Wind rushed at my long flowing orange hair. My small-gloved hand ran through it, moving it out of my face. Fluffed out sleeves surrounded my shoulders with a white lacey-feeling. A bodice-like corset hugged my first chest and waist area, then swayed out into a short skirt that was long in the back. Tall white and pink boots slimed my legs and ankles. Taking a slow breath, I gazed out at the scenery in front of me with a blue eye and a yellow eye.

Sprawled in front of me was a large range of mountains, their peaks covered in snows of blue, tips shrouded in clouds of murky grey. I stood at equal level, gazing upon the mountain range like a map. Enhanced eyes let me see every detail, like a hawk.

About one more day, and I'll have reached Navaar Land. Imagining the trek ahead, I braced myself. Having crossed monster-infested lands, zombie-filled villages, and blazing deserts, the hard part is yet to come. The mountains lain before me like daggers are that final test for me. It should be just beyond these mountains. The very thing I've spent years searching for almost within my grasp…

Something rubbed against my forearm; soft and smooth like silk. Flapping wings of leather scales, and about the size of an overgrown mouse, a round white fur-ball looked up at me with big blue eyes of crystal. I smiled at her.

"Zell, it's alright my love. We're almost there. Soon, the journey will be over. My little one you've been so strong, so just bare with me sweetie." I winked my right golden eye.

A small chirp-like yip escaped Zells' furred mouth. Dwon't worry, Zell newer leave Az's side. Her childish voice spoke into my head like soft notes.

Smiling to her, I stepped forth and practically glided down the mountainside of short lush grass and rocks. The fluttering of Zells' wings could be heard behind me. Hair bouncing on my shoulders, I landed swiftly on the ground, dashing off like a deer on the tree-filled terrain.

A feeling of power seeped through me like poison. But it was a good poison. My skin crawled with power. Eons of training and sacrifice have made me as strong as I am today. But still, I am only a hatchling compared to what I could become. There is more to me than meets the eyes of mortals. To creatures like me, they see my aura of power and strength, flinching in my presence. All save one. I looked at Zell, who was quickly keeping pace with my shorter than average legs.

What's wrong Az? Zell asked. I realized I was spacing off.

"Ah. It's nothing. Just wondering though. How long has it been since we first met, my sweet?"

It's bween 20 Cycles, 50 Nics, and exactly 190 Fullmoons. She answered matter-of-factly.

I smiled. Zell, a creature known as a Kujata, was my only friend. Most of it was due to my cold nature towards others. The other half was that she was just too darn cute to leave! My sweet, I called her.

My body carrying me along, and Zells' wings carrying hers, we traveled over a great distance of trees and elevated terrain before the sun started to set. It's purple fire cascaded over the landscape like a blanket.

I came to a spacious clearing, inhabited by a small pond and shrubbery. "Lets take a rest here for now, my Sweet." I said over my shoulder to Zell. Awright!

Walking over to the small round pond, I leaned down, elbows resting on my knees and crouching over the water. Through the surface of the water small tadpoles swam and played, totally oblivious to my hovering form. Behind me, the purple sky lit up my form. My long orange hair, wavey and a little unkempt due to my traveling; my mismatched eyes I so secretly adored; the white short dress I wore forming my to my small body. I gazed my reflection, my eyes always finding my faults. Such as my small breasts that had yet to develop; then, my high cheekbones and slightly slanted eyes set on a firm face. Being short was probably my biggest anger-causing attribute.

I stared at my reflection for what seemed like hours, before a shadow appeared on the other side of the pond. This was the first time I met her; little did I know, my whole adventure was about to change. Forever.