December 1978…

It was the last day of school. At around lunch time, a fifth grader named Sonny was approached by his science and maths teacher Mrs Long.

"I know the forest behind the school is usually out of bounds, but I'm giving you permission to sneak in there with me, just as the lunch break ends," said Mrs Long, "I've going to give you a surprise."

She had long dark brown hair, perfect white skin, was slightly plump, which seemed to make her all the more attractive to him, and bright red lipstick. She was wearing a black dress and a dark blue trench coat. He couldn't help staring at her.

They started walking through the forest as soon as everyone else went back to their lessons.

"I'm not teaching anyone for the rest of the day, and then school breaks up," said Mrs Long.

She led him to a sparkling tube of solid light of some sort, which opened up like a portal and they went through and came out on the other side. He was surprised to find everything giant sized.

"This is a parallel world," she said, and led him into a classroom.

She went on to explain that the giant girls' school had broken up the day before. So it was empty now.

She had him wait, while she went out into the garden for some reason.

When she came back, she was giant sized, and was carrying the normal sized clothes she'd worn. They were in her hand, while she was wearing giant clothes which had been designed exactly like the ones she'd worn at normal size.

She took him out into the school gardens and sat on a seat.

"This is incredible," he said, "I think you look even more beautiful as a giant."

"I'm a 30 year old widowed mother," she said, in a very haughty manner.


"So what made you decide to trust me with the secret of this location?" he asked.

She took a giant paperback romance novel out of her inner pocket, and opened it to the bookmarked page.

"I'm going to gobble you all up for my lunch," said Mrs Long.

She licked his face.

"I don't want you to do that," he said.

"Do you think I don't know that?" she said, "It makes no difference to me, Sonny. You're a tasty little boy, and you'll have to face being eaten."

She opened her mouth, and he saw her sparkling red tongue awaiting him.

She slid him across her lower lip, onto her tongue and closed her mouth.

He moved around on her tongue and actually found it rather pleasant, except for what awaited him.

Mrs Long continued reading her book for a long time, without gulping him down. Then she suddenly opened her mouth, took him out and rested him on her lap, while she continued to read. He looked up at her beautiful face.

When she was almost finished the book, a sudden gust of wind blew the bookmark into the bushes. She got up from the seat, leaving the book beside him, and went for the bookmark. She had trouble finding it.

He quickly tore a page from the book, folded it into a paper aeroplane, and flew it down to the ground. He ran for the tube.

Mrs Long found her bookmark, came back, located the plane, and came crawling through the garden after him.

"Come back here, you sneaky little boy! I want you in my stomach!"

She caught up to him just as he reached the tube and looked back to see her lunging for him.

He jumped into the tube and returned to his own earth.

January 1979…

In the suburbs of Sydney Australia, there was a boys elementary or preparatory school with 4th to 6th class students called Northern Boys Prep and a boys high school next door for boys in years 7 to 12, called Northern Boys High. Both were in fact parts of the same school, and both backed onto a bush forest which the teachers had clearly informed everyone was out of bounds.

A boy named Willy had been ten years old for six months or so, and noticed that girls were beautiful, or at least some of them were.

He went walking in the woods after school one day, as was his habit of going there to enjoy himself away from the bullies who dominated the school's best places after school.

He was not prepared for what beheld his eyes. He came to a sparkling tube, which was permanently fixed there, and stayed open.

He did the natural thing and dived into it, and went for the ride of a lifetime, before the tube disgorged him in a giant flower garden. He walked to the edge of it, and saw that it was part of the garden in the grounds of an enormous school.

"My, oh my! I'd best get out of here quickly," he pontificated, "The boys my own size are bullies enough."

Then he got an even greater surprise. A teenage girl came out of the boarding house and walked across the lawn. She lay down on the lawn, not far from his position, and opened her books and began to do her homework. He squinted with his eyes, to focus carefully on the giant book. It was written in English!

"This must be a parallel universe, and this particular part is as close to my own location as I'm likely to find. Oh my, she looks beautiful!" he thought.

He watched her for the next hour, as she worked away. Then she began closing both the text book and her assignment folder. She was packing up, preparing to leave. He wanted very much to see her again.

For the first time in his life, he threw shyness out the window, and ran out in front of her.

"Hello!" he called.

"Hello," she said in a way, which she had intended to make him feel comfortable in her presence. The boy looked the cutest she'd ever seen. She didn't want to scare him off.

"I'm from another Earth, I think. Do you call this earth?"


"There's some sort of trans-dimensional tube in the garden. I'm Willy."

"I'm Jenny," she said, "Very pleased to know you, Willy. I was about to go inside. I'm a boarding school girl, and I've only an hour and a half of free time now before dinner. Would you like me to stay here and talk with you instead?"

"I'd like that very much," said Willy.

She admired his tiny limbs and his adorable little face. It was like something out of her childhood literature, yet brought to life in a romantic way, which deeply touched her adolescent heart. How she wanted to hold him close to her face and kiss the sweet little darling.

But what would he think of such giant lips as she had? Would he find them overwhelming? He seemed to be a few years younger than her, as she was already 13.

She would have to tread very carefully.

"So what do you do on weekends?" asked Willy.

"I might go into my dorm room alone. Would you like to come with me?"

"Is it Thursday here for you too?"

"Yes. Our worlds seem to be in the same time phase."

Jenny was so pleased that the cute little boy seemed interested in befriending her.