Chapter 1

I hated Mondays. Mondays hated me too. I can count on one hand how many good Mondays I've had since I could remember. Seriously, it's just something about Mondays with me. So many bad things just always seem to happen to me on Mondays.

On the first day of sixth grade, which happened to be a Monday, I had my first period, and the whole sixth grade class knew. It was evident on my new white Baby Phat jeans.

I lost the election for class president in 8th grade on a Monday. My two beta fish, the only pets I've ever had, died on a Monday. My parents broke the news to me about their divorce on a Monday. My freshman year in high school we ran a mile in P.E. every Monday. My lap top was stolen from me on a Monday. My sister found out she was pregnant on a Monday. Okay I think you get it, Mondays hate me and the feelings are mutual over here.

So it was only fitting that Kennedy told me he didn't love me on a Monday. Have I mentioned how much I hate Mondays by the way?

Today was Monday which marked exactly a week from the time of my very first heartbreak. Things were already set in motion for my scheduled horrible Monday. I slept through my alarm this morning, so I was fifteen minutes late to my Philosophy class. My professor decided to give us a five page essay over some guy named Socrates or something and since I was so late to class I missed half of his explanation on the paper. This forced me to stay after class and actually speak to him one on one about my paper. I hate having one on one time with professors like my philosophy professor. He was that professor who always felt the need to flirt with his female students. Luckily today he was more professional than ever with me, probably because I looked like crap.

I planned to look nice today by wearing this new dress I got from Forever 21 over the weekend, but since I overslept I was stuck in the plain white shirt I slept in and some random sweat pants that happened to be sitting on my dresser. Oh and lets not talk about the birds nest on top of my head. I was going to take the time out this morning and straighten my naturally curly hair, instead I was stuck slapping my hair in a high messy bun.

Today sucked.

My facial expression probably expressed how horrible my day was going when I met up with my cousin Savannah for lunch at our school's cafeteria, we nicknamed the UC.

"Bad day?" she asked, without greeting.

"When is my day not bad on a Monday?" I sighed, hitching my backpack over my shoulders more.

"What happened today?" she inquired.

I launched into the story of my horrible day with her as we grabbed our food from the Pizzeria section. Feeling just a tad bit better about my life that Savannah actually cared enough this week to ask again. This had basically become a ritual for her and I. We had the exact same conversation every Monday over lunch. I would look upset with the world, she would inquire about my bad day, and then I would launch into how my day was so bad and then she would give me the same two words she loved to say.

"That sucks."

She then proceeded to launch into her whole 'At least you woke up this morning' speech to cheer me up and then the subject of my horrible day was over. This left the table open for her to talk about her day. The talk about her day mostly concentrated on how hard her chemistry exam was and how bad her professor sucked at teaching. Normally I wouldn't take my peers seriously when criticizing their professors, because the real reason is normally not their professor's inability to teach, but their inability to actually study the material.

But Savannah was an exception; she was the most applied student I had ever met in my life. She was the pinnacle of an A student. Studying was like breathing to her. So you can only imagine my surprise when she showed me the first score on her first Chemistry exam in that class. From that point on she has never had anything nice to say about her Chemistry Professor and I have vowed to never choose the professor she has for Chemistry next semester. If Savannah is struggling in that class then there's no hope for me to pass that class.

It's not that I am a dumb person, but I am not the most studious person in the world. I'm what you call the slacker that gets by with a C or B in a class. I thought my slacking ways would leave once I got to College, you would think they went away with the cost of tuition, but they're still here just as strong as ever.

Savannah's conversation about her day died sooner than later, which left the both of us to eat our food in silence. Not the awkward silence, but the comfortable kind. The kind of silence you could only be comfortable with, being with your best friend.

After a minute, Savannah scrunched her face in distaste.

"The UC's pizzas sucks" she looked dejectedly at her flimsy thin slice of pizza, as she chewed on the piece she just bit off.

"No…your pizza sucks. My pizza is awesome." I said right before I bit into my fluffy cheesy piece of heaven. I loved hand tossed pizza, it was the best.

She proceeded to drown her pizza in her puddle of ranch. "Maybe it'll taste better like this." She proclaimed with half a smile as she went in for another bite.

Traces of ranch were left on her top lip.

"I'd hate to see you on a date. You got a little ranch on your top lip." I informed her with a grimace as I handed her the cardboard textured napkins out the red and gold napkin dispenser.

Savannah rolled her almond shaped brown eyes and snorted, "Oh please, you're the one to talk. Miss Abra Kadabra, you eat your food about as fast as the normal human blinks."

"Got that right" A familiar voice chimed in.

I froze in my spot, as I watched with horror, Kennedy Westfield slide into a seat across from both Savannah and I. He had a burger basket in his hand and some dark soda in the other.

"Hey Kennedy" Savannah greeted with low enthusiasm, giving a small smile. You could tell she didn't know how to treat Kennedy in front of me, because she started to chew more quickly on her bites of pizza.

"Hey" I greeted shortly, putting my half eaten pizza back on my plate, my appetite suddenly vanished.

As if everything was normal and fine, his honeysuckle colored brown eyes crinkled up in his breathtakingly white smile. "Hey ladies" his greeting was general, but his eyes never left me. He kept staring at me like I was some ticking time bomb.

My face got hot with embarrassment at the flashback I thought about under his stare. I still couldn't believe it had been a week since I told him I loved him, it seemed like yesterday. I thought my declaration of love would really bring us closer, but right now I couldn't help but feel miles away from Kennedy. I couldn't even form a normal sentence with him right now I was so stifled with embarrassment.

I sipped nervously on my raspberry tea, avoiding eye contact with Kennedy. An awkward silence had blanketed the table.

"So how has everyone's day been going?" he asked, taking a large bite out of his hamburger, attempting to break the silence.

"Fine" Savannah answered looking down at her pizza.

"Fine" I repeated Savannah's answer softly.

Kennedy cleared his throat and wiped his hand on his jeans.

To any normal person those two actions would have looked like he was just clearing his throat and wiping his hands on his jeans but I knew Kennedy like the back of my hand. He was nervous just like I was.

His hands were obviously sweaty from the way his drink slid in his hand when he went for a sip of it and his throat liked to get all tight and groggy sounding when he was shaking with the nerves. These traits were not obvious to the naked eye because Kennedy is Kennedy, the cool calm and collected all around nice guy who knew everybody and everybody knew him. He had charisma and charm to match his dashing looks, so Kennedy being nervous about social contact with anyone was very rare.

I felt guilty about his nervous state. This is exactly what I didn't want, for him to be nervous around me if he didn't feel the same why I felt about him.

"Indi are you sure your day was fine? Because your Monday's always suck." His grin was forced, as was his kidding tone.

"You caught me red handed, I have to admit my day sucked." I tried to sound just as cool as he did, but I'm pretty sure I failed.

He laughed, but his laughter lasted a little bit too long which let me know that it was also forced. That was when, God bless her, Savannah pretended to look through her phone and then she dramatically threw it back in her purse.

"India we need to go right now, Lesley just asked where we were. Remember we were supposed to help her with her English paper?"

It took me a minute to realize she was lying straight through her teeth, but I caught on just in time. "Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that." I got up from my seat, grabbing my backpack ready to leave.

"Sorry Kennedy to leave so sudden..." Savannah started

"It's all good." Kennedy smiled at the both of us as Savannah also got out of her seat.

"Well we will see you later." I said giving Kennedy one quick pat on the back. Both Savannah and I grabbed our dirty plates and started to walk away. He grabbed my wrist loosely before I could leave. Savannah was long ahead of us now, out of earshot.

"India, can I ask you something before you leave?"

"Yes?" my heart was practically thudding out of my chest at his touch.

"Do you still love me?" His face was serious as he looked up at me with those beautiful eyes of his. His full pink lips looked so soft from here they almost distracted me from how fast my pulse was going at the question he just asked.

"Yes I do." I answered boldly, suddenly not feeling ashamed of how I felt about him. I didn't realize how good it felt for him to say it for some reason. I guess it was because of the fact that he knew how I felt about him, even if he didn't feel the same way or not. It felt good for him to know because now I could move on with my life.

"Good, because I think I love you too."

Hey all, this is the first chapter to my new story. Let me know what you think. I hope you like! It's good to be back on here! :)