I've been given a flower

A lady in her tower

She falls to her knees

Trying to break free

Hey pretty lady

Throw down your hair

I don't know if I can help

But I'll be right there

Walk this way,

You'll see,

To me,

She's a breath of fresh air

Lady flower

Blushed in red

I'm reading life

With a dizzy head

In the dark

I can't take flight

Breath in the flower

And she brings the light

Flower needs her prince

Let him ride in with his touch of handsome

Her someone to hold

A compliment to her affection

Patience pretty lady

Tilt up your head

"Hold on a bit longer"

The bumble bee said

She clears the cloud

Perched over my head

Beautiful flower

I smile instead


Bumble bee - that's me

So the flower

you see

Truly is a gift to me.