Heartbreak or Falling Deeper?

Even after you rejected me,
I think of you even more.
I can say that now,
I love you more.

When you rejected me,
It was unexpected.
I never imagined,
How gentle you were being.

Trying to stop the hurt,
With your words
Making yourself sound like the worse.
Even hating yourself, for not noticing

You don't want to lead me on,
The way you worded your rejection.
How can I let you go?
How can I not hope for more?

Checking up on me,
You were the first to make contact.
When I thought that was the end
You end up contacting me again.

The first contact after rejection,
I jumped at your message.
All I know is that we're still good friends.
But still now the way you're treating me….

Still now, I haven't felt heartbreak,
The more I think, the more I hope.
Is it because I've fallen deeper,
For you.

Still I want to hope that there is something
Something for the two of us.
Someday, something will become of us.
I want to believe, or is it wishful thinking?