Lily states revealing a picture of a creature with the front part of a lion, the back of a goat with a goats head on the back and the tail of a serpent's head.

"Ugly," Skylar shivers.

"But who could control this?" Ashley asks.

Xero grips his chin and thinks when the answer pops in his head, "not controlled, created."

"That makes no sense," Lily retorts.

"Why not, you can create many different Chimera's, the picture is what it would basically look like," Xero answers.

The girls look at him in suspicion and ask, "how would you know?"

Xero raises an eyebrow at the query and points to himself, "I am basically a chimera, except I am fused with inorganic matter, like my metal armor."

"But why were you called Deep End?" Lily asks.

"It was called Project Deep End," Xero answers when the phone rings and Lily answers it.

"The Chimera showed itself, it is after the president's daughter who snuck out," Lily states hanging up the phone.

"Great," Xero says sarcastically as the Voltus twins glare.

They swiftly get there stuff ready and are out the door minutes later, they jump into Lily's car and race towards the mall.

10 minutes later they screech to a stop as a loud roar comes form inside the mall as cops, SWAT and secret service agents circle the perimeter, keeping the civilians away. The roses walk up to Maxine who stands beside the SWAT van and waves them through.

"What's going on?" Lily asks.

"The president's daughter snuck out of the safe room to be with her friends; about 30 minutes ago we get a call form the daughter that she was being chased by a "Lion, Goat, Snake thing" then we lost contact. We have heard it crashing in the mall after we called you though we saw them flying around," Maxine says pointing up.

The Roses look up and see many winged things; Lily activates her gauntlet's many features and takes a quick picture which gets a loud screech from the air.

A picture shows up revealing a woman's head with long hair and nude torso with long wings, long tail feathers and long curved talons.

"Harpies, why are they here?" Xero asks.

"Now sure but anytime we try to get closer the dive bomb us," Maxine answers.

"Well, what now, we need to stop the Chimera," Skylar says as Ashley nods.

"We could split up, Lily and I will go for the Chimera and you girls go for the harpies," Xero puts in his mind.

"Why us?" the twins ask.

"Simple, I can't fly and Lily's technopathy can help find the daughter, your lightning has a better chance at stopping the harpies," Xero answers crossing his arms with a smile.

The Voltus twins eye each other as Lily ponders the idea as well and nods, the twins sigh and agree as well. Lily opens the infinite space she created and the voltus' twins metal gauntlets and greaves cover there bodies, they knock there knuckles together as blue lightning sparks from the gauntlets. Lily's high-heeled greaves appear over her great legs as a long, slender brace that went up most of her arm and stops at the elbow.

Xero shutters as his body is incased in full metal flexible armor, slanted shoulder pads with clawed gauntlets, clawed boots and a curved blade on each heel, his hair grows longer as a half cylinder emerges from his upper back and out springs a five foot long metallic tail. A metal face grill goes over his lower face as his eyes are covered in a clear visor, his forehead is cover up but the black rose mark is visible over the armor.

Now complete he flexes his tail and shrugs his shoulder feeling the familiar feeling he felt when he first awakened as Project Deep End.

"Let's go be heroes," Xero says as his face grill and visor retract revealing his blue right eye and his silver left.

The Voltus twins roll there eyes and dash forward, Lily and Xero not far behind, the harpies screech and dive bomb but the twins spin around and fire a disc of lightning at the harpies, the harpies screech as electrified discs collide with some of the female creatures and Lily and Xero bursts into the mall heading towards the Chimera.

"Let's show these ugly women birds what real women can do," Ashley states generating lightning in her hands.

"Yes lets," Skylar retorts slamming an electrified fist into the face of a harpy as 2 more dive down, sharpened talons ready to strike.

Ashley leaps over her sisters head and kicks both away with an electrified greave, as lightning courses through there bodies, Skylar grabs his sisters hand and pulls her back as a harpy misses Ashley's head by inches and with a twists of her hips slams the back of her hand at the harpies chest and throws it away.

"Got to watch it," Skylar says but is moved to the side as Ashley catches the taloned foot of another harpy.

She pulls it forward and rams her lightning induced fist into the harpies' bare chest. It convulses as lightning shreds its insides and collapses.

"Ditto," Skylar and Ashley high five but duck as more harpies continue there dive bombs.

The twins generate a blue lightning disk in each hand and throw them at multiple harpies who attempt to dodge but the discs spilt into half moons and strike twice as many as were intended. Multiple screeches are heard as they start to slowly plummet to the ground with shredded wings.

The twins clasp each others hands as the generate a greater amount of lightning and begin to glow blue as the Black Rose mantra fills the air, the harpies screech as they all dive bomb, talons ready for blood. The lightning manipulating twins aim there fingers like guns and pull them back like they fired it as a barrage of blue lightning balls fire into the air, blasting holes in the harpies or missing but catch there feathers on fire as lightning balls collide and they explode in a fiery blaze.

The girls separate as charred and hole riddled harpy bodies hit the ground with solid thumps as the few harpies left screech and fly away from the area. The crowd cheers in there victory but it is short lived as a massive roar comes from the mall.

"I hope they will be all right," Skylar says as Ashley nods.

In the mall Lily is eyeing the beacon on her bracer revealing the daughters signal as Xero follows not far behind, looking left and right for any trouble.

"She's here," Lily states as they appear in the largest part of the mall, the food court.

What they see is a massive beast sweeping away tables with its massive lion claws, they hear a scream as a girl runs past the beast and ducks a swipe from its serpent headed tail. It spins around showing its full self. Over 12 feet long from head to tail and 10 feet tall, a lions head with a golden mane and red eyes follow the girl as the green serpents tail tries another strike but hits a table instead, the goats head on the back looks at the girl as well as its hooves clack against the round as it follows the girl.

"I'm surprised she lasted this long," Xero states with a smirk but gets hit on the back of the head by Lily.

"None of that thinking," Xero agrees as the Chimera notices the armored warrior and the tech savvy woman.

With a might roar it bursts into a run as the serpent tail strikes faster than ever and coils around the girls waist and swings her behind the Chimeras back as she screams.

"Great, I got this you help the daughter," Xero says as Lily nods and her bracer forms into a massive sword, her heels ignite and propels her forward.

But with great speed the Chimera swipe at Lily who isn't fast enough and is thrown away and crashes on to a table which collapses under the impact.

"Lily," Xero yells in worry.

When she doesn't answer he figures she is knocked out, Xero glares at the Chimera as his face becomes covered. He kicks off forward and the Chimera swipes again but Xero ducks and drives his metallic fist into the lion parts face but no damage is done. It rears its head back and head-butts Xero with much force throwing him on to his back, he quickly rolls to the side as it slashes down with its claws and hits the floor leaving a small crater.

"Holy crap," he says as his tail wraps around a post and pulls him away from another slash.
He gets to his feet but his slammed hard with the Chimeras back hooves and he is thrown back even more and slams into the ground. He swiftly gets to his feet and is ready for another strike but the Chimera ignores him and turns towards Lily who gets to her feet. The Chimera roars and goes to bite the technopath in half but Xero rips the post from the ground with great strength and hurls it at the beast, it ducks quickly but the post collides with the goat head and it is thorn from the body in a bloody crash.

The Chimera roars in pain and anger as it whips the girl away as she hits the wall and crumbles in a heap, Lily returns her sword and uses the thruster power of her heels to push herself along the ground away from the Chimera as it spins around and charges at Xero.

Xero runs forward as well but instead slides under the angry creature but the tail swiftly coils around his ankle and yanks him into the air and throws him overhead as the lion half catches him in its fangs piercing the armor, he screams as blood polls from the wounds and it throws him hard to the floor with a crash.

"Damn it that damn ass didn't complete me," Xero says getting to his feet as blood pools from the wounds in his side.

"What do you mean?" Lily asks from the head set.

Xero dodges another slash, "I thought he was finished, but I was able to copy the Project Deep End files, it stated I needed a catalyst…" Xero gets struck the serpent tail as Lily slashes the Chimeras side with her large sword; it roars in pain and turns its attention towards Lily who continues her assault.

"I need a metal not found on this planet, it is the space metal from the meteorite from 20 years ago," Xero answers as the holes heal but he feels the blood still dripping down his body.

Xero runs forward and leaps onto the Chimera's tail and with quick hands wrapped the serpent headed tail around a table anchored to the floor, as it slashes at Lily the tail grows taunt as Lily slashes at the creatures eyes but misses as it rears up and with great strength rips the table from the ground and whips itself around and the table slams into Lily's side as sounds of broken bones are heard and Lily screams as her normal arm breaks and she is thrown at the wall, Xero kicks off and catches the technopath from worse harm.

"Skylar, Ashley, get in here Lily badly hurt," Xero yells into the head mike as the Voltus twins head into the mall.

Xero cradles Lily as he kicks off the wall and lands near the president's daughter, wraps his tail around her waist and runs off with the Chimera distracted on getting the table off. Xero makes it to the twins as he sets the daughter down and leans the team leader on the twins as he explains what happened a crash is heard as the table flies out the door and the creature pushes the door open.

"Go, I got this," Xero states grabbing his side as pain rips down his side.

"You can't your just as bad as I am," Lily counters.

Xero looks back and smiles and begins to walk off when the vortex appears in front of him, he turns and sees Lily messing with her bracer and a clink is heard he spins around as a black metal drops in front of him. He looks back as Lily smiles, winks and the twins gently lead them out. Xero picks up the metal and places it on his chest as it begins to vibrate with the metal of his armor. When they connect a silver black light covers his body as he feels his wounds begin to close and a ripple courses through his being as he can literally feel his armor strengthening, get harder and more flexible, his claws sharpen more as the metal thickens. The clear visor changes into a mask as the Chimera is finally upon the metal warrior. It delivers a powerful swipe of its claw but Xero lifts his hand and stops it in its tracks. Xero spins and kicks the Chimera in its face pushing it back.

Power courses through his veins as he kicks off and shoulder charges the creature hard in its stomach, the tail whips under and strikes at Xero but he flexes his fingers as his claws combine into one 3 foot blade and with a forwards and upwards slash he bisects its right back leg along with the serpent head tail and it roars louder as it crumbles but with fierce anger it flips over Xero's head and lands but the armored warrior basically shoots his tail which grows a 12 inch spike and impales the creature in the forehead stopping it cold. Xero rips his tail out and kicks backwards and with a back heel kick with the heel shaped like a large ice skate slices into the Chimera's face opening a massive, bloody mouth where its upper head would be and blood shoots out and splashes Xero turning parts of him red.

The armored warrior crouches and rams the stomach of the creature and with great power lifts it up and throws it through the stain glass window with a shattering crash and a great thump as many people scream. Xero walks out the mall doorway, Chimera blood dripping off of his armored body, the Chimera quivers and with a last roar dies as it turns into ash.

Xero walks up to the Voltus twins and an injured Lily and retracts his mask and with a smile he says, "Mission Accomplished," and passes out cold and begins to fall but is caught and supported by Skylar as his armor returns to his body and the Chimera blood just slides to the ground in a plop.

"Good Job, Xero Nevermore, Deep End," Lily says as an ambulance pulls up and she is loaded on with Ashley and she heads to the hospital to heal up. Skylar stays with Xero as the president hugs his daughter.

"The Black Roses are going to be a problem," a mysterious person says into a cell phone.

He nods and hangs up as a smile creeps onto his lips.