Some people shine so bright,
Like stars in the clear night sky.
Such a dazzling sight -
You gaze when they pass you by.

Some people burn like flames,
Devouring the world where they go.
We fear and we worship their names,
And deep in the dust we bow.

Some people are glittering lights,
Lanterns who guide in the dark.
They bring you to glorious heights,
You stumble towards their spark.

But fires consume, and fires burn,
The flames grow eager for ever more.
Insatiably and hungry they yearn,
Their temper rapidly soar.

Suddenly nothing is left in their path,
but ashes and darkness and coal.
Worlds get devoured by burning wrath,
When fires are out of control.

Close your eyes to their glittering bliss,
Close your eyes and see,
Stay away from their hot burning kiss -
Stay away and be free.