My house is still standing, my bed still warm,
My family all living, no fear in praising the Lord,
Yet I curse him.

Ashamed to be living my privileged life,
While others who would kill for just a taste of polluted life
Die unnoticed.

I lay here in silence while at this moment,
The trapped scream their last breaths.

I sit here in stillness, looking for words to describe how I feel,
They run in desperation, searching for family and friends.

I worry about a test tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be unseen by too many.

I write my test.
They find the lifeless bodies of their sisters and brothers,
Or never find them at all.

I watch the clock hand go round again, counting the seconds until class ends.
They watch the sun go down again,
Counting the seconds until their lives end.

I will not continue to stand idly by,
While God's people around me continue to die.