Why did you do this? You sick monster, your breath of coal and your touch of fire. It burns me, it torments me. Why? Why you sick monster? I thought you loved me? Maybe cherished me, I thought you looked at me with kindness and care. Your eyes filled with passion. Why? You twisted, horrid thing? Why did you leave me? When you fell I was there, remember? I was the one who picked you up. I was always there by your side. Even as others shunned you away I stood by your side. Why? Why oh why did you do this? You wrenched my heart from my body and stole my soul. Crushing my bones with your hands, squeezing my blood from my veins. Staring at me through those eyes filled with nothing. Why you sick monster? Breathing away my last breath. You abandoned me. Why? Was it because I wasn't the fair one? Because I wasn't the one with most eyes in my path? Why? You little sad thing? Now will I rotten here in this lonely cold space? Why you traumatized being, oh so filled with pain? I with my human power bestow a curse upon you. No? Why not, you sick monster? Is it because it's in vain? Oh you sweet, naïve little monster, so filled with canes. A curse upon you, that's what this is. You will not utter a word that isn't my name. You won't see a thing that isn't my face. Not smell something that isn't my scent, hearing nothing that isn't my breath. Why? Why did you leave? You sick monster dear? Abandoning me, who was right next to your ear? Listen to my voice and remember my name. Might as well be dead if you couldn't sustain. You, my past lover and present plaything. I watch in wonder as you yell after me. Are those tears in your eyes? Oh you poor thing, would you like my heart or maybe my rib? Something to chew on while you're here all alone, something meaty and filled with good bones? Would you like to see, to hear, and to taste? All that you smell is nothing but me. And all you can think of is nothing but…you? Why, you dirty scumbag! You filthy waste of space! If it weren't for those arrogant thoughts you wouldn't be here. Yes, that is right! All of this is your fault! This, everything, no one's fault but your own. I loved you and loved you and loved you some more. Oh why did you do this? You sick monster, you. Your breath like fire and your touch leaving coal. I HATE you! Yes, Yes YES! I do, I do, and I do! Hate you and curse you… but first I loved you. Why you sick monster? Why did you leave? Do you see what you've caused? By letting me be? By letting me free? WHY?! Why you sick monster? I was the one who couldn't give in. Oh you foolish sick monster, by letting me in. Letting me stay at your place, in your dreams. You twisted damned fool, treating me like a human, like a real living thing. I was the monster you sick human being.