This is based off of the school shooting. It is NOT to mean anything, an emotion one shot practice.

"LET ME GO!" The woman shouted tackling at me. "I NEED TO GET THROUGH!" She half sobbed. My mind was blank, focusing on my task.

"Ma'am, you need to calm down and-"

"FUCK CALMING DOWN! GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY!" She screeched running the line again. I had to collide with her, stopping her movement, she was flailing in my arms, kicking and growling like an animal in a cage, slamming her hands down on my chest. I took the beating, until she shook, trembling in my arms. Her body went slack screaming into my chest. I held on to her, trying my hardest to show comfort, tears starting to come to my eyes.

Bearing all of her weight now, I guided her far away from this hell. "Please just wait, and let me do my job." I choked out, willing away the burning feeling in my stomach. There was nothing I could do, it was my job. I was secretly wishing I was in her position instead, able to release my emotions and act on them. Because, my wife and child are in there too.