"Whoa, must have been some party!"

The biker rode through the park littered with bodies of the dead cult members, each with a cup in a hand with a spill red liquid which appears to be Kool Aid. The biker sighed and said, "If these people gets wasted on Kool Aid...what a bunch of cadburries!" as he continues on. At one point, the biker would see a group of pigeons picking away a cult member's face to the point a jaw bone was seen.

"Some mask, these people really to know that Halloween have ended few months ago, weirdos."

The biker rode on until he saw a table with a bowl half filled with red liquid.

"So there's still some Kood Aid left, too bad I missed the party, must have been awesome...I'll just take a drink and leave before these guys wakes up." the biker thought.

As he took a sip from the ladle, the biker notice something about "Kool Aid" taste really funny...but then to his horror, he started to cough out blood and falls to the ground with foam coming out of his mouth.

This isn't Kood Aid, it's fruit punch...