WARNING: If you haven't read From Beginning to End, the long chapter story I've already written, DO NOT READ THESE!They will definitely be full of spoilers. I strongly suggest reading From Beginning to End first just so that the story isn't ruined for you. I know it's long, but it will definitely be worth it

Welcome all of my From Beginning to End fans—past, present and hopefully future!

I've been doing some thinking and I feel so badly for not writing the sequels and getting everything up and running that I've decided to start something new. I do have a bit of time on my hands, so I think I'm going to start writing little mini stories about the Rileys or anything having to do with From Beginning to End—at your request!

I already have a couple of requests that I'm working on at the moment, but if you have others, PM me or send it in a review and I'll let you know if I think I can write it. They will all be published here so this is like a collection of oneshots; each chapter will be a request. So excited to get started—a couple of the one's I'm working on are well under way!

Now, this is important: Make sure you put your name with your request because I'll be putting who I'm writing each one for at the beginning of the mini story. And make sure I can get in touch with you so I can tell you if I'll be able to write it or not.

Reasons I wouldn't be able to write one: it's too close to my ideas for my other books, it would directly contradict something I've already written, I've already written it lol, and things like that.

So if there's anything you've been dying to see or just want some cuteness (or meanness depending on your attitude) let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thank you too all of you who continue to follow me and read my story. You have no idea what it means. I think I said this before, but this is like my personal thank you to all of you :)

Keep your eyes peeled; I should have one out in time for Christmas!

Love you all, and I hope to hear from you soon. Happy holidays! :)