my fleeting Heart

wishes to sprout wings

and fly away to another destination—

far away from this place

and the memories that bound me to the Present.

oh, my fleeting Heart desires to be gone.

disappear to a new landscape.

i'm not real here.

hiding in the shadows of the Forest:

the other side of Me,

taking careful steps to not

disturb the viciously delicate

world i could never hike successfully

but my fate sealed, by the cyclical nature of this ecology-

can't see past the Tree and the Sounds scare me

no, I need to be up (there);

my Heart belongs in the Cloud;

my Heart is in my Dreams;

reality just seems to compress whatever beat I had left…

it leaves me empty spaces inside of Me

because, i am seeking so much more

so much more for the answers

that i need…

and tears won't loosen up the hold the Earth has on Me.

a slave to the chains that this current life has on Me

no more Mistakes or Regrets.

i feel myself rising only to be condensed back again like droplets

crashing unto this vile Earth.

but maybe one day, I can flow like a river

Making a delicate niche for Me to flourish.