Kent nodded approvingly at the "backup friend".

"What about you, Marvin?" Mike stared intently at the man.

"Hmmph..." came the reply.

"They are friends, too. Best friends." Vincent filled in the blanks.

"Not anymore." Marvin mumbled.

"I've heard enough. We are leaving." Mike abruptly fled from the room, Kent only a step behind. I scrambled to gather myself and rush after them, and had no time for goodbyes. I barely made it to Mike's white van in time, and I was still dazed from the sudden turn of events.

"We're going back to the office for research. Kent was kind enough to catch me up. I still didn't like him though.

"What about?" I questioned. Just a few blocks more to the office.

"The bird. Marvin. The bird and Marvin." Mike rattled just as we arrived.

"Oh, you mean Marvin's bird?"

"No, the victim's bird. I just know there is something there…"

"Like the fact that the victim's bird was formerly Marvin's?" I offered. The boys turned and looked at me. Both expressions seeped shock and disbelief.

"What on Earth made you think that?" they both spouted.

"He had a photo album on his desk, completely filled with that bird, entitled 'My Pet Bird'." I shrugged. Both boys gave each other pointed looks, and promptly huffed out of the car. I giggled and waited for Mike to open my door, then practically floated up the stairs.

"That explains why the bird was calling Marvin's name," Kent sighed.

"Yes, but such a bird would be precious to Marvin, why would he give it up?" Mike wondered aloud.

"Maybe he didn't have a choice." I suggested.

"Or maybe…" Mike turned to us with a smug smile and dark eyes. "he didn't."

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