Okay, I am not a poet and never will be but I just had this irrepressible impulse to write this poem and here it is. Poetically (:p), it's probably very rough and awkward but I really hope the message got through.

Edited: Very sorry to those on my author alert and got the alert for this twice; the spacing was not working out so I deleted it and it is STILL not working out :((

The dream I had

Once upon a time

I had a dream

I dreamt of a road

One narrow and clean

I was walking on it alone

The dim light of halogen

Street-lamps that shone

A noise that startled

I turned back

Saw first the shining mark

That graced his sallow face

Eyes were chilled and dark

I quickened my step

Cursed the silent night

Heard his footfalls

Was scared of my plight

His mouth opened

It spoke something

Sounded harsh and triumphant

Wished my fear had a wing

His breath was on my shoulder,

His hand grazed my face

I twisted away

Felt warmth on my waist

I fell to the ground

Glimpsed the brilliant steel

Felt the cold against my neck

Saw the blood that didn't feel

Closed my eyes tight

Pushed myself away

Into the stars that twinkled

Out of his way

The rasp of his voice

The rust mixed blood

Roughly hauled me to my feet

The pain came in a flood

Told me to get lost

Pushed me and I fell,

Palms cut the rocks,

Thought I was in hell

Today when I dream

Close my eyes and wish

That what I see

Had really been




Just felt like sharing :)