What I like about Y.O.U.

You always call yourself a jerk, laidback,
Spoiled, stuck up, party boy, alcoholic.
Because you admit your faults,
It makes my heart beat faster.

I hate people, who do the things
That they hate themselves.
But because you know your faults,
It makes the playing grounds different.

Because when we're together,
You can let go and joke around.
You trusted me, and we gossiped about others.
I could say the truth and you would understand.

We're so different, but get along so well.
Even others see it, and they hint at me.
So how can I not fall for you?
You bring excitement to me.

After telling you how I feel,
Now I can help add to that list about you.
Oblivious, but gentle, caring.
Finally, not wanting to lead me on,
But I can't help it.