Welcome to my supposedly NaNoWriMo story! I attempted to write 50,000 words but I only managed to get to 9,400+ words. So, in other words I epically FAILED. But since I can't just let this sit in my computer and rot, I've decided to post this here.

WARNINGS: This story will be um... sad, creepy, twisted, tons of dead things here and there, scene changes, and lastly (hopefully) insanity. Half of the characters in here is absolutely insane or just plain WTFugde just happened kind of people. There may be hints of slash BUT they are only hints. I think it's only because of the twins...

Anyway, I hope you'll be able to catch on. It's...very twisted-ish.

Now go on!

Chapter 1

I flinched at the sharp cold air as I stepped outside the antique store. It was near the end of fall and already the air was crisp cold. Not that it's unusual. It's always been this way in Trancey. I tugged my cloak closer to me before heading home.

"It's so cold!" said my brother, Mark. He stood six inches taller than me, with dark blue hair and deep green eyes. He rubbed his bare arms and looked down toward me. "Hey, Daniel, how much did we make today?"

"Twenty gillons." I said, stretching my arms toward the sky. "Good enough for a very cheap homemade meal."

"I'm cooking today!" said Mark cheerfully, punching his fist in the air. He ruffled my light blue hair, "And besides, it's might be just me and you again tonight."

I brushed my hair into place with my hand, with a thoughtful expression. Come to think of it, Mother said she was probably going to stay at the apothecary overnight and Father—well, he's not here anymore. Maybe things would be so much easier if he never left.

I shrugged it off and hung on to Mark's shirt as we entered town. The streets were starting to clear up as the night drew closer. Stores were closing, people rushing home, not much conversations going around… I missed the old days.

Nowadays people try as much as possible to avoid each other. You see, this country we live in, has become a scary world. Well, not really. They just thought it was best to remove anything and everything relating to magic. Why? I have no idea. The king also thought that magic users were against him and everyone in the world, and decided to rid them. Meaning, kill them. See? Not a pretty picture.

My family, The Gilsworth Family, had a long history where they were born with magic. As far as my town is concerned, they think both me and Mark were born with magic too. To be honest we didn't inherit any magic at birth. But, I don't mind. I don't mind as long as I'm with my brother.

We quietly walked down the street and made a quick stop at Matilda's house (she was an old kind woman who sells us food). In just a quarter of an hour there was only a handful of people still around. They either gave us wary glances or hatred filled glares. I ignored them as best I could while Mark just smiled politely.

The sun was more than halfway set by the time we got home (which was a small house outside of town on the eastern side closest to the forest).

It was small with the second floor like an overhang, where I and Max sleep. My parents slept in the living room near the fireplace (the fire's not burning). Dried herbs hung freely from the walls and fresh ones were hidden in a basket. A water basin full of water, a large pot and small baskets of food rested underneath the overhang.

Mark grabbed five chopped pieces of wood and dumped it in the fireplace in the middle of the living room, preparing to cook dinner. I climbed up the ladder to the second floor and stashed the left over money in our family's money savings before jumping down, much to Mark's annoyance.

"Danny, I thought I told you not to jump down." said Mark, not looking up as he filled the pot with water. I shrugged and headed toward the door.

"So, what? I'm not going to die from a jump like that. I'm gonna check on Waterfall and Sapphire. They haven't really seen either of us today." I said, shutting the door behind me and heading to the stables.

I was greeted by a high neigh coming from Sapphire, when I opened the door.

"Hey, girls!" I said, petting the two of them while letting them out of their stables. A blue-eyed, red furred horse came to me and rested her head over my shoulder, as if to hug me. I petted her neck gently. "Hey, Sapphire. How are you, girl?"

She backed away and gestured to the stack of hay on the wagon at the corner of the barn. I laughed while picking up a pitchfork and restocked their food bin.

A gray female horse looked outside the door as if expecting someone. I smiled and rubbed her neck, "Mark will visit you later, Waterfall."

Making sure they had enough water, I closed the open windows and left the two eating their meal. I walked slowly enjoying the cold evening air.

I paused at a tree that grew next to our home and smiled. Eyeing the lowest branch, I jumped up and hauled myself up.

The sun was completely set now and I didn't care. I kept climbing until I reached the second floor window. Mark's small humming reached the window, humming a familiar tune. It was an old lullaby that's has to be over five hundred years old. I silently slid into the house and walked as lightly as I could. I peaked my head over the edge.

Mark tossed some leaves into the pot over the fire. He stopped humming and looked toward me. "Don't even try, Daniel."

I gaped at him. How the heck he does that, I don't know. "How do you do that?!"

Not that I never asked before. Mark just smiled and said, "I just know." Creepy, but hey. He's been like that ever since he was born. I shook my head and climbed down the ladder.

Sometimes I didn't get my brother.


Yuriel Everdeen glared at the reflection on the pool. He hated what was before him. He hated the young dark blue haired teen giving the light blue haired child food. He hated their close relationship. He hated how they were together when they were never meant to be. And most of all, he hated the smile on the older teenager's face.

Yuriel slashed at the water, disorienting it. Time was running out. It wasn't long until that day comes. He got up and walked out of the room, trying to hold back his building jealousy. He stormed into his bedroom.

"Kieta!" he yelled out. The door to his right quickly opened to show an extremely pale teen with black hair and dead gray eyes. He wore a slightly ripped white shirt and a pair to shorts that were once pants. The boy bowed to Yuriel.

"Yes, Master?" he asked. Yuriel gestured Kieta to come toward him. Kieta didn't hesitate for a single second and approached him, his face expressionless.

"I have waited too long! The child has become too attached to that thing!" he said, taking Kieta's hand and bringing him to the little pool of water. Yuriel dipped in both his and Kieta's hand into the water. Instantly, an image of a sleeping light blue haired boy appeared.

His jealousy faded almost completely when he noticed the child alone. He turned to Kieta.

"Bring this child to me. The sooner, the better." he said, firmly. Kieta only blinked in understanding before taking his leave.

Yuriel turned his attention back to the water. He frowned at the sleeping child's image. He didn't hate the child. And nor did he want to hurt the child. In fact, he loved him as if he was his little brother. What he did hate was the boy's brother. How dare that dark-haired teen! That teen should've never been created!

He gritted his teeth together. Why didn't things go how it was meant to be… five hundred years ago? If only his younger brother never left his sight.

Sooooo, how was the first chapter? Good? Bad? Or just plain boring? Well, let me know if you guys like it or not. This may be the very first story I'll ever be able to finish! Haha. Well, yeah. The other stories in my profile are... bleh. Anyway...

FLAMES WILL BE USED FOR...MAKING WHATEVER MARK WAS MAKING FOR DINNER! (Constructive criticism would be nice though)

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