I sit here with eyes closed

I breath sweet spring air

My heart is strong

I should be singing

I feel I can take on the world

I walk

Ever so slowly to my mirror

I smile at the old woman I see

I guess I should know this woman

She smiles back


I'm an old woman

Somehow when I wasn't looking

I grew a wrinkle or two

My hair is gray and limp

My hands have spots

My joints ache

I can't stand long on my own

I dream of dancing

Taking long walks

Lifting a child to the sky

Driving in my car...fast

I'm not sure this body even belongs to me

I close my eyes and I feel my youth

I can do these things

I know I can

I open my eyes again and there she is

That old woman

I still smile though

My body may be old

But my heart knows

I am still here