Morgan looked around the room, observing the people that would become her classmates for her final year at school. She was the new student, the girl who had nobody. Her parents had been killed in a car accident several years ago and she'd been, rather resentfully mind you - it was against her will after all, carted off to her Aunt who lived in England.

It was a deary, lonely and very cold change from the hot summers of Australia that she was used to.

She had been kicked out of more schools than she could count. Apparently she 'had violent tendencies,' 'didn't play well with others' and she 'spent far too much time in detention.'

Whatever that meant.

She prefered to say that the teachers staunched her creativity (she called them a different name every way, they always told her to stop. Then they put her in detention. So she scratched the names on the desk instead.)

She also claimed that the teachers just didn't have her sense of humour. How was she to know that old Lady Peppard wouldn't appreciate a bucket of frogs thrown at her head?

Morgan was 'the problem child,' the one no one truly cared about, the one everybody wanted to just vanish.

She was always alone.

But not this time.

This time, she thought as she stood in the doorway of the classroom at her new school, would be different.

This time, she would make an effort to not get kicked out.

This time she wouldn't be 'violent' or 'spend too much time in detention' and she would 'play well with others.'

Morgan looked around the room, observing people that would become her class mates for her final year at school, until her eyes landed on a small table at the back of the room. Her blue eyes met his green eyes and she smiled for the first time.

And it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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