A quick romance story I wrote up on Tumblr, just for the sake of writing out a scene like this.

I really enjoy pairings with a very large woman and a much smaller guy!

The school hallway seemed deserted, and the small and plump figure of Amaury shuffled amiably through the hallway, dark brown curls falling over thick glasses and bouncing slightly on the nape of his neck.

He walked to his locker (and he briefly thought it inefficient that it was so big, it was large enough for several people at least), glancing side to side and wondering briefly where everyone was, and did the combination, opening the locker-

Someone absolutely enormous giggled as a set of thick arms went under his own arms, pulling him up to a much larger body far bigger than even the adults that worked there. Vast amounts of female softness cushioned the back of his head as she pulled him into a deep hug, and then pulled him up (at least two feet higher than his usual altitude) and a pair of inquisitively and warm lips found his mouth, kissing him sweetly.

Frizzy cornrow hair shifted slightly aside on a round face that seemed to loom over him like a moon of good omens, and for a moment he dared to place his own unusually small and feminine hand on her cheek, the faint tan of his skin contrasting beautifully with her deep brown complexion. "Hi," Amaziah said, smiling and giving him a friendly head-butt that almost knocked him out of her arms.

Amaury blinked, going a little dizzy. "Ow!" He whimpered, tears springing at the corners of his eyes.

Amaziah winced. "Ooh, sorry buddy!" She kissed him again, and their noses squashed together. He giggled a bit at that, inexplicably feeling better.

She held him for a moment longer, clearly unwilling to let him go, and then with a theatrical sigh, she set him down on the ground and bounced in place, grinning broadly. "How's it going, buddy?"

"Well, you just nearly knocked me unconscious, but you kissed me a few times, so I think it's good." Amaury smiled, a complete lack of pretense in it (as well as an inability to understand why such things would be necessary).

Amaziah smiled, leaning down nearly double so she could clap him on the shoulder. She was big for her age, nearly twice his size and easily bigger than everyone else at school, and Amaury opened admired the fine construction of her build. She poked her fingers together, giggling bashfully when he turned away shyly. Neither of them said anything for a moment, suddenly crippled by youthful hesitance, but Amaziah had always been bold and recovered quickly. She gave him another reassuring clap on the side, her hand slightly bigger than his narrow shoulder, and slid down slightly onto the softness of his plump back. She smiled a bit coyly and he giggled uncontrollably.

He broke away first, too shy for his own good, and she looked openly disappointed at it. He moved back a little, his head about even with the broad swell of her hips, and certainly her hips were wider than his body (she was a big girl, and he was a small boy). He wiggled back and forth, more than a little intimidated despite their long friendship. Amaziah puffed a cheek out thoughtfully, crossing her arms under her generously large bust.

She made to walk away, perhaps moving down the hallway. Her foot stepped on the ground, powering her another direction as one of her broad legs starting moving. Amaury relaxed, already meekly following her, and without warning Amaziah's cello-shaped body, much broader at the hips than shoulders (though she was pretty broad in general) and blessed with a strong center of gravity for it, whipped around. Amaury squealed as she grabbed him again, a sudden grin on her face as she pushed him into the locker and squeezed her body into there.

It was a tight fit, and she squirmed in bashful delight at how he felt squashed against her like that. He squirmed, and she giggled uncontrollably both at the sensations he was provoking in her and how unbearably cute he looked squeezed up like that. "What are you doing, dudette!?" He said, blushing so badly it had to hurt at least a little. "If we get caught-"

"Don't worry," she said, pushing him up and up and up again until he was on an even level with her face. "Just go with things." In a more philosophical tone, she added, "It's always worked for me."

"You gotta be practical," he said in a patient tone, surprisingly so given the circumstances. "We can't just go around doing stuff like this for no reason-"

She giggled and kissed him on the forehead. "Oh, lighten up."

He giggled, despite himself.

"Come on!" Amaziah lowered her forehead against his own, and their hair mingled, frizzy black with stringy brown hair, and it felt so nice to have him right there against her. "I'm the planning girl. I'm the girl with the plans. Haven't I done good by you, little buddy?"

He giggled. "…Yeah," he admitted.

She giggled and kissed him. "Trust me! Just go with things, it'll work out!" He clearly wasn't sure about the wisdom of that, but he kissed her anyway, angling his head up and pressing his lips against hers, pale pink on dark brown, and she giggled at how nice he tasted. She kissed him harder, as if she just loved him so much that the only adequate way to express her affection would be to swallow him up, but she wasn't big enough for that so she settled for kissing.

When their lips parted, with a faint pop, she rested her forehead against him again, their noses touching. "Trust me," she said again.

He smiled. "Okay," he said, and it felt good holding each other.

Like in most things of this nature, that was pretty much the only thing that mattered, then.