Let's Call it A Day

It was last Sunday when I paid a visit to my friend. Along the way, I found myself hesitating whether if I should go or not; well, I was a little bit shy because it would be my first time again to see him for a long time. I brought along with me a deck of playing cards, arum lilies, two drinking cups, and a bottle of vodka. When I entered the cemetery, it took me a long time to looked for his tomb. When I reached the last compartment, I looked down to see that I've finally found him. I sit beside him and I opened the bottle of vodka and pour some for him and placed it in front of him

I opened the box of cards and I shuffled it for three times. I placed his cards in front of him and I held mine. I noticed that some passers by just laugh at me; the hell if I care about them. I was playing fool on myself; how can a dead play cards, hold cards and declare his hand eh? That was totally stupid and ridiculous thing and I just cant help myself to went in silence. I used to remembered that we always play poker whenever he's home and what makes me mad about him is that, he always win. He says he's good for nothing; a jack of all trades and master of none. I slapped his face at that time, he makes me even get mad at him. For me, he's really good at everything and I was his fan; he's not a typical loser.

When was the last time I played with him? Ah! Now I remember, it was my fourteen birthday when I won against him for the first time and he laughs. He even congratulated me for my first win but I've told him that I need to win at him at least ten more times. Now, I can't do it anymore; I'll never be able to win against him now that he's gone. When I look at the sky, the rain suddenly poured over and I got drenched.

All I can do now is to cry all over. We both savour the pain for being weak, for being useless and even for being both loveless that we both seek together when he was still alive. The love that he had never protected and the love that I've been longing for. Its useless and now, we both call it a day.

Ame Minazuki