A/N: I know between both of my accounts, I have a ton of stories that I need to update, but I just wanted to add one more to my list. This story has actually been transformed many times, and it went under several different names. It used to be 'Mistress of Crows', and then I ditched that idea and it became 'Vehicular Romanticide' and took a whole new flow, then I changed it to 'Dark Flower Romance' only my main medium was humans. This time, I left its name in tact but all of my cast will be animals. It's my first posted work with an animal cast, so I hope that it will be successful here.

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Title: Dark Flower Romance

Author: Revamp/Melissa Norvell

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: PG/T (I don't plan on going any higher than that. I want to keep this one pretty tame.)

Pairings: Hetero

Warnings: Some bits of language, some violence, dark themes

Summary: Given as a sacrifice to make peace among lion prides, Zahra finds herself face to face with rebel lion Tajara. Can she melt his icy heart or are their paths doomed in a fatal collision? Review and reviews will be returned.


Dark Flower Romance

Created: 11/21/08

Final Story Written: 12/28/12



There is a legend that goes around in our pride, that there was once a great lion named Tajara. He was very different from us, and his fur was white as snow. Abandon as a cub, my grandmother Shefalika took him in and raised him as one of her own, even though he was a white Barbary Lion and our clans were nothing but Asiatics.

Tajara became as fierce as he was large. He even managed to perform the near impossible task of escaping the royal Indian hunters who often came after us for sport. However, his escape was not without a price. The might white lion lost his right eye to their spear, his wound scarred over and it made him even more identifiable than he was prior.

After that incident, Tajara became distant and cold, earning him the nickname thand among the other lions, which meant 'cold' in Hindi. Year after year, he grew older and more estranged. In the eyes of his fellows, he lost his sense of pride and just doing. The white lion was now looked upon as a formidable enemy that made the hair on any lion's back stand straight up at the mention of his very name.

One day, he performed an act so unspeakable that it violated any definition of humanity that could be thought possible. For an unknown reason, he disturbed the way of life for the surrounding lions of the Gir Forest by slaying the three members of his own pride that consisted of a dominant leader, called Bhim and his two lionesses, Hafiza and Shefalika, the very lioness who raised him. That lioness was my grandmother.

Since that moment, he had vanished to a location far beyond a field of Bat Lilies. He occasionally comes back to Gir Forest when the Bat Lilies bloom. For the couple of days that the flowers are in bloom, he visits the Asiatic prides and after he leaves, death and terror are left behind.

Very few have met him and lived to tell about it. I may very well have been the first.

To Be Continued

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