"Okay brothers, now that we have won the war against our father and his friends, we will now take over Olympus and until those guys, we will become much more benevolent, so anyway since I led the way, I will be the king." said Zeus.

"What about us?" Poseidon demanded.

"Yeah, we did our share, what about us?" said Hades.

Zeus shows a handful of straws and said, "There plenty of spoils for you guys, whoever draws the shortest straw will take the underworld."

As the gods looked at each other, they nodded and each drew a straw. One by one, each god feigned disappointment while secretly felt relieved until Hades comes in to take his turn at the game. Once the god drew a straw from his brother's hand...

...damn it all to hell!

Note: To be fair, he did went on to kidnap Persephone out of lonliness, serving as a inspiration for every basement dwellers for lifetimes to come.