© 2013 Kay Iscah

Real Men

Real men do not have to prove that they're men.
It is not something they must earn
Or discover;

It is what they are.

Sure there are good men and bad men,
Great men and terrible men,
But manhood itself should never be brought into question.

There are gentle men and cruel men,
Kind men and valiant men and cowardly men,
But men all the same.

Manhood shines out in a spectrum
Light through the prism of reality.
White knights are fables.

Or are they?

Dreams of man's potential
If all men could come together as one.
Real men may dream, most do.

Real Men know pink is just a color,
And blue is simply a hue.

Boys do not fit in a box,
Nor should they be expected to live in one.
Only the dead belong in boxes.

Yet, we cram and shove and berate them for not fitting.

Real men can be beautiful
Real men can be ugly
Real men can be both...inside one and outside the other

Traitor, thieves, and liars
Prophets, saints, and heroes
Bricklayers, tailors, football players

Brown men, Black, Red, Tan, Peach, and Albino,
Men, males, chaps, fellows, gents, bucks,
All boys who will grow no taller.

Some men are Fathers.
Some are brothers.
All are sons.

A man can loose an eye, an arm,
A leg or other extremity,
But not his Y-chromosome.

However beaten and battered the old soldier,
However lost the sailor,
However downtrodden the beggar,

He is a man,
And lest he is a dream,
The man is real.


Author's Note: Thanks to Dr. Self Destruct for punctuation advice and shift-enter tip which allowed me to fix the format.

Thanks to all for reading. I've been wanting to do a companion to "Real Women" for quite a while now. I'll be the first to admit I'm a mediocre poet; this is really more soapboxing...but I like my soapboxes. I have quite a collection. If I stack them on top of each other, I could build a nice little pyramid to entomb myself under.