Just please,

Don't give me that look, and don't lecture me,

If I did it, then I did it for a reason,

I broke your trust?

That is okay, fine by me,

Its just one more thing that I have done,

I'm not interested,

In you – so find someone else,

I'm not the only one,

Just please,

Leave me the hell alone, bitch,

There is a difference between loneliness and solitude,

Any secrets, gossip?

I'm afraid I'm not going to tell you,

Because I can know that anyway, you aren't up to any good,

If someone,

Had a choice to listen to me,

Then I wonder who would,

Just please,

I'm fine by myself,

And I don't need you

I guess,

I can say I'm sorry,

If you think I sounded rude,

I will,

Just pretend I'm interested,

And sometimes I really might be too,