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"Raina, come on! We're going to be late!" Austin's voice echoed from the door entrance. I was back at the apartment (El was still with Grammy). Austin and Avery were here, and I got a drunk lecture from Mom two hours ago when I arrived. Avery had to step in to stop Mom from insulting me and lecturing me even more. So, in turn, Mom vomited on the ground right in front Avery's feet. Guess what I'm going to have to clean when I come back?

"I know, I'll be right there!" Now it's 10:00 A.M. I was wearing the same purple dress I wore to Grandpa's 70th birthday. It was a dark purple colour, shift dress. It was knee length. and had a rounded collar, but it was sleeveless with a zip fastening and a fitted waist. I owned a pair of black flats, so I put that on, and a small elephant silver charm bracelet. I let my wavy curls down, and put a tiny bit of eyeliner on since this is a public occasion, and probably the entire America will be watching (i doubt it, but you never know). After about 5 minutes, I came out.

Austin whistled, and Avery slapped him upside the head. But she came over and gave me a hug. I hugged her back, and Austin came after a while, overcoming his "Boys-Don't-Hug-Their-Older-Sisters-It's-Not-Cool" attitude (at least for today). I let go first.

"Ready to go?" I asked. They were coming. Today there was no school, it was a Non-Student Day (lucky ducks). And I'm pretty sure they would excuse my schooling too, because they want to know what happened. Though I imagine when I go back to school, I'll be getting loads of stares and homework. I'm probably getting detention because I was absent.

They grinned and went ahead as I locked the door. Mom was gone, working at the bar again, probably getting drunk too. Honestly, when I get enough money, I'm sending her to a mental institute, or wherever alcoholics go.

The California Film Fest (CFF) was 30 minutes away from my apartment complex, so Ryan came over and gave us a ride. He was waiting for us in the limo, his sister Rylee sitting in the front with a pretty dress on, even though she wasn't going to be in the conference. Neither was Austin and Avery, but they still wore some nice clothes. We climbed into the backseat, Austin and Avery between Ryan and I.

It was a short 30 minute drive, we had some small talk, mostly taken up by Avery's excited chatter, but Rylee seemed to really like them. When we got out, we stopped in front of a large patio area, with a long rectangular table with neat white cloth on it that read "California Film Fest" all over. There were mics in front of each seat, and a bottle of water. In front of that booth, there were rows of foldable chairs, that was filled with reporters and interviewers, and a couple of fans. Near the table to the left was a wooden podium, with a mic. I guessed this was where the presenter stood.

"Oh my God this is so awesome!" Avery squealed, jumping up and down, clapping her hands excitedly. "You're gonna be, like, famous, Rai!"

I smiled, but it was forced. So much people, I don't think I could do this.

As if he read my mind, Ryan came forth and squeezed my hand, smiling warmly down at me. "Hey, you'll do fine."

I tried to smile again, but again it was forced. There were a few minutes before we went on. Rylee and the twins were going to be backstage, near the sides, not in the audience. The reporters were busy, shuffling their papers, getting their mics to work, talking to each other, talking on the phone, ringing their managers, etc. Maybe after this we could enjoy the film fest, but with the invasion that's about to occur, that's highly unlikely.

Someone cleared their throat. Or, tried to. I looked up from staring at my shoes, to see Avery glaring at Ryan, hands on her hips. "Do you have something to say to Raina?" She questioned.

He looked confused. "Um, no?"

"Yes you do. And so do you, Raina."


"That's right."

"Oh!" Ryan got it first. He turned to me, letting go of my hand. "You look gorgeous, West. A million times lovelier than Melanie Fray."

I'm pretty sure my cheeks were as red as a tomato. "Thanks, Ryan. You look dashing too. Kind of like a prince, but without the crown, or the throne, or the sword, or the-hey! You changed your hair back to blonde!" I exclaimed, looking up at his golden blonde locks. He wore a black pinstripe suit that made him look all serious and famous, but then his tie was a Spongebob tie, so maybe not.

He grinned, and tousled it a bit. "Yep. Just washed all the colour out, and it worked. Thank goodness, I got bored of that dull brown."

"You've had it for only 2 days, and the blonde for 16 years of your life!"

"I get bored easily."

I giggled. "Welcome, to the California Annual Film Fest," boomed a voice from the podium. So it was starting. All of us turned to listen to him. It was just a middle-aged man with copper skin and a small black afro. I think it was some famous presenter, but I dunno who. "today we're going to hear the press conference from the international movie star Ryan Carter, and his accomplice, Raina." Accomplice? Anyways,that was our cue.

The twins both gave me hugs, and then we went up. Ryan took a seat first, and then I did. Ryan took the mic that was assigned to his seat, and I guessed he was going to say "thank you for having us, it is an honour to talk in the film fest" or something like that, but instead, he said, "Her name is Raina West and she is not my accomplice, we're working together. And if someone was the accomplice out of the both of us, it would probably be me." I stared in shock as he sat back, relaxed in his chair, as if he'd done press conferences loads of times before. Which, I remind myself, he had. But more surprising, was the claps we got from the audience. It was a roar of applause, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the presenter blush pink and scribble something in his notes. "So," Ryan said again, "Bring on the questions!" The crowd clapped even more.

"I will ask the first question," The presenter said again, he read off of his card. "This is for Ry- I mean,both of you. What exactly happened in the White House that night?" Well, I guess that's a good place to start. Ryan started to explain what happened, and I went along with his ideas, leaving out tiny details (like about the writing on the TV, they'll know about it later). But he kept in the airplane jumping. I pitched in some details at some parts, and then we finished explaining. "Okay," the presenter said. "The floor is open for questioning. We'll start with 190." And...cue the video cameras, handheld and the big ones used for TV stations.

A blonde reporter with way too much makeup on, started, "So, Ryan, since you were gone for so long, how will that affect the movie Mister Not So Spy?"

That surprised me a bit. I had thought they would question us on the invasion and stuff, but I didn't know about they would ask about Ryan's career. But I guess that makes sense.

Ryan sat forward. "Well, things have gotten hectic. They finished a couple of scenes where I wasn't in, but still. So my schedule is pretty packed, filled with it. Actually, right after this I have to go back to set, so. "

"234," the presenter announced.

"Ryan Carter, how are you coping with your new clothesline you started with Melanie Fray? Do you have past experience with fashion?" A male reporter asked.

"Well, unless you count modeling, then no. I'm doing the clothesline for the fans, really," he answered truthfully.


"Ryan, can you clear up this rumour?" A young man reporter asked. Ryan smiled and nodded. "Are you going to start your own perfume?"

Ryan's eyes widened. "No, I haven't heard of that. Definitely a rumour. Though it'd be pretty cool to have my own perfume."


"Ryan, are you going to continue your meet & greets? When are you going to schedule some more?"

"Ryan, are you planning on modeling for Abercrombie, Vogue, DNA Models, Elite, or Hollister? We know that you've got requests."

"Ryan, what movie are you planning to do next?"

"Ryan, have you thought about starring on Broadway?"

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. That was just a tiny bit of the questions they've asked him. I feel a bit sad, to be honest. Not because i'm not getting asked anything, but because they haven't asked one question on the matter on hand. Frankly, when the invasion happens, no one will care if Ryan models for Abercrombie, or Elite, or whatever. They will be screaming for their lives.

"145," called the presenter. It has been nearly 25 minutes, and I already finished my water bottle out of boredom.

"This is for Ryan and Raina. It's a bit different than the usual questions, but can you tell us what exactly happened when you took Raina and left to New York? What does Mr. Hawk have to do with this?" asked an older fellow, he had brown but a few grey hairs.

I smiled inwardly. Now we're getting somewhere. So, Ryan and I went through the entire thing. The plane ride to NY, we used softer words for the break in so it won't be actually considered a break-in (Into Hawk's house). We told about Arthur, Jace, and Clarissa, and how I failed miserably. Then we told about how we got caught, and how we broke out. I added in details here and there, mostly explaining what Ryan had said because I don't want to continue the story.


"And what about the newscast that came from 50News? Can you tell us what had happened there?" asked number 78, a young lady with an Indian look to her.

"Of course," Ryan grinned, and we continued the story. How we crashed the newscast to tell America what happened, and how we thought it had failed. We told about Hawk, and Birto, and they all gasped when I chipped in the deal Birto tried to make with me, and my decision. Then we explained our escape, and how Grammy showed up.


"And how did you come back to California?" she asked, a middle-aged plump brunette.

We told all about Binan, (leaving out a couple of details, like minors and majors, and the Prophet stuff, and our plan-what if Hawk was watching). We left out the part about how Eleanor was a Sorceress, because then Hawk would surely know the plan. We just said that she came with us because she needed to go to a place with better protection. We told how we came on the plane with Kimmy, and how Hawk bombed the plane. They asked how we knew, and we just said it was instinct, because of all the things we went through, we kind of knew it was him. And he knew we knew that it was him. We told about how we came back to Fairpine, and how we got home from there.

There was a loud silence after that. Obviously, they did not expect that answer. "256."

"And...And what are your thoughts on it?" A man asked.

Ryan started. "We think that, well, it would be really good if you believed us, because we're not kidding, and it would really help us a lot, because the invasion is getting closer."

"We-We only have a little bit more than a week left," I added softly.

Ryan nodded at me, agreeing. "Yeah. We need all the help we're going to get, if we want to stop Hawk and save Earth. Because I know for certain he won't just attack America."


"So you want us to believe you?"

"yes, that would be pretty helpful."


"And if we do, what do you want us to do? Because, America is always busy, with the debt, stocks, everything."

Ryan and I pondered that for a moment. He started, "Well, it would be great if we could get all the troops that aren't overseas to help. I know it will cost money, and- and I'd give all my money to the cause, if needed." Wow. He is a millionaire, almost a billionaire, after all. All of that? Ryan has changed.

I decided to say something."Plus, we can rally up food, shelter, and protection equipment. And we could start training people who are over the age" I looked over at Ryan."...17, 18?" We're going to need help. But we won't force you, probably not. They could train, in, like, sectors, with a sector leader, and could have patrols, cooks, policemen just in case something goes wrong."


"And who do you suppose the leaders of these patrols and sectors are going to be?"

"Uh," I said intelligently. Nice going, Raina. "Well, maybe...celebrities!" Light bulb! It was a good idea, enough.

Ryan looked at me, worried. "302."

"How are celebrities going to lead them?"

"Well, I mean, the matured ones. 2 would be in charge of one sector, and 1 would be in charge of a patrol because it's smaller." My idea was rushing to me now, and I couldn't stop the flow. "Like, Kimmy could be in charge of a sector with, i don't know, Tyler Harrison," Tyler was a famous actor from the film "Summer Vacation". "And um, they could get directions from us, to train the people."

"And half of a sector could be a patrol. And one leader from that sector could be in charge of a patrol, like that," Ryan added, looking at me for confirmation. I grinned and nodded. This is actually sounding like an actual plan!

But the news reporters looked unsure. "158."

"What about the interviews, TV shows, and films that they are working on, and producing? Won't this training thing affect that?"

"They can put it off for some time. They're rich anyways, so they don't need much help in the money category."


"What about the citizens, and their daily lives?"

Ryan took this one. "Not everyone needs to join. But with the invasion coming, we're going to need as much as help as possible. Of course, there are going to be people who don't believe us and don't want to join, but that's okay."

Another moment of silence commenced. All the reporters and people were busy talking to themselves about this idea. Even the presenter. So pretty much everyone who was here, and probably also everyone who was watching this.


It was a lady, with bright pink curls, obviously dyed (since no one can naturally have pink hair) that was dip dyed a vibrant pink on the bottom. "This question is for Raina." That got my attention. No one had asked a question only for me yet. And it's been 40 minutes. I smiled hesitantly at her. "How is your family going to deal with this? I heard that you have twin siblings, and your mother is...well, not the best. And you have to take care of your four year old cousin Eleanor. How are you going to deal with all of them? How are families that are like your's going to deal with it as well?"

Wow. The first question only for me. I know i've answered a couple before, but this one was for real. For me.I opened my mouth to answer, but then a poster near the back caught my eye. It read "RAINA WEST IS A PIECE OF CRAP. LOSER GIRL WHO CAN'T DO ANYTHING. GO BACK TO YOUR CAVE NO ONE LIKES YOU." Tears filled my eyes, and I tried to blink them away. The people who were holding them up were the fangirls from the beginning of this press conference. That really hurt. Is that what they thought of me? Everyone hated me, because I was friends with Ryan? I can't do this, if everyone thinks of me in that way. They probably all think I'm some attention-seeking brat who can't do anything, but use Ryan. Why did I tell my idea in the first place? They don't like me, I'm just a girl. I'm nothing. There's no way I can do this.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ryan glance at the poster. His eyes widened, in anger. Then, under the table, he squeezed my hand and told me to lean in closer to him. Ignoring the reporter's curious stares, his warm breath flowed in my ear as he whispered, "Don't listen to them. They want to be you, because of how awesome and amazing you are. Remember, haters are just confused admirers." I leaned away, and smiled at him. He knew just what to say to cheer me up. They are just confused admirers. Though i don't know why they would be admiring me. I opened my mouth again, and tried my best to ignore the poster. "Um, well, I do have my grandmother. She's really nice, and wonderful. She can take care of the twins, and my mother. And I will do my best to help her. As for other families like our's, if you're feeling alone and insecure, then Ryan and I will probably construct shelters, so you will be able to go there. We'll have volunteers there ready. " The lady nodded, and smiled at me sympathetically. She had noticed the poster too.

"And the last question of the day, since we are getting close to our 45 minute limit, number 69." I glanced at the clock, it read

"And to clear off any rumours, tell us, are you two dating?" Well, way to be blunt, I grumbled.

Ryan and I laughed nervously in unison, earning some confused glances from the audience.

"Oh, no-" He started.

"-Yeah, like, we don't-" I interrupted.

"Like each other-"

"-in that way,-"

"Not really, we're just-"

"Friends," I finished. We tried to avoid looking at each other, but I'm pretty sure both of our cheeks were very pink.

The same interviewer asked, "So does that mean, Ryan, you're dating Melanie?" I don't know why, but the name Melanie stirred something in my stomach. Something strange. I felt strange. Like, I didn't want to hear her name and Ryan's name in the same sentence. I dunno why, they are doing a clothesline together. What am I feeling, again?

Ryan shook his head, and let out a forced laugh. "Ah, no. We're not. We're just friends too. Melanie's just trying to prank me, or something, haha. Melanie is...something." Now why did that make me feel relieved? It shouldn't! I should be happy for Ryan and Melanie together! Ugh, what is wrong with me!

"And, that was the last question for this press conference," the presenter announced. "Thank you for coming to the California Annual Film Fest, Ryan Carter, and Raina W-West."

Ryan smiled his famous smile, and I just gave a shy one. "Thanks for having us," Ryan said. I just said thanks.

We got out of the booth, me first, and we went over to where the twins and Rylee were standing. I looked back to see all the reporters busy packing their things, getting out, talking, talking on the phone, etc. But the reporter with the pink hair caught my eye. She gave me a small wave, as I took her in. She looked young, about 20, 21-ish, and blue eyes. I smiled, and waved back.

Avery and Austin enveloped me in a hug, and I gladly hugged them back. "You were great," Austin said.

"Awesome," Avery grinned. She looked at Ryan, and said, "You were too."

"Thanks, Avi."

Her eyes widened slightly at the nickname, but then relaxed. "Dad used to call me that," she said softly.

Rylee stepped forward. "Well, I'll call the limo guy to pick us up up front. Unless any of you want to stay here...?" Avery and Austin, you guys are practically killing me with those puppy-dog eyes.

I sighed. "Okay, you guys can stay. But I'm coming to pick you up at 4, and you guys better be standing right here, got it?"

They grinned. "Yup!" Avery exclaimed.

Austin frowned. "Wait, aren't you coming with us?"

"No," I said sadly. "I have to get planning on that whole idea I conjured out there. And Ryan and I need to put it to action as quickly as possible, now that most of the people believe us."

Ryan came over and touched my arm. "Go and have fun! I'm not going to be able to work on it either- I've gotta be on set- that doesn't mean you have to do everything. We'll work on it tomorrow, or later today, or something. Go and have fun at the Film Fest! It only comes once in a year, you know."

I grinned. "Okay, sure." I turned toward Rylee. "I guess it's just going to be you and Ryan. I'm going to Film Fest."

She smiled, "Go enjoy yourself. You're going to need some relaxation time anyway." I smiled, and waved good bye to both of them, turning around to where the twins were waiting for me, near the entrance to the Fest from the press conference area. "wait!" Rylee cried. I swiveled back around, curious. "Don't eat the hot dogs. They gave me a stomachache last time I had some."

"Okay, I'll make sure that we don't get any! Thanks," I smiled. I realised I was in a dress. Oh well, don't have time to go home and change. "Bye, Rylee." She waved good bye. Ryan and I stared at each other for a moment, and I said, "Bye, Ryan."

He gave me a salute. "Later, West."

I smiled to myself and turned around, catching up to the twins. I could still feel the head of his gaze on my back.

I caught up to Avery and Austin.

Avery grabbed my hand and said after we were out of ear shot, "He so likes you."