The End

My hip bones show

My boobs hang low

My ribs show through

Still not enough for you

My blood runs red

But inside im still dead

No longer the same

Only you are to blame

Ragged breathing

Slowly leaving

One fragile thread

Heart, heavy lead

Always all about you

Making something new

But not from me

Someone I'll never be

Thoughts around

Can you hear the sound

Of a me crying out

lost without

I have made my mistakes

Cried Guilt lakes

You are not without incidents

You stole my innocence.

Sold my soul to the devil

You laugh and revel

In the things you've done

Leaving in a hurried run

Never looking back

At all the things that I lack

But I understand

Ill never be in demand

You fell from heaven like a dove

Became my life's love

Then let me go

I didn't even know.

What hit me

I knew I could never be

Complete again

And that is the end.