A boy found his way through a tube and into the giant woods. Soon he saw a giant woman walking through the woods. He introduced himself as Lewis.

She talked with him for a while, and he finally found the courage to make a request of great importance to him:

"Would you like to kiss me?" he asked.

"You're never going to be kissed by anyone, little boy! I'm going to take you home and have you for my lunch!"

She enclosed him in her hand, so that he could not see or talk. The woman walked all the way to her home, and put him into a bowl.

"I'm terribly sorry if I offended you," he said, "I saw your lovely face, and couldn't take my eyes off it."

"I see," she said, "Forgive me for jumping to conclusions. I've been very angry lately."

"Would you like to talk about whatever's been upsetting you?"

"Thank you," she said, and used the bowl to give him a scenic ride out to a garden table, where she sat down and continued, "I'm not far from retirement age. I lost my job a short while ago, because of a major difference of opinion with my employer."

"What was it about?"

"She took it on herself to impose her own values on all the staff. She's the headmistress of a school, where I was a teacher. She's eaten a few boys like you, but they agreed to it. She wouldn't let anyone continue to eat boys without getting the boys' permission. So I had to leave the school where more than half those tubes come out. I had no qualms about eating boys from your world. I'm so glad I met you today, although I didn't introduce myself. I'm Mrs Martina Haye. Again, I'm sorry I misjudged you, and I'm sure you'll make a luscious lunch."

Mrs Haye lifted him towards her mouth and began licking him. Her tongue was a wonder of incredible beauty in front of him. However, he was still processing the realisation that she had every intention of eating him, even though she had accepted the innocence of his earlier advances. She was now being very pleasant about it, but she had misinterpreted his offer to discuss her grievance as him having invited her to eat him anyway.

He tried to speak, but there were only split seconds between each enveloping lick of her tongue and the next. At last she finished satisfying her sense of taste, and held him close to her mouth.

"Thank you again, for being such a willing listener," she said, "And I'm very pleased with your young and tasty meat. I guess it's time for me to finish eating it. Farewell then, Lewis. I've enjoyed your company."

"Mrs Haye, please understand that I was happy to talk through your problem with you. But I wasn't offering to be an edible solution."

"I realise that," she said, "However, I don't think that YOU'VE properly understood the reason I had to leave my teaching job. 50% of the enjoyment I gain from eating somebody is his delicious taste. The other 50% is derived from eating a boy, who has been warned of the contribution he is about to make to my stomach; a boy who would give anything to be spared that obligation, and yet can do nothing to prevent me from eating him anyway. It only makes you a more appealing meal."

She forced him into her mouth and gobbled him down.

Several weeks went by.

Toby had resumed the career, which had been interrupted by Mrs Long's shrinking of him. One day, she called him at work, and asked him if she could have lunch with him at the mall near his office.

Toby accepted the invitation, and even bought her lunch for her.

"My daughter has decided to go back to the giant world. I'm alone, except for our friendship. Would you like to come over and watch a DVD tonight?"

"Sure. Anything I can do to help."

It was very cold at nights now, with the recent snowfall on the giant world, and the chilly evenings on Toby's world.

When he reached Mrs Long's house on his own earth, Toby felt the cold was really setting in for the evening. She invited him up to watch the DVD under the blankets, using the television in the bedroom. They sat up in the bed, started the movie, and pulled the blanket over themselves.

When the movie had finished, Mrs Long turned the units off with the remote controls, and then turned and put her arms around Toby. He enjoyed the embrace, in spite of all that had gone on in that house in the past. Then Mrs Long kissed Toby passionately on the lips, opening her mouth wide and allowing him the safest access to her lovely tongue that he'd ever been able to enjoy. The kiss went on and on, and Toby was indulging his passions by going with the flow of her lead.

She finally released him, and pulled him down on top of her, and they snuggled together.

"Is there any chance of another proposal from you?" she asked.

Toby could hardly believe his ears. The events of the night had already been unprecedented.

"Where would we be, if you'd caught me before I restored my size?"

"Well I'd still be here, I guess, and you'd be inside me."

"So why should I marry you?"

"Because I think you're a very handsome young man, and I've never been able to do this with you before."

She thrust her body against him, by pulling him close to her, and kissed him passionately. He thought about her last statement. It was true. On every other occasion, she had been much larger than him. Now she was the same size as he was.

"I can't say no," he said, "Just let me find a ring and surprise you. There's one condition though: Do you remember you gave me your word to let me go, that time when Mrs Yeo arranged our temporary truce on your world?"


"Will you give me your word now, that as my wife, you'll never try to shrink me?"

"Of course."

Even as she said it, she knew that there may well be other unsuspecting but delicious looking young boys (as young as Toby was when they first met), whom she could now shrink. She would get a teaching job at a primary school, and see what would be on the menu.

Toby awoke the next day, with Mrs Long's lovely body pressed against his own, and their arms still wrapped around each other's bodies.

They had breakfast, and Toby went to work.

A few days later, she gave him some pleasant news:

"I've got a teaching job on this world now," she said, "It's at a co-educational primary school."

"I'd like to give you something too," said Toby, and took out an engagement ring, "Mrs Long, you are the great love of my life. Will you marry me?"

"Of course," she said, smiling, and slid the ring onto her finger. She had removed Mr Long's giant ring, when she had first come to Toby's world, and more recently removed its smaller replacement.

They embraced and kissed.

"Just think. If you'd caught me before your separation, you might have ended up with neither one of us," said Toby.

Mrs Long thought of her new teaching position. There would be no tubes for any boys she chose to shrink there. She cuddled up to Toby in the bed that night, and he fell asleep long before her.

In the morning, she awoke, to find that he had lit a small fire out on the back terrace.

"All your pills are burned up," he said, "I'd just feel better if none of your students went missing."

"It was worth a try," she laughed, and threw her arms around him.

"I've just realised," said Toby, "I can take you out on a proper date now."

"Where should we go?" asked Christine.

"There is a play on at the theatre, which you might like to see. There's a female character, who has a significant role in the story, and a significant appetite for little children."

"You can certainly compensate me, can't you?" she said.

Toby thought of all the boys she had caught and eaten, when she had been a giantess. It had been so unfair for those boys, and he had twice proposed marriage to the woman who enjoyed perpetrating their demises. Yet he had averted his own, and loved her for so many years, that the thought of walking away from her never entered his mind.

Toby went out dancing with Christine. He took her to restaurants. He attended functions at her school. He introduced her to his friends, leaving out her giantess origin. He arranged a proper engagement party for them both, something which had not been possible on the giant world.

Toby was simply and inevitably in love.

Christine had left a world behind in pursuit of her new love. She had even left a family behind, or more accurately, it had left her behind first.

All that mattered to her now was Toby.

One night, they were snuggling together in bed, but not engaged in that which they both believed should be saved for marriage.

"Oh I love you!" said Toby, "It defies anything I'd be advised by a counsellor, but with our adventurous history, and the pure raw chemistry, I can't switch off the fact that I just love you so much!"

Christine laughed unexpectedly.

"What's funny about that?" asked Toby, "I thought I was being sincere and sentimental."

"I know you were, darling, but you missed the other meanings of the two words you used. History and Chemistry are two different subjects. The first is one I've never taught, not in any of the schools in either of our worlds."

However, she had been a science teacher, and her knowledge of chemistry had enabled her to invent the size altering pills the first time. Even though he had burned up her supplies, his feelings for her had filled his mind with romance, to the extent that he didn't realise that she could always invent them again.

Toby and Christine married in fairly limited company, as the origin of their relationship would have raised far too many questions about parallel worlds, and Christine's eating habits.

When the small reception was over, they drove to a scenic hotel, that Toby had picked out, and got into bed with no clothes on.

Christine began laughing.

"It's really rather big, isn't it?"

"That's funny indeed, considering my usual size difference to yours over the years."

"Yes, but in proportion to the rest of your body, what you've got there is rather large."

"I used to think there were two types of women: those who wanted men with large arm muscles and broad shoulders, and those who wanted men with handsome faces. I could only attract the latter, of course. You've taught me something new: namely that the size of what you're laughing at right now is another consideration."

"Yes, but you can't exactly market that consideration to a girl on the first meeting, can you? Have you shown your consideration to anyone else?"

"You're the first and only viewer."

"Make love to me, my gorgeous young husband."

Toby was completely inexperienced, and felt aroused by the way she showed him how to go about it. He was lying on top of her, with every part of his anatomy positioned in the appropriate places for the deed to be enjoyed.

He lifted his head and looked down at her mouth, as the reading lamp illuminated their bodies for each other to enjoy.

"You're sleeping with a wife who very nearly ate you forever on several occasions, and even did swallow you once," she said, "Is any of the irony lost on you?"

"It's rather exciting," he said.

"I can feel that!" she laughed.

"It doesn't matter that you were married before. I'm so glad I saved myself for you."

"Well you didn't meet your end in my stomach, and I'll make sure you never do, now. We'll be together forever."

He was married to the giantess he loved most, the one who had spent half his lifetime trying to eat him.

What neither Christine nor Toby knew was that the fire had converted both sets of pills into invisible small clouds of vapour. They would both drift around the district, or even the whole world, unseen by anyone. Yet they would either shrink or enlarge anyone who came into contact with them, depending on whether the person walked through the cloud formed by the burnt shrinking pills or whether they walked through the cloud formed by the burnt growth pills. The growth pills cloud, however, could only enlarge someone who had been reduced by the shrinking pills cloud. It was not powerful enough to turn a normal sized person into a giantess.