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Chapter One


I am perched on the back of the black and white chair when he comes in. It is dark, and as he doesn't bother to switch on the lights he can't see me, but I can see him.

As I make out his features in the darkness my hands tighten on the chair back in worry. My heart clenches painfully too. His once golden-brown skin - now tinged with grey - is stretched tight over the strong bones of his face and his brown eyes are no longer a rich chocolate colour but hollow and dull from exhaustion. His beautiful hair is tousled and starting to frizz slightly. The chunk of grey hair in his fringe, bleached as a result of stress, is hanging messily in his eyes. Pulling distractedly at his tie he mutters something under his breath that even my ears can't make out, and tilting my head to the side, I decide he Does Not Look Good.

My head follows my human around the room as he stumbles past the small kitchen island, and I wince as I see him knock an elbow on the fake marble. He kicks off his shoes and holds out an arm as he pushes through the door to his bedroom. For a second he suddenly pauses, and I wonder half nervously, half excitedly, if he has registered my presence. But instead of turning around to confront me, he slumps in the doorway, and tiredly works off his tie around his neck.

I relax infinitesimally, although I am a little disappointed. I know however that if he saw me actions would have to be taken that I'd have no choice over.

He doesn't undo the tie fully, and as he takes it off over his head I stare at the sinuous movement of muscle beneath his shirt, the nicely broad expanse of his back and the rebellious strands of hair curling teasingly at the golden - if feverish - nape of his neck presented to me.

My fangs lengthen appreciatively. I don't stop them.

Then his tie is chucked on the floor, and the door is slammed shut, and he is gone. I hear the deflated whumpf from the bed as he collapses on it, and I know he exhausted. I wait expectantly, hair falling over my face as I do so, and within moments, soft, familiar snoring reaches my ears. Bowing my head, I smile fondly. I like his snores.

As stillness and silence descend - well, kind of… the silence is punctuated with snoring - I blink my silver hair from my equally silver eyes and lift my head. Then I lightly drop down from the back of the chair, falling to the floor in an elegant crouch and draw up to my full slender height in an equally graceful movement. I pause for a second to see if my actions have woken Daniel, but as always, I find I have been noiseless.

I am worried about him, but then when am I ever not? When I first started doing this, coming to his apartment, he was in an appalling state, even worse than he is now. When he began going to court to fight for the right to keep his daughters he cleaned up his act as if he had something to live for again. However after he lost the case he rapidly regressed, burying himself in his work, not looking after himself, exhausting himself by staying out later and later at the office until he's almost burned out – tonight he's only just gotten back past midnight.

If he continues this pace then he will kill himself. Part of me is afraid that that is what he wants. Staring at the door to his room as if I have x-ray vision and can see through it (I don't –I must have missed out on that particular vampire hand-out) I wish I could do more for him than what I do already. But I can't… Not yet anyway.

Catching my hair up in a black elastic band from my wrist, I survey the room critically. It is looking much tidier than when I first came in here a couple of hours ago. I had not been to visit Daniel for nearly a week due to an unexpected business trip I had been forced to take by my mother, and when I had returned I had found the apartment in an even worse state than it had been when Selene had originally left him. Dishes were piled in the sink, dust bunnies ran rampant on the floor, stains patterned the carpet as if it were floral print instead of a more sedate cream, and litter and laundry coated everything like a second skin...The list was endless. But after nearly nine months of this I was used to cleaning up after my human, and I'd promptly rolled up my sleeves and gotten to work.

Suffice to say, I've discovered a new appreciation for vampire speed and the powers of the human product they call Fairy Washing Up Liquid.

Now, however, there is only a little mess left. Much better.

Eyeing the sink and the remaining dirty dishes it contains I sigh, but determinedly march over to the small kitchen, blowing silk-like wisps of silver hair that have somehow managed to escape the elastic out of my face as I go. For a second I hesitate and cock my head to listen to Daniel's heartbeat in the other room, but it is beating steadily in a rhythm more familiar to me than my own and I am reassured. Rolling up my sleeves I bury my arms elbow-deep in the warm soapy water and start scrubbing, humming a rambling, happy collection of unconnected notes under my breath quietly.

Pausing every now and then to listen to Daniel's heartbeat, I lapse into contented labour as the minutes fly by, happy in the knowledge that – whether he knows it or not - he is safe in my care.

An hour later…

I have finished the dishes and am going round the flat with a duster when a piteous keening distracts me from my thoughts. I am shocked into stillness, my whole body tensing in apprehension.

Then there is a low moan, and then a mumbling babble of nonsense, and although it can only be one person anyway, something deep down recognises the voice as the human under my care.

Daniel. He needs me.

Gently I place the clean plates in the sink on the draining board, caring less about them than not startling Daniel, and then wipe my hands on my trousers nervously. Silently, I pad over to the door which separates him from me and press my ear to the wood. All of this is done in the space of two seconds.

Inside, I hear quiet, broken sobbing. "Selene," he's murmuring, "Selene, don't leave me…Please." he breaks down into sobbing again, and my heart breaks for him even though he's still calling out to that bitch in his sleep despite everything's she's done to him. For a moment I'm conflicted as I try to decide whether to go in and comfort him, or to remain outside of the door and listen to his crying. It's not much of a decision, really.

Quietly I push open the door and slip inside his bedroom, shutting the door behind me with a soft click. I look at Daniel. Moonlight streams through an open curtain and onto his face, which is twisted with inner turmoil. The sheets are half pushed off his body and he's arching up from the mattress and shifting from side to side restlessly. "Selene," he calls out, eyes flicking from side to side under his closed lids. He's topless, and I can make out every one of his gorgeous stomach muscles as he writhes around on the bed. My tongue flicks across my lips, and for a moment I imagine that he's calling out my name, and that he's writhing around from pleasure, not fear.

I stand, torn, at the foot at his bed, then sigh and run my hand through my hair. I'm going to regret this. I climb onto the bed gracefully, crawling on all fours until I reached the headboard, and my hair has completely escaped the hair band this time and hangs like a liquid silver curtain over my shoulder as I look down at him.

Tentatively, I reach out a cool hand and hold it over his brow, holding my breath and I biting my lip in my hesitation. Then I gently touch his skin, sending an electric tingle through my body, and smooth his messy curls back from his forehead, tenderly touching that chunk of contrastingly straight grey hair; he stills beneath my hand. His body trembles for a second, pushing into my touch as he falls silent, and I feel as if I'm about to explode because I've held my breath for so long, so I release it in one huge gust.

"Selene?" Daniel mumbles. I don't know how to respond.

"I'm here," I say soothingly. Not quite a lie, but it's the best I can come up with. Daniel grunts at my response, but as he's still asleep and I assume that because of this he finds nothing wrong with my voice. He's stopped writhing anyhow, and I'm not disappointed. Then without any warning Daniel reaches up and slings an arm around my waist, pulling me down to him so that I sprawl across his body. I let out a strangled "Meep!" and blush.

Shakily I try to pull out of Daniel's grip – this wasn't supposed to happen – but he tightens his grip on me and pulls me round so that I'm lying next to him, his chest to my back. Pulling me up closer to him so that our bodies are flush against each other I try to quell the dirty thoughts my mind is throwing at me, but I lose all thoughts when Daniel buries his face in my neck, pressing his lips to my skin. They burn me where they touch. I squirm, but Daniel squeezes me once, mumbling "Ssh," and promptly falls asleep against my back, snoring.

I lie there, eyes open wide at what has just happened. Should I move? I try to and Daniel unconsciously grips me tighter in his sleep, and although I am a bit stronger than any human counterpart of mine I didn't luck out in the vampire strength department either, so I'd just probably wake him. By vampire code, he's not allowed to see me, and if I did wake him trouble would be inevitably caused when he found a stranger in his bed – even if he did drag me in – and I'd have to hurt him. Mother would make me. And besides, he's just gotten to sleep. I don't want to wake him again.

I can just sneak off later in the night – or morning – when his grip has loosened enough for me to slip away quietly. Agreeing unabashedly with the little voice in the back of my head that is saying that I'm just trying to satisfy my own selfish desires, I snuggle back contentedly into the warmth that is Daniel, and he murmurs protectively, kissing my neck again. Just a few hours… Before it gets light… I'll be gone before he wakes up… As long as he doesn't know I exist, I'll be fine.


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