Although it's been years since we have last spoken,

And you'll never see this appreciative token,

I have a few things that I wish you to hear.

I trust your response won't be too cavalier.

I had feelings for you, but you never knew.

Perhaps because I never wanted you to.

And perchance that's a lie, I hoped you would see

That maybe one day, an "us" there could be.

As time hurried on, we remained "just friends",

You moved away, and I learned there are ends.

But a lesson you taught me I'll never forget,

How a friend treats another; with grace and respect.

While it's not surprising that we've grown apart,

There remains for you still, a fond place in my heart.

Sometimes I think of you, and I know it's sappy,

But I wish you well, and I hope you are happy.