I stood still as body, after body, came in. My stomach wrenched, I could taste the raw acid in my mouth, I'm going to vomit. The blood was fresh, I swear I could hear the hearts of the dead. I just had lunch...the lunch he made me..the last, NO! I can't think like that. My heart...it's pounding, it's going to explode my chest hurts, I can't breath, I can feel the tears burning threatening to spill over. I was shaking now, I know everyone could see it. Shit, shit, shit, shit, God, please. I licked at my cracked lips, tasting a single salty tear. I let out a raspy breath. This was my job, even if...even if it was, I can't lose focus..not now. Another body, I was beginning to become light headed. I can't take this anymore.

"Another ones coming in." Spoke a monotone voice, emotionless.

I looked at my college's eyes, cold as stone, the strain scratched and broke him, it was obvious. I nodded slightly, praying, begging, that it wouldn't be him...it can't be.