Creek of the Dead:

"Nikki, I have a bad feeling about this!" Jasmine said, looking at her friend with worried eyes. She was a girl with fiery red eyes, pale skin, and snow white hair. Her friend returned her look with one of annoyance, green eyes glowing in the darkness around them. Jasmine's friend, Nikki, almost blent in with their dark surroundings, her skin almost matching the night. It made Jasmine more uncomfortable, as she felt so bright she could be seen from a mile away.

They were bound to be caught.

"Oh, hush it! You can't back out now that we're here," Nikki snapped, grabbing Jasmine by her arm and yanking her off the street and up to the path that lead into the woods. Nikki knew that Jasmine would follow anyway, like she always did on trips like this, but didn't have the patience to wait around tonight.

Jasmine dug her shoes into the gravel, skidding as she tried to get out of Nikki's grasp. "If you don't let go I'll scream 'rape'!" Jasmine warned, only to fall on her side, getting herself soaked with fresh mud. "Now you got my shirt and my pants dirty!" Jasmine whined, getting back on her feet. Jasmine angrily tried to brush the mud off of her shirt and then her jean shorts. When she accepted that she was only making it worse she straightened and glared harshly at Nikki, vile things ready to spill from her mouth.

"Wouldn't of happened if you would just stop acting like a baby and come with me to the damn creek." Nikki commented, interrupting Jasmine, she just wasn't in the mood for Jasmine's act tonight. "Now, we are going to the creek because I want to see if there really is a man who lurks in these woods."

"Why did you drag me out here?" Jasmine asked incredulously. "I don't want to meet a crazy guy who kills people!"

"Yeah, right. You say that every time I drag you out to check something out," Nikki replied, snorting and walking down the path, not having to look behind her to know that Jasmine was following her. Jasmine always followed her.

"Bitch," Jasmine muttered sourly under her breath.

As they finally made it to the creek the girls stopped where the gravel path met grass and looked around, not really sure what to expect. Jasmine shivered at the eerie feeling the area gave off, she wanted to leave, but like always she fell for Nikki's tricks. The trees cast an eerie look on the scene, the moonlight cast deathly light on the ground and the thin strips of fog coming off the creek.

"Wow, this is beautiful." Nikki muttered, taking in the sight. "Wish I came down here more - hey look! Footprints!" Jasmine snapped out of her daydreaming to stare - shocked - at the faint footprints indented in the grass. On trips like theses they usually just walked around the creepy area without finding anything. A chill ran down her spine.

"Only you would ever see them." Jasmine muttered, looking around for a source of the footprints, suddenly feeling like she was being watched. However, as she looked around she found nothing off, there was just the eerie feeling surrounding her.

"Weird, they look... fresh.." Nikki muttered to herself, poking the prints. Nikki had crouched down to get a better look at the prints. "They lead... that way!" Jasmine's body tensed in fear as Nikki shot up, grabbed her arm and shot off east, up the river. Jasmine felt the feeling of being watched grow more intense, gulping, she looked around to see a shadowy figure on the other side of the creek hiding behind some trees. The figure noticed Jasmine saw it and ducked away. Jasmine gasped and stopped Nikki by planting her feet firmly to the ground, jerking Nikki off balance and almost making Nikki fall.

"There is someone there!" Jasmine exclaimed, pointing toward where the figure had been.

Nikki scoffed, giving Jasmine a dirty look for suddenly stopping for a tree. Nikki was sure that Jasmine was still just acting and gave her a stick eye. What was wrong with her tonight? "That's a tree, dumbass," Nikki told her bitterly, wishing she'd turn into the Adventurous Jasmine Nikki loved to drag into possibly dangerous situations.

"I swear it was there, Nikki! This isn't safe, we need to leave." Jasmine told Nikki, grabbing her shoulders and looking her right in the eyes.

Nikki rolled her eyes, batting Jasmine's arms away. "Yeah, yeah, I just saw Sasquatch up ahead, too. Lets not forget the vampire and some-"

"Shut up," Jasmine seethed, "just say you don't believe me you jerk."

Nikki instantly felt bad as her friend jerked away from her and stomped off, heading back down the river towards the trail out of the woods. Jasmine turned her head to yell, "Have fun dying from the - umhf!" Jasmine ran right into something that wasn't a tree.

Jasmine slowly turned her head to stare at the scaley chest, vaguely feeling a stickiness to her cheek, and felt her mouth go dry when she saw the mucus line connecting her cheek to the chest. Her mind went blank with fear as she slowly tilted her head back. Her mouth trembled. It was dis-shaped, dishuman, distraught-ish, and looked more like something out of a horror movie than something out of real life. Jasmine wanted to scream but it was stuck in her throat and so she just stood there in terror, not even able to release a whimper.

"Jasmine! RUN!" Nikki yelled, breaking the tension and running to Jasmine. Nikki yanked on Jasmine's arm only to find that her friend was unresponsive and instead of running just stood there. Nikki glanced at the beast and noticed that they both expressionless and staring at each other.

Nikki didn't know what to do. She pulled on Jasmine's arm again, but Jasmine didn't budge. Nikki was clueless as to what would snap her friend out of it. Nikki glanced back at the monster, terrified that he would stop just staring and kill them, what made it worse was that he smelled like rotten flesh and of creek water.

Nikki was speechless, and thought of just leaving Jasmine and saving herself. It would be the wise choice. 'Then again, it might just be a prank,' Jasmine suddenly thought and she knitted her eyebrows together in anger. It sounded like a Jasmine thing to do and just as Nikki was about to cross her arms and call off the prank Jasmine snapped out of it and shook her head, drawing in a deep breath.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" The ear shattering scream that came from Jasmine's throat wrapped, coiled, and made a scream form in Nikki's throat, which she too, released. The plain fear in the scream was enough to make the thought of this being a prank fly out of her mind.

The scream set things into action. The two began running, they pushed past the weird monster - man? - thing, knocking it down, not having time to think about how nasty the mucus was, and making it let out a nasty snarl as it fell to the ground and swiped at their legs. The girls hightailed it to the gravel trail. They sprinted, adrenaline fueling them, their hearts pounding in their chests and ringing in their ears. Both girls were terrified, was this really happening? They had been on many trips like this before, but none of it had ever been REAL? Nikki felt heavy with guilt.

"Where is the road?!" Jasmine cried, tearing up. She hated the dark, creepy things lurked in the dark. Seeing that.. Thing didn't help her feeling of being here. She had looked into it's eyes, those horrible white, pupil-less eyes that cast her into paralysis. She shivered at the memory, that would be there to haunt her for the rest of her life. If she lived from this encounter.

"It should be here!" Nikki replied back, snapping angrily at her. Both girls were close to hysteria, everything looked the same in the dull glow of the moon. There should have been a trail, you can't just make a trail disappear, can you? All they did was just go down the trail. Someone should've heard the scream. Where did the road go? The trail led to a populated trailer park, how could someone NOT hear?

"I told you this was a - WATCH OUT!" Jasmine cut herself off to scream at Nikki as the thing ran out from the bushes. A black shadow amongst the dark gray and white illuminated forest.

Nikki turned her head to the side, turing in time to see the beast lunging from the bushes at her. Nikki screamed, she wanted to make her legs go faster but instead her legs got clumsy and she fell, dragging Jasmine down with her.

"NO!" Jasmine cried pitifully into the dull, black and white forest as the thing pounced down on them. The girls sobbed in terror, hyperventilating. They were too scared to notice that the thing didn't have a gross stench nor was was it slimey with mucus. They cowered, fear overriding their system as they stared into its... gray eyes? Something was off, but they couldn't place it.

Fear told them it was the same beast and they listened, mind in too much of a frenzy to think properly.

The girls thought they couldn't move and it was too late, they were dead. They were going to die by the hands of this monster. All because Nikki wanted to make sure he was real. Jasmine hated Nikki and Nikki felt guilt like never before. It weighed heavily on her.

The thing growled, its sharp razor like teeth glinting in the pale moonlight. The girls tears ran down their cheeks in fat rivers. The night was filled with the girl's panting and the mocking growl from the creature. The girls could move and it was starting to click as their mind calmed down enough to draw the connection that there was something wrong.

The thing snarled again and then it ended up chuckling. A human chuckle. Jasmine recognized the chuckle, it was Nikki's ex-boyfriends chuckle. Nikki was still shaking, clinging to her best friend as if it were the only sound of life and Jasmine heard her take in a deep breath when he chuckled. "I got you guys good!" Derek laughed, peeling off his latex mask and removing his contacts.

Jasmine shot up, shoving the boy off of the two, she jumped on Derek, "YOU BASTARD! How fucking dare you do that! YOU HAD US BELIEVE WE WERE ABOUT TO FUCKING DIE! YOU FUCKING JACKASS!" Jasmine reeled back and punched him square in the face.

Derek let out a cry of pain and roughly shoved her of him, sitting up quickly, he glared crisply at her. "What the fuck, can't you guys take a joke?"

"Not one like that!" Nikki screeched, lunging at him, ready for her share of causing him pain. "What the hell is your fucking problem! That wasn't anywhere near funny, jackass!" Her hands clasped around his throat and she began to choke him.

Jasmine didn't stop her, for all she cared he could die. It was his fault they had wet themselves. 'Who the hell does something so damn... bastardish?! Is bastardish even a word? Well it is now.'

"H-ek! Hel-ek!" Derek choked out, trying to say 'help', a hand reaching out toward Jasmine, she shook her head until she noticed that he wasn't looking at her, but past her.

Jasmine started to turn her head to see what was behind her when a crowbar crashed down on her temple. Blood trickled down her face as she fell down limply to the ground. At the sound of the crowbar hitting a skull, Nikki spun around gasped as she turned and saw Jasmine's limp body on the ground, the beast standing over her with a bloody crowbar tightly clenched in his thick and large hand.

The beast's white eyes glowed and looked devilish with delight as he studied the blood on his crowbar. Nikki was too stunned to think about running. All Nikki could think about was Jasmine, was she okay? Nikki wanted to check but didn't want to get closer to the beast. Derek thrashed under her and finally knocked her in the face and shoved her off of himself. Stumbling up to try and run for his life, he got three steps before the crowbar came down on his head, only knocking him out. He fell flat on his face, not moving, body looking frail in the dirt.

Nikki felt her body tense, she started to crawl backwards, the thing made a step closer in her direction and Nikki, reluctantly leaving her friend, spun to her feet and took three long strides. But the thing was faster and before she heard footsteps she was tackled from behind. They went crashing down the the rocky ground below them - the trail - all the weight on Nikki's ribs. A crack of a bone snapping and a cry of pain from Nikki made the thing's eyes glow brighter with delight.

He liked a feisty meal.

Nikki thrashed, scared for her life. As Nikki struggled the beast pinned her down with his legs and used her hair to lift her head and slammed it down on the hard rock below. Momentarily stunned, Nikki stopped struggling. This gave enough time for the man to pick up a hand sized rock nearby and give her a sharp blow on her head with it.

Nikki's world went black.

-x X x-

A creature sat down on an old weathered couch, in a ratty trailer. The trailer was old and falling apart. The creature was tired and wanted to rest, but knew that if it rested it's food would go bad. The creature hated wasted food as it made his hunting a waste of time and he hated wasting time.

The creature begrudgingly got up from the couch and moved to the front of the trailer. Taking the closest kill from the night to the table, he threw the body of an albino girl on the table, enjoying the empty thump it made.

A devilish grin spread on his face when he checked to see if there was a pulse. None. He would have dinner tonight.

A deep and dark gurgle escaped the happy beast's mouth full of sharp teeth as he stared down at the bloody and broken face of the girl. The beast went to his cabinet to the left of him, near his mini fridge. He opened the cabinet and grabbed out a cleaver, taking the cleaver he inspected it as if he handled it to roughly it would break.

The creature watched in fascination as he took his finger and slid it lightly along the blade, his finger bubbled with blood then finally made short, small rivers or red run down his finger, he lapped the blood off of his finger.

The cleaver glinted evilly in the little light provided by a dull light bulb as the beast picked it up and rose it high above his head. He moved his prey's arm away from it's body and let the cleaver whiz down until it made a sweet CLAUK! as it collided with dead flesh. The beast shivered with excitement, falling into the intoxicating rhythm.

Over and over the whiz and CLAUK! of the knife filled the air as the beast brought his cleaver up and down upon the girl. The deliciously metallic scent of blood filled the air and the beast shook with joy, taking the chopped arm and feasting, enjoying it's tasty meal.