A pale shadow follows my steps
Always, wherever I go
A follower from a distant time
Whispering deep and low

Your faults are many
Your heart is black
Why don't you give up?
Why don't you turn back?

My presence doesn't do anything good
- People smile when I leave the crowd
So why do I bother, and why do I try?
Am I really that stubborn and proud?

Nothing you do will be good enough,
Nothing you do is worthwhile
Why do you bother to wake up at all?
Why do you bother to smile?

How can I ever stand proud in a crowd
And see the look in their eyes?
When the ghost inside scream wicked and loud
How can I tune out the cries?

Why do you even bother to breathe,
Why don't you shut up and leave?
It seems that your absence
Is the best you could ever achieve

"Everyone has their problems", they say
But I'm so tired of mine
Sometimes I even wish that I
could be one of those who shine

But the longer a person stands in the sun
The deeper their shadows grow
No, I won't glitter and I won't gleam
My ghost don't deserve that glow

Yet somehow I manage to get through the day,
Somehow I get out my door
And my days are fulfilling, my life is fine
No, I won't listen to ghosts any more