Those Dreams

A kiss by the wind
in this warm summer eve
this warm, fuzzy feeling
that just won't leave

A scream in the night
by the waves in the sea
And this wonderful person
looking back at me

So this is that dream
I once dreamed of
This is the life
I wanted to know

Am I already all I could be?
Is there nothing more for me?

Despair creeps into me
when you touch my hand
whatever happened
to my fairytale-land?

Yes, I am happy
Yes, this is fine
You're adorable
You're mine

But deep in my heart
a fire still burn
And my body grows eager
And my dreams - how they yearn
You're not holding me back
You tell me to go
But how can I leave
All that I love?

Oh, silly dreams
How come you don't break
You're made out of glass
I know what's at stake

But words are empty
My heart must agree
How can you wait
While I'm searching for me?

Lets run away on a spider web track
Lets dance in the mist and never look back
Help me become who I know I can be
Help me to somehow relocate me

And when you kiss me
All pain goes away
This is my place
I should stay

Yet as soon as it ends
I know once more
I must listen to dreams
And the wonders they store