Determination shall be my weapon,

Love shall be my shield,

Honor shall be my suit of armor,

By Him shall I be healed.

Strength is the one thing that I lack,

That and also faith.

It always slips out of reach,

like an ancient wraith.

I always fall a moment before prevailing.

If only I'd stood a minute more.

Down I crash, so close to succeeding,

I fall all the way to the floor.

Time time. I'm running from time.

Or, is it running from me?

Home home, I'm running home.

Where else is there to flee.

Look, the stars are glowing brightly in the sky

See, there's one over there.

Oh and there, there's the milky way,

Looking so bright and fair.

I wish I could see any if all of it.

but mine eyes are shaded

There's a cloud that covers the sky,

and everything seems jaded