Chapter 24

I sat on the chair almost timidly, my arms crossed across my chest. Andrew stood opposite me, tensed and awkward.

The silence stretched on.

"So..." Andrew was the first to break it, "You're a werewolf."

I looked at him carefully, trying to guage his reaction.

"That's... nice," he continued.

I snorted, "Nice?"

"You always wanted to... you know... I mean, you loved wolves since you were a kid. Right?" he added, smiling weakly at me.

I shook my head, "Come on, man. I've been a werewolf for around three months, okay? The only difference is that you know about it now. Welcome to my little secret."

Andrew sighed, and he looked almost defeated. His brow was creased, "Yeah. Three months ago. When you started to act strange."

It took a while for the words to sink in. When they did, a memory came to mind.

This was exactly what I'd thought when Terry turned into a werewolf. That she was behaving weirdly. I guess, when people turned into werewolves, they became a new... better?... version of themselves.

"Yeah..." I said slowly, "That tends to happen."

He sighed again, but he relaxed a little.

"I'm sorry for earlier," I added brusquely, "You didn't provoke me, and I took it out on you. So... sorry."

Andrew shrugged, "You kind of scared me then."

"I know."

Silence, once again.

"Do you think you can get me home?" I asked, "These clothes aren't exactly comfortable," Andrew was blushing, so I carried on as if I hadn't noticed, "Where are we, anyway?"

"This is my dad's office," Andrew replied, looking at the ground to hide his blush.

"Oh... its a nice place. Think we should go home now. Its getting late."


Still keeping my arms firmly crossed, I got off the chair. Andrew was decent enough to hold the door open for me like a gentleman.

"By the way," I said, as he shut the door behind himself, "We are never, ever speaking of what happened tonight again. Never," I emphasised.

"Sure," he mumbled, looking at the tiles as though they were placed in a very interesting design. He stuffed his hands in his pockets. His wrists weren't bloody anymore. I guess he washed them.

We went up the stairs. I hadn't realized we were in a basement – but oh, no windows. Of course.

"So, um... is that why Terry left?" Andrew's question startled me.

I whipped around, "How did you know that?"

Andrew shrugged, "Seemed to make sense."

I stared at him, but he wasn't lying. Then I nodded, "Yeah. That's why she left. She's a werewolf, like me. She was the first one actually," I added, "I became a werewolf because of her... I think."

Andrew nodded, leading me down a small corridor.

"How did you get me here?" I asked. Andrew didn't seem the type that could carry me over any sort of distance. Zach could gave. Jake could probably have carried two of me in one hand each.

"W-well..." he stammered, and I stopped so that I could glare at him, "Wha... I just..."

"Don't tell me you carried me," I growled, "Because you know I'm not going to believe that."

I guess he was just too scared to look offended.

He cleared his throat, "I sort of dragged you here, after I found you under the bush."

"What bush?"

"You ran away. When I found you under the bush, you were... well... not a wolf."

I wanted to scream out loud.

Then, before I knew it, I was stomping away from him, blinding tears of embarrassment and shame clouding my vision. I couldn't stay there for one second.

Andrew was calling out behind me, but I didn't pay attention.

All I wanted to do was to get home.

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