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Screaming Orgasms

Life without Jake was starting to feel wonderful.

I had been to a different club every Saturday night this month and honestly speaking, I couldn't tell you about any of those nights if I wanted to. I woke up every Sunday morning with a wicked hangover, and treated myself to another shot of vodka to alleviate the symptoms. Only problem was I had to drink every night in order to keep that method working. Not that I had a problem spending the rest of my nights in perpetual drunken bliss, but I'm sure my liver would probably explode if I kept it up too long. But for now though, I was perfectly content letting every guy, who offered so kindly, buy me a drink at the bar.

I was really starting to get off by looking at their faces when I ordered the most sexual sounding drinks, and the guy standing next to me looked like I had just agreed to have dirty sex in his car because I had ordered a screaming orgasm.

Funny thing was, when the bartender handed me the drink I turned to him, smiled and excused myself.

Poor fellow, but I wasn't looking for another guy, all I wanted to do was dance around in my mindlessly tipsy state and laugh my nights away with Lauren. Only problem was, I couldn't exactly find Lauren and the pounding house music and dim lights weren't exactly ideal for my attempts. I sipped my drink as I descended the stairs to the lower level of The Raven where the crowd pulsed rhythmically against each other.

I placed my drink on a nearby table and pushed my way into the crowd, throwing my dirty blonde hair back as I giggled at the situation Lauren had found herself in. A skinny, little man with hair gelled back had his arms around her and she looked hard pressed to get away from him. I walked over to her squealing, "Lauren, babe!" while I threw my arms around her shoulder and kissed the side of her cheek closest to her lips. My hair, blocking part of the mans view, would very easily lead him to believe that I was indeed sharing a lip lock with my best friend, and it had been our practiced method of getting each other out of situations like this.

We both laughed as I grabbed her hips and swayed us over and away from her torturer.

"Where the hell have you been you bitch?" Lauren cried, "I was stuck with him for a good 25 minutes!"

Lauren was my best friend and something like the cool older sister I should have been born with. Because her brother, Mikey, was a famous DJ she used him to get us both into all the clubs in the city, even though I was extremely underage, just fresh out of high school, my 18th birthday still a couple weeks away. Lauren was 22 though, and we had met under pretty interesting circumstances, that involved me helping her climb through a bathroom window of a restaurant, two years ago, so she could ditch her date and then offering to drive her home.

"Sorry, sorry," I apologized, "I was preoccupied with my screaming orgasm."

Lauren rolled her eyes, "I bet the lucky guy who ordered you that got a little excited."

"Wouldn't know, didn't stick around long enough to converse."

Lauren shook her head laughing, but kept dancing. "Were you always this heartless?" she teased.

"Yeah," I laughed, "That's why Jake cheated on me, remember. I'm a 'heartless bitch.'"

Lauren blanched at my mention of Jake, "What a prick! Whatever, you're a heartless pretty bitch, and he was an emotional mess with a tiny penis, that you should have castrated."

Even slightly tipsy me, still felt the little sting behind Lauren agreeing that I was heartless. I wasn't heartless, I just didn't know how to handle other people's feelings. Much less my own. But I did care, I always cared.

I zoned back into the club, not realizing I had momentarily spaced out, probably because I had a little more to drink than I originally thought, and met the gaze of eyes the color of ice. The most unnatural and exotic shade of blue gray I had ever seen. The lips of the owner of these eyes turned upwards slightly in a smirk and I watched dazed as the man moved closer.

"Aria, what are you looking at-" Lauren asked as her head whipped around to see where my attention had turned to. "Holy shit, I'm going to go...um leave!" she laughed as she sauntered off into the crowd.

I tossed my hair in a nervous habit, but kept a poker face as the man who had caught my attention stopped in front of me.

"Dance with me," He stated more than questioned, but his voice was so sultry, I couldn't pull away when his large hands found my waist. He stood at least 6'1, with a strong muscular build. His skin was a pale alabaster with shocking ice blue eyes and his midnight locks fell in a tousle to his shoulders. I had never seen or been attracted to a guy who looked liked him. Jake had been a tall, soccer player with a sandy colored buzz cut, tan skin and green eyes. And every other guy I had dated fell into a variation of this boyish look. But the man in front of me, looked at me with a light in his eyes that sent all my female parts into a heated frenzy. "Your name?"

His cool breath by my ear made all the little wisps of hair on my neck stand erect.

" Aria," my voice came out slightly more breathy than I thought was normal, but I could just blame it on the alcohol and all the dancing I had been doing.

"Silas," he smirked, as an almost predatory gaze entered his eyes. He probably knew exactly how his presence was affecting me. It probably happened to him all the time.

I turned my back to him to hide my flushed face, which probably turned pinker as his hands began gliding softly down my arms and waist, which he grabbed to pull me closer.

"You smell tantalizing," He breathed into my ear, and I was surprised because I had been thinking the same thing about him—well maybe not that specific word-but along those lines. He smelled masculine, but not like an overpowering cologne or deodorant, like something I couldn't quite figure out with my alcohol fogged mind. But incredibly good none the less.

"So do you," I said leaning back into him. I recalled foggily that I had been set against any type of interactions with boys for the past couple weeks, but here I was, pressed into such a hard, definitely male body, slithering my own against it. My morals, and reasoning had blurred into a hazy cloud that floated around my mind, too difficult to grasp.

That screaming orgasm had really done me in.

Silas' warm hand caressed my neck slowly, causing a shiver to run down my spine. His lips pressed against my ear before breathing out, "Come with me."

Never in my life had I left a club with someone. Never had I engaged in any type of ill-bred activity such as a one-night stand. So when I turned around, snuggled into his arms as we exited the building, I'm sure deep inside my brain was screaming at my body for following such a command.

We walked to a black beemer and I stumbled slightly as he moved from me slightly to open the door.

"Careful," he smirked, "I need you in one piece."

And in my drunken haze, I mistakenly heard the wind whisper 'for now.'

The ride to whatever apartment building I assumed he live in, had been short, and I felt myself sober up enough to realize what I had gotten myself into.

I was a 17 year old girl. A virgin, I finally reminded myself, who had just agreed to go home with the man who had just opened my door and grabbed my hand to help me out of the car.

What the hell was I doing?

"Silas.." I breathed out as we stepped through the doors and waited for an elevator, my brain still fogged but sober enough to worry, "I-"

When the door opened, he pushed me into it and attached his mouth to mine as I gasped. He was attacking my lips and the original haze around my senses appeared again as I kissed him back, with a fervor that was foreign to me. My hands tangled in his hair as he had one hand pressed against the mirrored wall behind me and one attached to my waist pulling my body closer to him.

The door opened, and I was floating, I realized. It took me a moment to realize he had hitched his hand under my butt and pulled my legs around him. He punched in a code skillfully with one hand and the door to his apartment penthouse opened. Had I not been so utterly wasted, and in the arms of Silas, I would have marveled at how amazing the place was. But before I knew what was happening, I was pressed against the window, although my brain couldn't process the fact of how I had gotten there when moments ago I was in front of the door on the other side of the apartment.

The New York City skyline was suddenly in my view as he turned me around to face the glass wall that overlooked the city. I was momentarily stunned by the view as the sparkling lights overwhelmed me along with the strange high I was on. I had never felt like this when I drunk. Or maybe I had and just never remembered.

My back prickled as he untied my halter top and his tongue traced my spine from the middle of my back, all the way up to the back of my neck and, ever so slowly around to juncture where my neck met my shoulder.

A whimper left my mouth as his tongue began to swirl patterns around that spot, licking and prodding, and then suddenly sucking, turning my insides to molten liquid.

And then, suddenly, all at once, my world exploded in front of me as I felt pleasure-coated knives pierce my skin.

I was falling.. as the glimmering city faded to black.

"That one's just a girl," I heard a voice whisper as a groan rippled through my body. My eyes were still firmly shut and my head was pounding with an intense migraine. I needed an Advil or another shot of vodka, I contemplated miserably.

"Her blood is only seventeen years old," a voice I remembered replied, and my eyes shot open instantly only to be met a gaze the color of ice and ones the color of liquid honey, "She's still a virgin," a smirk graced Silas' face as I felt my insides crawl. It was only then that I look around my surroundings and almost cried out in shock as I saw three other women, chained to walls and gagged, I opened my mouth relieved to find there was nothing in it, but cried out in shock when I realized my arms and legs were shackled.

"What the hell is going on?" I cried out, frantically struggling against my bounds to no avail. The other women looked at me, I assumed, each having already gone through what I was with a helpless look in their eyes. "Get me out of this, this is kidnap!"

Silas laughed, as the man next to him remained silent. Silas knelt down in front of me before smirking cruelly, "You wanted to play with the big boys? Don't you know, you should only be in a club if you're over 21 sweetheart?"

It was then that I started crying, "You're sick!" I yelled as I spit in his face. Instantly regretting it as I watched his once gray eyes go a shocking blood red. His smirked was replaced by fangs and I cowered back into the wall as I watched, frightened as I cried even harder. Memories of last night flashed back into my head and I suddenly remembered the feeling of having those sharp incisors pressed into my neck.

The man in front of me wasn't human, he was a monster.

A murderous scream sounded in the room as one of the girls began writhing in her chains, her eyes rolled back into her head and she began scratching her skin until she left red marks across her arms.

"The venom is kicking in," the man who was standing beside Silas sighed.

Silas glared at me, before retracting the fangs in his mouth, causing my stomach to squirm. Before I knew what was happening I was retching in the spot next to me. The alcohol from last night finally catching up to me, and the fear and emotions curdling whatever was in my stomach.

"Call me when they're all dead," Silas said and I retched again, with tears streaming down my face and the other girl's screaming becoming more violent until it came to an abrupt stop.

When we were all dead?

The man who was with him, left briefly before coming back with a towel and basin of water in his hand. He knelt before me, as I cowered away scared of what he might do to me. How had I gotten myself into the situation. My mom would be broken when Lauren told her I didn't come home last night. They would both be sick with worry, and devastated when the police couldn't find me. Or worse..found my body.

I let out another cry, just as a gentle hand with a towel began to wipe the remnants of vomit out off my face slowly and then the ground.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

And I cried out again, "Why are you doing this, please let me go!"

He didn't respond, just looked at me with pity in his eye, before glancing at the other girl who had been screaming. Her eyes snapped open suddenly. And the guy quickly covered my eyes with his hands as a burning heat engulfed the room and the girl let out an agonizing wail, the other girls' in thre room muffled screams joining and continuing even as the original girl's screams stopped.

"What's going on?" I yelled, my heart pounding in my chest and my skin sore from the heat burns that were slowly beginning to form on my arms and legs.

The man moved his hand from my eyes slowly, and I gasped when I saw the burnt corpse of the original girl in the place where she had been. My stomach lurched again and I dry heaved, not understanding what was happening or why.

One of the girls sat crying as she watched the next girl begin screaming, with her eyes rolled back and scratching at her skin.

It suddenly dawned on me that what had happened to the first girl was going to happen to all of us, which is why Silas had told the guy to call him when we were dead. Silent tears of realization began pouring from my eyes as the man with honey eyes looked at me and then wrapped a white cloth around my dark green ones.

He didn't want me to see how I was going to die.