Love Won With One Hell Of A Fight

Before you read any further, I want everyone to know, that this story is about self harm…if you or someone you know is causing harm to themselves or to anyone please tell someone. If you feel like no one will listen just remember there is always someone who will listen no matter who they are. I don't want ANYONE under any circumstances to hurt themselves or someone else. Just a heads up this story does get even more sad and depressing, but I wrote it so you all can see no matter how bad it gets, someone is always there for you. Thank you for reading.

Chapter 1: Start

It's been a while since I felt this much pain, maybe it's because I've become immune to it, or maybe its because this time they were so deep. Laying there on the bed, I feel the warm liquid dripping down my arm, the cool night air stings at the five cuts on my arm, but it also feels good. Here I am, not giving a care in the world what happens to me anymore….When did it get like this? How did it come to this extent? Why did they cause me the most pain? Why is everything always my fault? Hearing the alarm go off, like a siren in my head, I lazily get up and slowly walk into my bathroom. Reaching up into my medicine cabinet I grab the usual things, bandages, gauzes, and a bottle of alcohol. I sit on the toilet and bite down on the collar of my shirt, I prepare myself as I undo the cap and pour the alcohol on my cuts. A muffle scream echoes out the entire bathroom and tears are brought to my eyes. How I hated yet loved the pain, I loved that it made me feel something, anything, yet I hated that I had to do this to my body in order to feel something.

I wrapped my arm up tight and put everything away when I was finished. Stepping out of the bathroom I grab my black hoodie and pull it over my head, I sloppily brush my brown hair and just walk out of my room without looking in the god forsaken mirror. Heading down those long white marble stairs, I quickly make my way into the kitchen trying not to make a sound. Succeeding for the most part, I grab my book bag and keys and head towards the door. Gripping the handle I hear him clear his throat. My body tenses and my stomach feels tight like a knot, my mouth is dry, and my breaths are coming in quick pants.

"Where are you going? You still have an hour before school starts."

"I pro-promised a fri-friend th-that I-I'll me-meet them ear-early." The words tumbling out my mouth, as if they couldn't get a solid grasp. I hear his footsteps coming near me, and I try and keep that gnawing feeling down.

"You wouldn't lie to me would you?" He says as his breath brushes over the back of my neck.

"I wo-wouldn't li-lie to y-you."

"Good, because if you did you would have to get punished." He walks out the room and I scream for my body to move, to allow me to leave this odium of a house. I'm able to walk outside and before I can get in my car, I feel the all to familiar feeling coming up. The acid burns my throat as I puke for what seems like forever, my eyes watering, my body shaking, yeah I know this feeling. I wipe my mouth and get in my car searching for a mint or something so I can get this vile taste out my mouth. Once I find a piece of gum I chew on it hungrily and start the car. Feeling the vibration of the engine I sigh and back out of the driveway. I drive the car around town for awhile thinking about how much I hate them, how no one understands me, how I feel alone in this world…My thoughts are interrupted when I pull into the school parking lot, parking the car I get out and try to hurry past the gossiping jocks and cheerleaders.

"Wyatt! Why are you in such a big hurry?" I hear the fake bleach blonde barbie Sara say.

"Maybe he's trying to look for his next score. Dude you're fucking sick, no guy around here is gay, stop trying to fuck every guy you see." The captain of our football team, Jack, yells.

"How would your grandma feel if she knew you were trying to do that? Opps, sorry didn't mean to go there…Are you gonna go cry about it to mommy and daddy? You spoiled little freak."

"Do us all a favor and go kill yourself, so we won't have to see your face, that'll make everyone happy." Jack says laughing, my like snorting like a piglet. I walk inside and tune out the taunting and gossiping, trying to focus on something other than that. Walking into class I feel a little relief and I grab my seat in the back of the classroom where I feel somewhat comfortable at. The bell rings and I put my head on my desk, waiting for the old bat to arrive. I hear the click of her heels and decide not to pay attention today. That plan would have gone smoothly but I keep hearing my name being called.

"WYATT!" I look up and see her old wrinkled face. Lady I don't want to hear you, you're so annoying and you're not the best thing to look at this early in the morning. I hate how you put on a shit load of make up hoping you look young, when all you look like is a old, dried up whore, with lipstick on your teeth. I think to my self as she smiles at me.

"Wyatt, can you show our new student Austin around?" Although it seemed like a question I know that the old bag of dust wasn't gonna give me any choice in the matter. Why do I have to get stuck with him?

*A/N: Bullying is not something that is funny. It's a serious problem, for those of you who bully and think it's funny or think that it's not going to affect someone, it is. Not only does physical bullying hurt, but words can hurt just as much. Watch what you say to people, THINK before you speak. I don't know if my advice will help anyone, but I hope it makes you realize that not everything you do or say is a joke. Knock it off. THANK YOU FOR READING!*