And she wrote poems about the universe.
Lines started in the middle,
and ended at the start.
Oh, She uses lines
like space uses time.
And I just want a cigarette,

The magic It was everywhere,
and she followed It wherever It went.
It swam through veins, weaved in with her shoelaces,
And floated on my ceiling just to stare,
way over my head.
But I can appreciate the concept,
The monument to existence,
the model of amazement.
Heavensent to have big eyes
and open ears.
Cuz you know she hears
And I just wanna a cig,

The sky opens for her,
and the stars call her sister.
She has joined that celestial sorority,
and good for her.
My feet are firmly planted on this stoop,
Lighter in my pocket looking for a friend.
While she flies I'll just jive
here on earth,
contemplating mirth as it happens to be found
in cigarette smoke.