"I used to remember that everytime that I feel lonely and sad, grandma would always pat my shoulder and gave her sweet and warm smile. My fears, worries, sadness and even my pain goes away on its own. I wonder how she did it."

I used to be with her for years. She's always there by my side; she listens to whatever I say and she would simply laugh at me because what I had used to do whenever I saw her every day was her source of happiness and joy. I find love and harmony whenever I'm with her. And now, she's gone forever.

She always says that life is too short so, we need to savor what life has to offer. She said that if the fateful day has arrive for her to leave, she will never regret to leave peacefully because she says that she had manages to live a meaningful and simple life with her family who had always love her through the years. She will treasure those memories that she has once she leave.

When I was a kid, I used to ask her, "Grandma, where does a person go when he/she dies?" she simply smiled at me and she says, "They go to a place where there's no sadness or pain. Everyone is happy and living positively in that place. That place is so wonderful and beautiful."

At her funeral, I recall that time when I asked her about that. I simply smiled although I kept my tears from falling. Now, I realized what she was trying to say before that I never used to understand. That place where there's no sadness and pain and everyone is living peacefully and happily in that place. That place is what they call Heaven.

"Wherever you are, I still wish that you may find the true happiness with Him there. See you soon. Good bye and I will always love you till the end, Grandma."

Ame Minazuki