Sixth Mission: Missing Relic and Crisis

6 Months Later…

It has been 6 months since the Notre Doom Incident, all the instructors and students took the time to fix up all the damage done by the Doom's and help Raine get introduced into Black Rose Academy. It took a long time rebuilding a better system to protect the grounds and keep the human's away from the academy. Many of the politicians wanted to close the place down but with Trayce's "Good" speaking skills, they instantly grumbled away.

"Cool, a large request after us taking mostly small missions," Broker says with a smile opening the folder they got in the mail.

Broker walks up to Trayce as he asks an earth-kinetic help fill the massive hole made by Xero to finish up the repairs. Broker slaps his rival's shoulder, getting his attention and sticks the folder in his face.

"Here an interesting mission I want dibs on, but it is your choice," Trayce yanks the folder away from his face and Brokers hands as he laughs.

The Black Rose leader reads through the folder and begins smirking, "this will need more than three people by the sounds of it and it will have to be a mixture of the strongest."

Broker looks on confused as Trayce pats the earth user on the head and walks off, the earth user smiles and hovers away riding a small wave of earth, Broker chuckles but catches himself and runs after Trayce.

Trayce pushes the double doors open to all the mercenaries, plus Xero, Raine and Creed which gets him smirking more. With Creed, Raine and Xero's passing of the MERC exams three months ago his over protectiveness has been down sized to protective. He even knows about his brother and Lotus, he still grumbles about it thinking he is not ready but he sees Xero and Raine close and it makes him grumble about that since Xero is his student that no one knows about except Raine and Lily.

"We have a mission that will challenge us, it will involve a team with six members; this large team is on the search for a missing relic called Krenden from a massive group of soldiers called The Centuries and there mysterious leader with the name of Han," Trayce holds up a picture of a strange shield with a ghastly looking face and red eyes.

"So who is going?" Creed asks, sitting next to Lotus with his hands behind his head.

"I will lead the group and Broker will be my number two," Trayce starts which gets there attention, mostly Lily.

"Why?" Trayce looks at Lily and her confusion.

"Oh because the army is a mix of super naturals, and the leader Han is supposedly the strongest and it quotes, "better than Trayce D. King ever was" so I have to take the challenge," Lily rolls her eyes as Trayce smirks in excitement.

"This will be a tough mission, that is why Xero, Raine and Creed will be coming along as well," this gets said peoples attentions as the three stand up and head towards the cosmic manipulator and the ghost man.

"The last will be a volunteer, so who want in, decide between yourselves," Trayce crosses his arms as they talk amongst themselves.

"Well Alastor's group has a mission so they're out and so does Lily's," Richard puts in.

"I'll go, our team doesn't have a mission," Kes steps up, her milky eyes looking around, her brown skin glistening.

"I have no problem, how about you all," Richard looks at the others who think a bit and agree.

"All right, we have our members, let us head out, the rest of you will hold the fort," Broker says enthusiastically, everyone groans as some laugh.

Trayce uses his cosmic powers to open a portal between the academy and the city they need to go which shows a dark alleyway, they step through and are instantly there and the portal closes. They all are confused except for Broker.

"Why did we go so fast, we could have taken our time?" Xero asks.

"Because they own a small island, which we are on now. We will be fighting a lot so we should waste… I mean enjoy our time here," Trayce answers with a smirk.

Everyone but Broker sighs as he laughs in enjoyment. The group steps from the dark alley seeing mostly big open space but up ahead on a massive hill is a great 10 foot wall surrounding a three story, tan colored mansion with a black roof. In front of the metal gate is a great group of supernatural beings. Behind the gate they see 3 Cerberus' and in front of the gate a great many Gorgon's, Centaurs and flying Harpies and a presence of whoever resides inside.

"Oh, more fun, let's split up, Two Black Roses per group, and leave what is on the mansion grounds for later," Trayce places his hand on his shoulder and spins it up, as the others stretch as well.

"I'm after the Harpies," Raine states as her white armor forms on her striking body, changing to Tycon Z, her wings a flutter and her tail coiled.

"I'm with Raine, I need to fight better while flying," Xero forms his silver armor and his tail splits into a pair of wings, both begin to hover.

"Creed and I will fight the Centaurs while Kes and Broker get the Gorgons," Trayce announces as his demonic gauntlet forms on his arms and Creed emits a venomous green color.

Broker and Kes nod as Kes covers her eyes with a long orange, burn-proof bandana, flames flicker around her body as Broker does different muscular poses but laughs in the process, which gets him a smack on the back of his head.

"Ready," Raine and Xero say at the same time.

"Steady," Kes and Broker smirk.

"GO," Trayce and Creed yell as they all take off there separate ways.

Kes completely envelops herself in flames as she is lifted into the air by an intangible Broker and is phased through the ground below the Gorgons and with a mighty roar fires a massive circle of flames surrounding and separating the Gorgons from the Centaurs and Harpies. They rise from the ground as some turn to ash and they become visible, the serpent bodied super-naturals with the upper body of women but many snakes for hair, but not the bulkier build and stone grey eyes of Medusa. They open there mouths and hiss, flicking there pink forked tongues.

"Wow, bet a kiss from them would feel weird," Broker jokes as Kes smacks him again.

The Gorgons charge with great speed but Broker places his hand on Kes and makes them intangible, they all collide head long into each other with a smack, Broker points and laughs as they both float into the air and land beside the group and become tangible but with a couple quick coils the some of the Gorgons grab Kes and separate her from Broker as the others split off and charge Broker who forms some ghostly arms, ready to fight back.

Kes makes a massive flare burst burning the tails of the ones wrapping her up, flames cover he body as they form a pair of claws on her hands, a long fire tail and flaming clawed boots. With a yell the pyrokinetic dashes forwards towards the hissing sound and slashes a Gorgon head off and with a twist of her nice hips she back kicks another in the chest after hearing its skin ripple as it was striking, its skin blisters as black blood pours from each small bubble. As her leg finishes the move she swings her flaming ax ended tail and bisects another in half by its waist after hearing the rustling of its serpent hair.

Three Gorgons charge at once, she hears the gliding across the green grassed ground, she moves her fingers as multiple tentacles made from flames whip out and begins swiping across in flaming speed impaling one in the chest making it gurgle, another in the face making it screech and the third is wrapped by the flaming whip. As the whip coils around the full length of the Gorgon's body she mentally severs them and each of the areas burst into flames. With screaming hisses they try to slither away but the flames consume those areas, black blood explodes from the burning areas as there skin becomes black, crispy and turns to ash, dead.

All at once the Gorgons stop, and Kes hears all there tails coil around and under themselves and with a great pounding force spring push into the air and the deafening scream hisses begin to rattle through Kes' ears making her groan, but with great resolve forms a dome of flames and with a great burst of her powers force a flaming explosion outwards.

Waves of heat cover the circular area as Broker turns around and becomes intangible as the wave collides with the last of the Gorgon's he was fighting but stop at the flaming circle which turns into a massive fire dome.

Kes screams as the fire dome closes in on itself, burning, melting and crisping the Gorgon's turning them to ash. Kes passes out as the fire dome continues to shrink as many Gorgon's scream hiss as they try to escape but fail, Broker flies fast, grabs Kes, turns her intangible and flies out of the fire dome as it speeds up its shrinking. Broker lands with a tired Kes in his arms as the fire dome goes out, leaving nothing but floating ash and a massive black circle.

Broker lets out a long whistle and says, "Damn, kinky whips and a flaming implosion, you've been holding out on us haven't you," Kes smacks him in the head about the kinky whip comment and falls asleep as he groans and chuckles at the same time.


Both Creed and Trayce with there arms stretched out one going low and the other high, Lariat a centaur making it flip in the air and hit the ground with a thud. The ground is laden with the bodies of dead Centaurs most turned to ash or slowly dying blood spilt on the once green grass, some emitting Creed's signature colors or the savagery beating of Trayce. With less than 20 Centaurs to go and the heat from Kes' fire dome gone they continue the fighting.

Creed glows a purple color and runs up to a centaur, it strikes with its spear but the poison user baseball slides under it and with great force uppercuts it in the center of the horse half lifting it in the air. Creed then crouches and leaps into the air, sits in between the area he hit and holds its front hooves, Creed glows a purple green color which push out from his shoulders like flames as it pushes him down and with a great crash makes a small crater as the centaur impacts and a snap is heard as it flops to the side dead.

Two more Centaurs bellow and charge but Creed jumps off and up dodging the advance and lands on the back of one of them, as it tries to buck Creed off his hands glow a sickly orange and with a loud slamming clap hits its temples as the sickly orange seeps into the Centaur, he then balls up his fists and hammer blows its shoulder, hearing it cry out. He kicks off and lands on the back of the second Centaur and glows lime green this time. Creed bear hugs the second one around the waist as the lime green covers the horse mans stomach, the poison user stands and kicks off landing on the grass as the second one begins emitting a green vapor as the front of his body begins melting like acid.

Blood begins spilling out as it clutches its stomach the orange faced one begins coughing as it clutches its throat and blood spills from its mouth and ears. Creed cracks his knuckles, his arms glow neon green as he runs with both his arms straight. The poison user leaps, grabs both by the back of there heads and with good forward momentum slams there faces into the ground with a face breaking crash.

Creed gets to his feet as a dark shadow covers him as he feels the hooves glance off his side but hit enough to send him flying sideways and hit the ground, but he rolls back to his feet seeing a Centaur twice the size of the normal ones.

"You're a big fella aren't you," Creed comments glowing a green color.

As he makes a fighting stance, a second one steps up, each with a spear in one hand, a sword in another and armor on the legs and horse half, a metal, faceless helmet and metal front armor completes it.

"Oh come on, really," Creed complains.

Seconds later, Trayce it beside Creed gripping his shoulder. Creed looks back and see the rest of the Centaurs turning to ash, Creed knows his brother took out the others after he beat the last three.

"Well, Creed, my little brother, let's show these two what the King Brother's can do," Trayce and Creed fist bump and take there stance.


Xero's 3 foot sword slices a wing of a screaming Harpy as he flips and slams his spiked heel on its head throwing down to the ground with a crash. The ground littered with dead Harpies, some with damage to keep them alive but in great pain and some with just lost flight feathers, after the spectacle of Kes' fire dome and the systematic wipe out of the Centaurs except the two from the temple with the Red Sand Hourglass and Scrinax.

Raine pushes Xero down by his head and slams her drill arm into a harpy's stomach and with a crunch drill a hole through the bird woman, killing it.

"Pay attention moron," Xero smirks.

He looks angled up seeing a Harpy zooming straight towards Tycon Z with razor sharp claws, he grabs her leg and yanks her down, she yelps in surprise as he changes his sword arm into a 6 foot single bladed katana and jabbed up catching it in the leg and it continues its flight as its leg is bisected. It screeches as blood spills from the leg.

"Back at ya, sexy," Raine blushes.

She pushes off of Deep End as two Harpies zoom between them, claws gleaming, they them dodge to the side as more begin dive-bombing with greater speed then ever, they keep there distance but keep dive-bombing with the feet talons out or trying to slash with the claws on there wings.

With Deep End's two 3 foot blade arms and Tycon Z's two 3 foot curved blade arms out, they block most of the strikes, they use there wings to make there talons slide away from them but eventually the Harpies stay in the air and only dive-bomb when they see the chance.

"There getting smarter, even though we can keep flying, they will eventually rush us when they get tired," Raine says as Xero agrees.

"Let's try these," Xero smiles as he reforms a hand.

A pocket opens from his armor and he pulls out a cube glowing yellow and sparking orange flames and a cube glowing black sparking red lightning.

Deep End's chest opens as he places the black cube in, it encloses as parts of his armor change, revealing the colors, black, red and silver as red lightning emits from his wings and blade arm. He then passes the orange cube to Tycon Z who changes her hand back and catches it, she looks at it oddly as Xero explains to Raine.

"See I explained to Lily about my added power to add any additional Black Rose powers to my armor. There by enhancing my capability to fight when my armor is not enough. So she made these cubes and both Kes and Alastor each put some of there power in the cube. She says it should last until we return to our human forms then they'll have to be recharged," Xero smiles as Raine nods and does the same thing, her wings and tail shoot out flames as her armor changes from white to white, yellow and orange.

Deep End forms his 3 foot blade but his other hand into the cannon like he used against Scrinax, Tycon Z forms her curved blade and a metallic crossbow with arrows made of yellow and orange flames.

Raine and Xero smirk as they spread there wings and with speed never felt before they rocket towards the massive group of Harpies. Deep End and Tycon Z fire repeated shots from there cannon and crossbow as they head towards the group as they pass by the swing there arms to the side and down, blasting red lightning bullets and yellow and orange flame crossbow bolts, Harpies screech seeing there own kind getting wiped out in drones so they split in half and fly in different directions.

Both armored warriors stop firing and slow to a hover, Xero forms his cannon into a bladed whip hand and Raine makes her crossbow into a flaming drill. With a smirk at each other and them clanking there sword together rocket over to each group.

Raine laughs as she slashes harpy's left and right with her 3 foot long curved sword and with her drill arm impaling a large straight line of them borrowing into them with a sickening crunch and shooting out there back as flames erupt from the inside out, some are drilled in half, decapitated, or receive a residual flame burst from the yellow and orange flame. Tycon Z impales one in the chest and flattens the drill and shoots it like a spring borrowing in and through harpies until it is was really thin. Tycon Z shoots into the air, orange and yellow flames propelling her from her wings until she is over the injured group of harpies.

She creates two crossbow arms that glow the color orange as flame sparks from the barrel forming a yellow and orange ball with a flame chain connecting them and with a smirk she fires the bola like weapon which expands as it lowers. The bola shape stops in between the harpies and with a crack like thunder the balls zoom together and unleash a bright explosion of yellow and orange flames as an explosion of lightning comes from Deep End's battle.

With a laugh from each of them all the harpies turn to ash as do the ones on the ground, the cube on Tycon Z's chest turns white as she loses the yellow and orange flame powers and it shatters, and Xero's does the same thing as his lightning and colors vanish. With a massive pulse both Tycon Z and Deep End feel great pain shoot through there body as there wings collapse on themselves and there armor vanishes as they plummet towards the ground.

As Xero and Raine gather speed towards the ground a loud shriek is heard as a massive black bird zooms from no where and breaks under the warriors and with a gust of wind slows there descent enough to land on the birds feathered back. Broker leans Kes against a tree as Creed and Trayce finish off the monster sized centaurs. The bird lowers it self and lands with a crunch.

Both Xero and Raine slide off the side and are caught by Broker with two other solidified ghost hands and lay them on the ground, with another shriek the massive black bird vanishes in a puff of black feathers. Creed and Trayce run up as Kes stirs, a white light hovers over her as her injuries heal and her tiredness vanishes.

Clapping is heard as the metal gate slides open and riding on top of the Cerberus' is a 6 foot tall male with a crisp black three piece suit and grey hair in a ponytail, on another is the four armed beast from the all girl's school and the third has the artifact they were there for, the strange looking shield along with a massive bag.

"Well done, to take down our army in such a manner is great to be seen," the grey haired male snaps his fingers.

A massive circle appears under the group shaped like a clock face as the injuries on all of the Black Roses vanish, Xero and Raine stir and sit up fast, breathing heavily as Kes steps up and away for the tree. She stretches, walking up to the sound of the armored warriors getting to there feet, tapping Brokers shoulder getting his attention who taps her hand back.

"Last time we become test subjects for Lily's experiment," Xero grumbles getting Broker to grin and Trayce to raise his eyebrows.

The Cerberus' slid to a halt as the suited male, the four armed beast and the artifact and bag hit the ground and the three 3 headed dogs growl menacingly before they are dismissed.

"Why help us?" Creed asks unnoticing the white clock circle get bigger as a black dome covers the group.

"Simple, I want a battle with you at full strength, more fun that way," the male says smirking as the four armed beast cracks its knuckles.

"There are 6 of us and two of you, advantages us," Broker gloats crossing his arms as Raine smack her own forehead.

The suited male raises his hand as smaller circles cover Raine, Kes and Creed and pull them away towards the edge of the dome and throw them out on to the grass. The others turn in surprise as the dome becomes clear so they can look out and the others look in.

"Oops," Broker chuckles as Kes fires a ball of fire at the dome and have it fizzle upon impact.

"This is more simple, three 1 on 1 matches, it will be you three against me, Sir Vince," Sir Vince points behind him at the four armed beast, "Draken and…" he points again at the artifact making the Black Roses confused.

The shield which begins to quiver as a ghostly wail comes from it as the bag rips open as a suit of armor begins forming together with black mist as the joints. Spiked shoulder pads, boots, greaves, chest plate, gauntlets, and the like form together into a complete suit except there is no helmet. With another ghostly wail it lifts up the demon faced shield and with a clank a 5 foot long sword is taken out from inside the body as it crashes to the ground.

"A Dullahan that is what the artifact was?" Xero asks.

"This was a trap, wasn't it?" Broker asks and Trayce shrugs.

"Well then let the games begin, choose who goes first?" Sir Vince states with a smile.

"I am defiantly first, bring it on four arms," Broker states with a smile.

Draken nods as they others step near the edge of the clock face and a box appear around them, blocking any way to escape or help. Broker floats in the air and with a push rockets towards Draken who smirks and rushes head on, them both trading punch after punch, kick after kick and powers against powers.


"With that idiot facing the Black Roses the Astral Pen is mine," says the mysterious woman as she pushes open the study door, and sitting on the desk was the Astral Pen, on a piece of paper with a clock face drawn on it looking like what was outside.

She picks up the pen, silver in color glowing black with the ink a shining black, she unscrew the top and with a small device attached to a glass tube places it on top and with a press begins draining the shining black ink. As the tube fills the clock face on the paper begins to fade until the tube is completely full, leaving just enough ink to keep the time spell active.

"Got it, the Imperial army will now be born," the woman smirks as she lights a match and with a flick it hits the carpet and bursts into flames, she elegantly walks out with a chuckle as the flames lick the walls and crackle into the night.

With a roar Broker fires a massive stream of green ghostly flames that rip through Draken's body, the four armed beast wails in agony as the flames cover his body, and with a final pulse emitting from his body Broker's fist glows green and he kicks off with green flames rocketing from his feet, drives the fist through Drakens chest and basically rips him in half as it screams and dies turning to ash.

Broker dusts his hands off and pops a thumb up with a smirk.

"Well now, that was fun, next," Sir Vince yells as Broker is ejected from the dome.

As Broker gets to his feet he is smacked in the back of the head hard by an annoyed Kes, "stupid, moron, learn to keep your mouth shut."

Broker rubs his head and notices the mansion on fire, he gives Kes the question tap; the blind fire user shakes her head and shrugs. She noticed before even Raine knew because she heard the crackling and popping of the wood.

"Umm, you know the mansions on fire," Xero states.

Sir Vince's eyes widen as he turns around and with a crash the dome and white clock face shatter as the left over magic from the Astral pen evaporate. With a shout Sir Vince runs towards the mansion as the Dullahan vanishes in a burst of silver and black, the Black Roses look on confused as Sir Vince just disappears in front of them.

"Now, with the markings formed and everything combined, all is left is the Astral Pen ink brought by Melinda…" Professor Samuels's starts put said woman teleports holding the ink as the teleporter shuts off.

She walks up to the parchment and pours the Astral ink on, it explodes as black wave as the others things collected are dragged into the parchment as around the world the markings shoot a light into the air, visible for all to see, even the Black Roses at the island.

Samuels begins to laugh as all his subordinates begin to be dragged into the symbols except for Symbol and the Doom Bots. They all except Samuels scream as they are also sacrificed, all according to Samuels plan as his laughter echo's before becoming nothing.

The Roses look on as the light circle grows bigger and a great many soldiers rise from the ground, all garbed in black armor with different weapons and armor styles, as around the world more begin marching into the streets from the light circle. Left and right the soldiers begin slaying people left and right as the march on by but leaving some unharmed. Blood sprays on the streets as someone with the power over earth begins forming walls of rock and dirt. He crosses his arms in triumph when a spear shoots through his wall and impale his chest killing him.

Trayce's cell rings and he answers it, as they all look on as the legion of soldiers ignore them and head towards the mainland, traveling on a path created by some strange glowing energy.

"What?" Trayce yells in worry getting all there attentions.

Trayce begins looking grim then grimmer as he hangs up his cell, "these things are killing people with powers all around the world. That was Lily telling us to head back."

"We should fight," Xero states heading off but is stopped.

"We must regroup, there are too many right now with us all scattered like this, we are being ignored because Lily says with our Black Rose marks and the existence of the academy we are not a threat to the world. But hidden ability users and other factions are being taken out one after another in great speed, thanks to Lily some of the factions are sending there best fighters and those who don't fight to the secret area for stuff like this. Even though we didn't think it would happen," Trayce looks more worried.

"But with you, brother," Creed starts but Trayce lifts his hand to stop him.

"Since we don't know the extent of these soldiers I'd rather not risk it," Trayce quickly opens a portal to the secret area and they all walk in as it snaps closed behind them.

i decided to extend this chapter so i can head towards the imperial army arc of this. it will be exciting to say the least... i hope anyway