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Chapter 6: Interlude!

Skye, for some very odd reason, felt something missing in his heart. He didn't know how or why. He just… did.

"Although this may sound odd coming from me, but you seem… well, sad." said his female companion. He sighed heavily in his hands and looked at her. Her face was less than a foot in front of his, with a look of concern.

"Ugh, please, Heather. Not now." he said exasperatedly. She stood up to her full height, making her look like her real age (she is twenty one). Skye flopped on his back on his bed in the motel they stayed in.

"It's about the boy named Daniel, isn't it?" she asked somewhat cheerfully. Skye can easily imagine her smiling face (she has a nasty habit of smiling in the worst case scenarios, so who can forget her smiling face?).

Skye let his arms rest beside him and thought about it. Yeah sure, he felt some kind of weird connection with that blue haired kid, but who cares? Inwardly, he flinched. Okay, so he does. He closed his eyes and thought harder.

'If this guy really is what Shayden says he is, then could only mean one thing…' The second that thought crossed his mind, he snapped his eyes open and sat up so suddenly that Heather jumped a bit.

"What? What's wrong?" she asked, blinking in surprise. Skye whipped out his hand.

"Mishi te aru to kari!" he said. Instantly, light gathered at the palm of his hand. A couple seconds later, a beautiful dark crystal dropped in his waiting hand. He smirked at Heather for the first time in a long (and I really do mean long) time. She stared at him before smiling back. She gestured at the crystal.

"What are you gonna do?" she asked. He laid back on the bed and held the crystal at his chest.

"Sorry, but I'll be right back!" he said, closing his eyes.

"Eh?!" Heather took a step forward and shook him. Already he was cold. She crossed her arms and frowned.

"Darn it, Skye! Leaving me out on the fun."


"Ahahahaha. You're not letting me get off that easily, are you Koichi?" said Shayden Akisame. Koichi Sakamoto slammed a medical book on the coffee table.

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING AT THE UNIVERSITY?!" Koichi yelled in his face. Shayden only laughed nervously.

Avery, Shayden's son, was completely ignoring them. It was somewhat a natural occurrence in the boy's everyday life. He silently rearranged the flowers on the kitchen table as Koichi continued scolding his dad in the other room.

"You could've been arrested!" he said, shaking his pointer finger at Shayden.

"Well, let's look on the bright side! I didn't get arrested, right?" replied Shayden, smiling his everyday smile.

Avery almost anime fell of his chair in the kitchen. Sometimes, his dad can be such an idiot. He looked over to the two older men. His father continued to nervously smile as Uncle Koichi lectured on and on about staying home and getting better.

He sighed. He knew that wasn't gonna happen. His father is never gonna get better anytime soon. Not now. Not ever.

You see, his father wasn't originally born in this world. No, seriously. He was born in another world. A world more twisted and violent than ours if you look very, very, very closely.

Avery heard a very faint humming noise coming from the library. Sliding off of his chair, he checked on the adults.

"Hai, hai! Wakarimashita! (Yes, yes! I understand!)" said his father, getting up. But Koichi grabbed his arm and sat him back down.

"Oh, no you don't!"

Avery sighed before he left the kitchen, heading to the library. Keeping up a light jog, the humming noise became louder and louder. He made it to the library a little out of breath. Well, he lives in a pretty big house... and his mother was pretty darn rich, and the majority of it has a pretty decent library. Meaning, it's about the size of a normal rich person's house...

Once he caught his breath, he opened the door. Avery almost screamed out in surprise at what he saw. Almost. The whole room was lit up by a bright blue light that floated in midair. In the middle was a ghost-like seventeen year old boy floating in the light. A second later, the light suddenly shot into the boy, causing him to drop to the ground (yes, he's now a solid object). Or rather, Koichi's desk.

Avery flinched at the sound of paper flying and the loud thump on the desk and ground. Oh, Koichi is definitely gonna blow his top off. The boy coughed and shakily used the desk to support himself. Avery recognized the boy's white hair in an instant.

"Skye!" exclaimed Avery. The said boy looked toward him and blinked.

"Ah! Avery! What a -" Skye's hand slipped and he fell forward, causing more paper to fly up at the sudden rush of air. "Gah! Sweet Mother of- Goddesses, damn it!"

Avery watched as Skye reappeared from behind the desk. "What brought you here?" he asked. Skye slowly walked around the desk to close some of the distance away from Avery.

"Your stupid father's crystal." he answered quite bluntly. Avery sweat dropped. And why did he even ask, he didn't know.

"Ah. I see." said Avery, picking up the scattered paper. The other boy began to help. After all, it is his fault.

"Where's your father by the way?" Skye asked as he straightened his stack of papers. Avery placed the remaining sheets next to his.

"In the living room." he answered, sighing. "He's kinda busy right now…"

"Oh? How so?" Skye stretched his arms up and sat in one of the comfy seats placed around the library. "As far as I'm concerned, he's never actually busy…"

Avery sat across from him and laughed kinda nervously (a trait he inherited from his dad), lightly scratching the back of his head.

"Ah… well, you see…"


The two jumped out of their seats and bolted behind the desk. There was no way that Skye could ever forget that voice (he did get his share of scolding for scaring the living daylights out of said person). He turned to Avery who clung to his arm. With one look they both agreed it was best to stay hidden.

"So, how's school?" asked Skye, casually, trying to get the boy to calm down a bit.

"Ugh, boring. My teachers are so monotone that I fell asleep more than I can count!" said Avery, pouting. Skye laughed and smiled. Man, he hadn't smiled for a long, long while, not since hi—He shook his head. There was no need to remember.

"How old are you now?" Avery gave Skye a weird look before answering.

"Ten, why?"

"Aha… See, I was right, Koichi. There is someone here." said a voice behind them. The boys instantly recognized the voice. Skye jumped up and gave Shayden a glare, while Avery just stared at his father in curiosity.

"Shayden, I hate it when you're right!" Skye spat out. Shayden just laughed.

"I take it you meet the boy." said Shayden with a smile on his face. Koichi was standing a foot away from Shayden with a look of annoyance on his face.

"Great, now this gut-less jerk is here." he mumbled. Skye resisted the urge to kick the guy in the face.

"Gut-less jerk?!"

"Anyway," said Shayden, stepped in between the two with his stupid smile on his face. Avery rolled his eyes and sat back down behind the desk. Even though he is the Black-Winged Child, he had no part in this. It wasn't his problem anyway. And besides, he's not even supposed to know about the problems of Skye's world.

"The only reason you would come to me is because something's gone wrong." continued Shayden.

Skye was no longer glaring at the Guardian, instead looking troubled.

"You… have no idea…"

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