Now, this is just a two-shot, so don't fall in love with it. This is the last chapter. It will be just as long as the last chapter, maybe longer, but it is the last chapter. I'm not kidding.

I'm not.

Chapter 2

Anthony had a strange dream that dreamed that Jeff, his friend, was laying in his bed with him, arms around him, snuggling with him lovingly. When he woke from the dream, for a few seconds, Anthony thought it was real, because the spot beside him was warm. But when he looked, it was just the dog. He reached over and pet it's head softly, so that he wouldn't wake it. But it's doggy ear twitched, and it's eyes opened. His tail started wagging, and he licked my cheek, woofing softly.

"Sorry boy." I said. "Didn't mean to wake you."

He woofed again, shutting his eyes, and falling back to sleep. After a few more seconds, Anthony joined him, wondering what it was about this dog, that was making him think of Jeff.


The next day, Anthony set off for his work earlier then he needed too. He thought that maybe all these crazy thoughts, memories, and dreams about Jeff were from spending too much time in his apartment, and he needed fresh air. When he shut his door, the dog started barking loudly, and didnt' stop no matter how much he shushed it. So finally, he opened the door and said, "Fine, you can come with! Happy?"

The dog woofed in reply, and started walking beside him, sniffing at everything around it. When they got to the restaurant that they worked at, Anthony turned to the dog and said, "Okay, you can't come in here with me, so why don't you hang around? Wait for me to get out?" He had no idea why he talked to this dog like it understood him, but it almost seemed like it did. Like now, when he barked in reply to what he said, then turned and trodded off across the street. Anthony watched it going, realizing how stupid he was to just let it wander off. It probably wouldn't even come back.

"Don't talk to strangers!" he shouted jokingly after it, and the dog looked back, and barked again, wagging it's tail. Anthony watched it until it disappeared, then went inside the restaurant. Even though he was early, a few of his co-workers were already there too, and Wendy, a girl still in highschool, waved to him. "Was that your dog?" she asked, and he nodded.

"Yeah. He followed me to work."

"Aw, so cute. But don't you think you should put a collar on him, so that someone doesn't just take him?"

Anthony nodded. "I'll do that after work. I only just found him yesterday."

Wendy's younger by a year brother, Hal, appeared, and when he saw Anthony, he tackled him from the side, squeezing him tightly. They'd only known each other a few weeks, but during that time, Hal had discovered Anthony was gay, prompting him to tell Anthony that he was too. Since then, whenever he saw him, Hal would tackle him.

"You're here early." Hal said, peeling himself off Anthony, who'd barely stumbled.

"You too."

"We got a ride from Randy." Wendy said, winking at Hal, who blushed. Randy was Hal's boyfriend.

They got to work then, setting up for the breakfast crowd, and opened up. As he was taking orders, Wendy, who had abandoned her post at the front desk to get an extra pen from Anthony, turned to seat her next costumer.

"Oh. Eew." she said, and when Anthony turned to see what she saw, he didn't disagree. Donnie was there. Was this a coincidence? Or was he stalking Anthony now?

"Do you know him?" Anthony asked nonchalantly, turning back to the table he'd just been serving, apologizing for his momentarily distraction.

"Yeah." Wendy said, crossing her arms over her chest. "He comes in every now and again, and he always makes annoying passes at Hal. He's a jerk."

Tell me about it. Anthony thought, going off to give the order he'd just taken. As he did, Donnie, who was being led to his seat by Wendy, saw him.

"Anthony! I didn't know you worked here!"

"Sure you didn't." Anthony responded, brushing past him. Wendy and Hal, who'd just finished serving a different table, looked at him, curious. Hal was glad that Donnie's attention wasn't on him, but he felt bad for his new friend, who obviously knew him as well.

"Oh come on. I'm not a stalker."

Anthony ignored him, going to his next table. When he was done, he and Hal stared at each other. They were the only waiters working right now, because their third one, a female, had just gotten an emergency phone call from her family and split. And their forth one, also a female, had ditched today.

"I can get him, if you want." Hal said, looking over at Donnie, who was pretending to read the menu. When they both looked over, he grinned and waved. Anthony sighed and shook his head.

"No it's okay, I'll get him." he said. "I have a lot more experience dealing with him."

"Are you sure?" Hal asked, but Anthony could see how relieved he looked, and he nodded, heading for Donnie's table bravely, held high. Hal watched him worriedly, and behind him, Wendy was doing the same.

"Good morning." he said to Donnie, smiling pleasantly, since that was what the job called for. "Do you know what you want this morning, or do you need a bit more time?" he asked, pen poised to write on his tiny pad. Donnie grinned.

"Oh, I know what I want." he said slyly, eyes drifting up and down Anthony's body, giving him a wink. Anthony held back the urge to vomit.

"Not on the menu." he said blandly.

"Oh come on, Anthony. Loosen up." Donnie laughed. "I was just complimenting you on how you looked in that uniform."

"Thanks for the compliment." Anthony responded, though he didn't remember any such compliment actually being made.

"I bet it would look better on the floor of my bedroom."

"Or shoved down your throat." he said, his forced smile gone. Donnie's smile didn't falter.

"You weren't arguing yesterday." he reminded, and Anthony frowned.

"Yesterday, I was upset. You caught me at a bad time. That's all. I'm never gonna sleep with you Donnie, get it through your thick head." he snarled, turning to walk away. Who cared if he got fired. He wasn't going to deal with this creep.

"You're never gonna sleep with Jeff either, Anthony. He's dead!" Donnie said, and Anthony stopped, turning to glare at him. By now, people were starting to stare, aware that something was going down.

"Oh really? Thanks for letting me know! I hadn't noticed!" Anthony shouted sarcastically. Without thinking, he grabbed a glass of soda off the table he was standing next to. The little girl who he'd just snatched it from just blinked up at him, eyes wide. He dumped the soda on Donnie's head, and threw the empty glass in his lap.

"That's on the house." he said, and Donnie jumped up, shaking his hair to try and get the sticky liquid out. His eyes narrowed, and he grabbed Anthony by the wrist, his hand coming up, either to punch or slap him. Before he had the chance, Wendy and Hal were there. Wendy shoved Donnie hard, and Hal said to him, "I think you better leave now, sir. You're causing a disturbance."

Donnie looked at them, eyes traveling between, trying to judge if he could take them on. Suddenly, there was a surprised shout from behind them, coming from a customer, and a second later, Jeff, his golden dog, was standing beside him, snarling viciously. Anthony had no idea how he'd even gotten in, but for the moment, he didn't care.

"Get out Donnie. Before I sick my dog on you."

Donnie sighed, and shrugged. "Alright, calm down. I'll go." he said, heading for the door. When he passed Anthony, he winked at him. "See you later."

Anthony flipped him off. Donnie just laughed, but it was cut short when the dog barked at him loudly, stepping towards him. Then he put his hands up in surrender, and left. Once he was gone, Hal started to apologize to him instantly, Wendy went to get the little girl a new soda, the dog started whimpering worriedly, nudging his hand, and Anthony just stood there for a second, trying to stop himself from crying.


Later that day, he sat in apartment, reading, trying to get his mind off the incident. But he couldn't. Maybe it would better if he left again. Everything was just too hard to be here, and be reminded of Jeff, everyday. He'd thought he was ready, strong enough to come back, but he was wrong. And everything was just so much harder with Donnie running around, trying to get into his pants every second.

He put his book down, and stared at the blank TV screen. Everything was just horrible. He hated it.

"I hate it!" he screamed, throwing his book across the room. It hit the TV, but the TV didn't break, like it hoped it might. He wanted it to break like his heart had. So he screamed again, and threw something else, a cup from the table next to him. But he threw this much harder. Again, the television was fine, but the cup shattered, breaking into pieces.

The dog came running into the room, barking it's head off, freaked out. He looked at it, and sobbed.

"Jeff..." he found himself crying, and the dog went over quickly, jumping up on to him, pressing Anthony into the couch. The dog whined and curled into him, and Anthony pet him lovingly, holding back his tears. "Jeff..." he whispered. He missed Jeff. He wanted Jeff. He loved Jeff. He needed Jeff.

"I'm tired." he said, but he didn't mean sleepy. He was tired with life.

The dog seemed to understand what he meant, because he made a sound that was somewhere between a whine and a soft growl. Anthony ignored the sound, and he said, "I'm done."


Without meaning too, he fell asleep, sleeping until the sun went down.


He woke up when Jeff came up to him, and woofed softly for his attention.

"Hmm?" he asked, looking up. The dog had something in it's mouth, and when he pulled it from his teeth softly, Anthony smiled sadly at the item. It was a hat, the hat that Jeff had gotten him for his birthday, the last of his birthday's that they'd celebrated together. It was a black hat, and on the front was his name, in bright golden letters.

"Jeff gave it to me for my birthday." he explained to the dog, who he was still talking to as if it understood him. "I think he probably just found this at a gas station on the way to my house." he added, putting it on his head. The dog barked, tail wagging, and to Anthony, it looked like he was smiling. Maybe he was. What did he know about dogs?

Suddenly, the dog went over the door and scratched to be let out. Anthony let him out, thinking he probably just had to go to the bathroom, but when he shut the door behind him, the dog darted off.

"Hey! Jeff!" Anthony shouted, running after him. "Where are you going?"

The dog just kept running, looking back every minute, and Anthony found himself thinking, No way this dog is checking to make sure I'm following. But, that was what it seemed to be doing exactly. It would run for a minute, then look back, and if Anthony was dropping behind, he'd stop, and wait for him to catch up. When they finally stopped, after a half hour of running, Anthony was so busy with trying to get his breath back that he didn't even notice where they were at first. When he looked up, he looked at the dog confused.

"My old highschool?" he asked. "This is where you wanted to take me?"

The dog sat down and barked.

"Why? What do you want to show me?"

If he didn't know any better, he would have thought that the dog looked annoyed at him, like he wasn't understanding something very simple. Anthony looked at the school, covered in snow, but quickly looked away again. There were so many memories of him and Jeff there, in those halls, and classrooms. This was where they had first met, that first friday of the first week of tenth grade, when they'd won that three legged race together. This is where they met up, everyday, up until the day of the accident.

The dog stared at him again for another minute, then got up, and started running again, barking back at him when he didn't follow him right away. He stared at the school for another second, remembering, then he followed after his mysterious dog, wondering where they were going next.

And once they got there, he suddenly felt like he was going crazy.

"Jeff'" he said slowly, looking at the dog in awe. There was no way this was coincidence. The dog had taken him to Jeff's house. And to his school. And brought him the hat Jeff had given him. And before, hadn't it taken him to the hilltop where he and Jeff had gone to see the fireflies? And after he'd looked at the pictures, the one of Junior Prom, the dog had jumped up, and danced with him.

His heart started picking up speed. There was no way... He didn't believe in that sort of stuff... But...

And even when he'd first found it. It had been at Jeff's grave.


And the way it protected him from Donnie.


This dog...

The dog was staring at him seriously, like it was waiting for him again to understand. Then it got up again, woofed very softly, and walked calmly away. Anthony followed without protest, heart pounding. Where were they going now?

As they walked, his thoughts were spinning. There was just no possible way that this dog was Jeff. Jeff was dead and gone, and he wasn't ever coming back. And even if he had been reincarnated, how did he remember Anthony? Weren't you supposed to be born with no memories of your previous life?

They were only walking a minute, before they stopped again, and when he saw where they were, Anthony gasped, and put his hand to the mouth.

They were on the corner of Harmen and Wanda street.

The scene of the accident.

The scene of Jeff's death.

He closed his eyes, trying to block the memory rising in him, but it was impossible.

"Hey Anthony, can I have a sip?" Jeff asked from the driver's seat. They'd just stopped at a Starbucks, so they could warm themselves up on this cold winter night. Jeff had already drank all of his, and now he wanted some of Anthony's.

Anthony held his arm out, and tipped his cup so that Jeff could drink from the skinny straw. Jeff did so, without taking his eyes off the road. He was a responsible driver. When he was done, he said, "Thanks."

"Yeah." Anthony replied, staring out the window. They were supposed to have been home almost two hours ago, from the movie they'd just gone and seen, but they'd got caught up in the fun, and it had slipped their minds. After the movie, they'd just walked around town, goofing off, playing in the snow, and enjoying each other's company.

Anthony drank from his drink, and Jeff smiled at him.

"What?" Anthony asked, pulling the drink away. "Did you spit in it or something?"

"No. I was just thinking."

"About what?"

Jeff looked back at the road. "Nuthen." he said, and Anthony didn't push him to tell.

"Tonight was a lot of fun." he said instead, and Jeff nodded.

"Yeah." Jeff said, and Anthony suddenly noticed how serious he looked, like he was thinking hard about something. "We it again sometime."

It was the way he worded, like how a guy might say to a girl he liked, that made Anthony's heart jump in his chest. He laughed, but it was nervous. "What, like a date?" he joked, and he expected Jeff to just laugh with him, and they'd go on the way they always had, Anthony loving Jeff, and Jeff just thinking he was his friend. But instead, Jeff looked at him, his eyes trying to tell him something without using the words.

And Anthony heard it.

He heard what Jeff was trying to tell him.

"Jeff..." he whispered, and he gulped. He had to say it. What he'd been holding in since the tenth grade.

"Wait, Anthony, stop." Jeff said, and at first, Anthony was afraid he'd been wrong, and that Jeff, disgusted with what he was about to say, was trying to prevent it. But Jeff just calmly pulled over, on the corner of Wanda and Harmen, and they were in total darkness, since the street light next to them had burned out a few days earlier.

"Anthony...I have to tell you something." Jeff said, and Anthony looked at him, stunned, eyes wide. He unbuckled his belt, thought he wasn't sure why. Jeff did the same thing, and they turned, so that they were face to face.

"M-me too." Anthony stuttered. "I have something to tell you too."

Jeff nodded, smiling, because he knew what it was that Anthony wanted to tell him.

"Okay, but me first." Jeff said, because he had a lot of stuff he needed to say, and he didn't want to forget any of it. Anthony nodded, not caring.

"Whenever Donnie's near you..." Jeff started, frowning. "It makes me mad. Not just because he's a sick creep. Not just because I want to protect you. When any guy is near you...any girl makes me mad..."

Anthony gasped softly at his words. He knew how Jeff felt. It was the same for him.

"It's's because..."

Jeff was overcome with emotions, and he just couldn't get the words out. But he had to. So he grabbed Anthony, and pulled him across the seat, hugging him tightly. Anthony hugged him back, feeling like he was going to cry from joy. Everything he wanted...It was going to happen after all.

"It's because I-"

Then there was a loud honk that filled his ears, and bright lights that blinded him. From behind the lights, over Jeff's shoulder, he could see a car, and the car was spinning on the ice, barreling down the street, coming right for them.

"Jeff!" he gasped, because it was on Jeff's side, and because Jeff wasn't buckled, and it was coming so fast.

Jeff pulled back, only a little, and their eyes locked. Jeff's eyes were full of love, and sadness, and fear, like he knew what was going to happen. He looked over his shoulder, saw the car that was going to crash into them, and they both knew there was no time to get out.

Jeff kissed him.

Just like that. Short, soft, but so full of love. Like they weren't about to be smashed by a car that was so much bigger then them, and like he wasn't going to die, and leave Anthony alone.

Like their future was just ahead of them.

And then he ended the kiss, and wrapped Anthony tightly in his arms, trying to protect him, shield him from what was coming.

"It's because I love you." Jeff whispered in his, and then the car slammed into them, and the last thing Anthony remembered was his head breaking the glass window of the passenger seat, screaming Jeff's name.

When he woke up, Jeff was gone.

And he never got to say it back.

When he opened his eyes, Anthony was crying, from sadness, the memory crushing his heart. The dog, Jeff, walked over to him calmly, and looked up into his eyes, and when he looked back into them Anthony saw Jeff, and he knew without a doubt, that this dog was Jeff.

"Jeff?" he asked, anyway, and the dog barked.

"You're Jeff?" he asked, voice wobbling. The dog nodded. Like it was human, and understood him. Because it did. Because he was Jeff.

"You're...really Jeff? Like, my friend Jeff, who died, on this corner?" he asked, tears slipping down his cheeks. And Jeff nodded again, and looked up into his eyes like, "Duh, took you long enough."

"Proove it." Anthony said, feeling crazy. "What did Jeff say to me before he died?"

The dog looked at him, cocked it's head like it was thinking, and then pushed it's nose into the snow, and as Anthony watched, it started carving letters into the snow, letters that became words, which became a sentence.

I love you.

And Anthony dropped to his knees, crying tears of joy, and Jeff ran over to him, and jumped into his arms, and Anthony hugged him tightly. All this time, when he'd been running, Jeff had been looking for him, until he finally made his way back to their home, and had found him.

"I love you too." he said, the words spilling from his mouth over and over again, after he'd held them in for so long. "I love you too."

Jeff barked, and even though he didn't understand him, Anthony knew what he was saying.

But then, Jeff looked up, ears perking, and he pulled back his lips in a snarl. Anthony looked up, and he saw Donnie standing only a few feet away from him, and coming closer, smiling in a clearly predatory manner.

"Hey Anthony. I didn't expect to find you out so late at night. Especially not here."

Anthony stood up, brushing the snow off of his clothes.

"Just taking my dog for a late night walk." he said, blank faced, and Donnie said, "Cool. Now that you're here, you wanna come in?"

Anthony was confused, but Donnie cleared it up, motioning to the house they were standing in front of. "This is my house here. I was just on my way home."

Anthony shrugged, not really caring. Nothing was as important then the fact that Jeff, his Jeff, was back with him again. He didn't care that he was a dog. He just needed him beside him, in his life, he didn't care if they couldn't be together anyway. They were together. That was all that mattered to him.

"Where's your car?" he asked, not really caring about that either, but it was just a question that had popped into his head.

"I don't have one. The one you saw me driving before is my friend's. He lets me use it sometimes."

"Oh. Well, I have to go now." Anthony said, turning to walk away. He knew if he stayed, things would get weird, and out of hand again, and he wanted to avoid that. Jeff followed quickly, bounding beside him and pushing his nose into Anthony's hand, tail wagging. Anthony pet him, and grinned down at him.

"Horny freak." he said, meaning Donnie, and Jeff barked in agreement. Suddenly, he was being pulled back, and when he looked, he wasn't surprised to see Donnie's hand wrapped around his wrist.

"I used to have a car." Donnie said, like their conversation hadn't even been interrupted, looking into Anthony's eyes, like he really wanted him to pay attention. "But, I was in an accident a couple years ago, and haven't had the money to get another one."

"So what?" Anthony asked, trying to pull away. Jeff started snarling again, but Anthony hushed him.

"It's okay Jeff, calm down." he said, and while Jeff didn't stop snarling, he didn't attack.

Donnie just stared at him, waiting for him to get it, and slowly, he did.

The house that he and Jeff had been parked in front of when the accident happened.

Donnie's car, which had been destroyed in an accident, the same time of Jeff's death.

The car that had slid on the ice...and crashed into them...

Was Donnie's.

He gasped, and Jeff's eyes widened as he understood too, and Donnie grinned.

"I didn't mean for it to happen. I slid on the ice, and the brakes were frozen or something. But hey, you guys were the ones parked in front of my house. And besides, I'm not sorry it happened. That stuck up bastard was always stopping me from tapping you."

" killed him!" Anthony screamed, hitting Donnie in the face as hard as he could, trying to make him let go. But Donnie didn't let go, so the two hit the ground together. Luckily, Anthony was on top of Donnie, so he just continued to use his free hand to wail on Donnie, screaming. Maybe it hadn't been on purpose, but Donnie had killed Jeff, and he wasn't even sorry about it.

Jeff was beside him, growling and barking, and after a minute, he bit Anthony's shirt softly and started pulling him off Donnie. Anthony let him, and Donnie got up, coughing up blood and face bruised.

"You think you're so much better than me, don't you Anthony?"

Anthony grinned smugly. "I am better than you."

"You've always thought that way, haven't you?"

"It's always been true."

"Yeah?" Donnie asked, and he smirked, reaching into his jacket. Anthony's eyes widened as he saw the gun appear, and he and Jeff froze.

"I'm about to show you whose in charge." Donnie promised darkly, pointing the gun and him, and motioning towards his house. "Go ahead, go on in. And leave your puppy behind." he ordered.

Jeff growled lowly, but he didn't move, looking up and Anthony in worry.

"Go ahead." Anthony said, trying not to look afraid. "Shoot me. I don't care. I have nothing left to live for."

It wasn't true, not anymore, but he was hoping that Donnie didn't know that.

Donnie stared at him, pondering, then pointed the gun at Jeff. "Nothing? Not even this pretty little dog that you named after your lost love?"

Jeff snarled, and Anthony froze, thinking.

"S-stay here Jeff." Anthony said, because this was the only way for the two of them to make it out of this. He didn't want to lose Jeff again. "Stay here."

Jeff barked at him angrily, grabbing him by the shirt again, and pulling him away. Donnie cocked his gun in a threatening gesture, and Anthony gasped.

"No, no, no! Hold on!" he told Donnie. "Just give me a second."

Donnie grinned. "You got ten seconds."

Anthony pushed Jeff off of him, whispering to him gently, "It's okay. It'll happen, and be done with. He wouldn't actually kill me."

Jeff whined, clearly distressed, and Anthony kissed the top of his head.

"Wait here." he said, and then he stood up, staring, waiting to see what would happen. Jeff didn't come after him when he started walking towards Donnie, so he turned around. Donnie was grinning widely, and he gave him a hard push towards his door.

"Can't wait to ruin that smug shit you always have going on." he said, and they started walking up to the door, neither of them paying attention to Jeff, who waited, staring at Donnie's hand, until he saw Donnie drop the gun, just for a quick second, and then he jumped on his back, snarling viciously, biting into his neck. Donnie started screaming, and Anthony whirled around.

"Jeff!" he screamed. He quickly grabbed for the gun, but Donnie held on tightly, and in the struggle, he suddenly heard a loud, sharp, bang.

"Jeff!" he screamed again, afraid that once more he'd lost the one he loved. But suddenly, he was laying on the ground, a sharp pain inside him. He gasped for breath, and when he looked down, he saw blood coming from right below his neck, turning the snow around them red.

Jeff was suddenly beside him, whining, and whimpering, and if Anthony saw correctly, he thought he saw tears in his eyes, which were just as beautiful as they had been when he was a human.

"Oh my God!" he heard Donnie gasp, and a second later, he was running away, throwing the gun into the snow, like an idiot, and taking off. Jeff stared howling, and they sounded like his heart was broken. Then he turned and ran up to the doors, scratching at them, howling and barking.

Anthony stayed where he was, trying to breathe, but it hurt.

"What's going on out here?" he heard suddenly, so Jeff must have gotten somebody to come out. The person gasped a second later. "Oh my God! Hold on!"

"Jeff..." he choked, and instantly, Jeff was there, whining, and he was followed by a human. It was Hal.

"Anthony!" Hal screamed, pressing his hands into his injury. In a few seconds, there was another guy, one Anthony didn't recognize. "Randy, call an ambulance!" Hal screamed, and the guy nodded, and ran off.

"Anthony, who did this?" Hal asked, and Anthony pointed at Donnie's house as best as he could.

"Donnie!?" Hal gasped. "Donnie did this?"

Anthony nodded.

"Oh my god, oh my god, just hold on, okay? Don't die!"

But Anthony knew it was too late. He looked around for Jeff, who was beside him, howling softly. He grabbed him softly around the leg, and he whispered, "I love you Jeff. Thank you for coming back for me."

And then it was dark, and he heard was the sound of broken howl.


"Class, today we have a new student."

The boy didn't even look up. Who cared? And why was the teacher announcing it? What were they, kindergarteners, instead of highschool seniors?

"Hi." said a smooth, beautiful voice. A boy's voice too. Score for him. "My name's Jeff."

The boy looked up then, something about the name forcing him to look up. His blue eyes met with the dark ones of the new boy, and suddenly, he found himself standing up in his desk, mouth dropping open, and tears springing to his eyes, for a reason that even he didn't know.

"Anthony, what are you doing?" the teacher asked him, but he ignored her. He just kept staring at this boy, Jeff, and suddenly, his brain was overloaded with images of a different life, a life with Jeff, a life where he'd loved Jeff, and lost Jeff, and Jeff had come back to him as a freaking dog, and then he'd died. In a flash of only a few seconds, but what to him felt like a whole lifetime, he remembered.

"Anthony?" Jeff gasped, and Anthony saw it happening to him too, saw him remembering, saw the same tears, and then Jeff smiled, and he held open his arms.

Anthony practically knocked over the other student's in his run for Jeff's arms, screaming Jeff's name, sobbing uncontrollably. He threw himself into Jeff's arms, and a second later, they were kissing, and Jeff was holding him tightly, crying too.

When they pulled apart, Jeff kissed his black hair softly, his blond hair brushing Anthony's cheek.

"This time." he whispered into Anthony's ear. "Don't die."

Anthony laughed, and it cracked. He pulled Jeff in for another kiss, he had long forgotten he was in a classroom. His heart was breaking, but that was okay, but it was breaking in an overwhelming happiness. Finally. Finally, he and Jeff were together again.

When they pulled apart for the second time, Anthony whispered back, "I won't die, if you don't die."

"Deal." Jeff said, they kissed again, finally ending more than a lifetimes worth of pain.

Hope you liked the ending!

Sorry if you thought it was rushed or something, it wasn't. I put a lot of thought into it, and sat for a long time trying to make sure I felt right about it. Please read my other works if you ever find yourself bored, with nothing to do.

Thank you for reading!